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Thinking & Planning the EPUB 3 Way


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Presentation by Krishna Tewari and Sandeep Dhawan at Frankfurt Bookfair 2011

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Thinking & Planning the EPUB 3 Way

  1. 1. Thinking & Planning the EPUB 3 Way Perspectives by Online, Publishing and Media Solutions group 13th Oct 2011
  2. 2. About Us
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  5. 5. Online, Publishing and Media Solutions Focuses on all services and solutions Pre-Publishing before a publication gets published Focuses on all digital services and e-Publishing solutions that are offered post publication Services and solutions focusing e-Retail on the Online Platforms, including Solutions Retail segment
  6. 6. What did we originally think: A book in digital form Readable on- Computers Smart phones Tablets ….. And then we wanted more…. Color, Interactivity, MathML, videos, audio, semantics, social mobility…..
  7. 7. There were multiple standards: ePDF EPUB Mobi HTML…Each with it’s own feature set but not all together ….
  8. 8. EPUB 3.0 Features Supports HTML 5 and CSS 3
  9. 9. MathML Supports for rendering MathML markup
  10. 10. JavaScript Support scripting in EPUB providing opportunities for user interactivity
  11. 11. Language Support Enhanced global language support Enables vertical writing, or defining writing directions
  12. 12. Semantic Tagging Supports semantic tagging, a feature introduced HTML-5 will provide advantage of having improved accessibility
  13. 13. Semantic Inflection epub:type=“this is a footnote” epub:switch=“to MathML” epub:trigger=“start Playing” Enhance the reading experience for Users
  14. 14. Audio / Video Audio / Video can be synchronized with text
  15. 15. Comparison EPUB 3.0 EPUB 2.0.1 1. XHTML5 1. XHTML 1.1 and DTBook 2. SVG appear in spine 2. SVG nested inside XHTML file 3. Support for MathML 3. Replaced with images 4. EPUB Navigation 4. NCX Navigation 5. Supports CSS 3 5. CSS 2 6. Scripting feature - interactivity 6. No scripting support 7. Audio can be text synch’ed 7. Not present
  16. 16. Thinking and Planning the EPUB3 way JavaScript Interactivity on textbook exercises Interactive practical sessions Interactive children books Interactivity on STM content
  17. 17. Thinking and Planning the EPUB3 way Video and Audio Cookbooks for how to learning guides Subject lectures
  18. 18. Thinking and Planning the EPUB3 way Synchronized Text and Audio For rhymes Children books Learning languages
  19. 19. Devices and User Agent on EPUB 3 Popular reading systems yet to support EPUB3 completely
  20. 20. Thinking and Planning the EPUB3 way HTML 5 - CSS 3 - EPUB Navigation EPUB for Educational textbooks with semantic approach Efficiency in handling layout and accessibility Opportunities for broader range of interactive products Books, magazines, professional and educational textbooks
  21. 21. Conclusion Standard is ready and now released Content that we were not sure to be good for digital is now much needed content to be digitized! Typesetting / composition workflows need to take into account the new requirements Back files can be new revenue generators Add updated content Enhance the content with video and audio components Work with the service provider to unleash the full potential of EPUB3
  22. 22. EPUB 2 Q&AEPUB 3
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