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Datamatics Digital Publishing & Retail Services - Overview [EN]


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Overview about Datamatics Global Services offerings Digital Publishing & Retail Services for the Media and Media Service Industry.

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Datamatics Digital Publishing & Retail Services - Overview [EN]

  1. 1. Datamatics Global Services LimitedDigital Publishing & Retail Solutions Version: July 2012
  2. 2. Digital Publishing and Retail Solutions Services and Solutions in the Digital World
  3. 3. Digital Publishing & Retail Solutions Content Transformations Knowledge Pre-Publishing Digital services and e-Retail services services & solutions and solutions solutions DPRS
  4. 4. Content Services Content
  5. 5. Content Services Onshore and Offshore end-to-end editorial, Composition Full Service and Design services and Composition Editorial Services Copy-editing and proofing services Graphics and Layout, Image processing, Graphics and Creative Services illustrations services Abstraction and Indexing Abstract and Indexing offerings
  6. 6. Transformation Services Transformations
  7. 7. Transformation Services Search Search engine optimization services for online repositories Solutions Multimedia/ Next level of interactive services with voice and Video video incorporation Mobile Apps Mobile applications development for iPhone and iPads eBooks EPUB, PRC and other formats conversion Content transformation from source Content Transformation formats
  8. 8. Knowledge solutions Knowledge
  9. 9. Knowledge solutions Web analytics help Online companies build and sell better Analytics / through understanding and predicting online buying Software Solutions behavior. S/w Solutions include WCM, Content Billing, DSS, DRM and DAM SEO and Content SEO are content services coupled with link- building and web architecture services to build Services/ Social traffic while Social media is a marketing and a Media workflow solution Cataloging & Cataloging is a classic online retail Services while Portal maintenance is Portal Maintenance website maintenance for user experience Services and product updates Validate databases and monitor Validation + Information Services competition &product specs
  10. 10. Some DP & RS Solutions detailed ...
  11. 11. Media Monitoring
  12. 12. Operations Workflow Targets CMS Compile Update customer Database
  13. 13. News Monitoring – Information Coverage
  14. 14. Customised Intelligence – Process Flow Daily Production Cycle Daily Production Cycle
  15. 15. Media Monitoring Process Overview
  16. 16. Data Transformation Services
  17. 17. Transformation Services 17
  18. 18. Transformations Source analysis Data preparation Tagging quality Data cleaning Tagging quality check of SGML, XML, HTML, Consistency Proprietary types Formatting Data research De-duping Develop schemas and taxonomies, research, Algorithmic and logic based data modeling Image analysis Relinking Logically / manually Image enhancement, copyright check and rendering checks Enhancements Developer support Rekey Staging site testing Double / single / OCR Optimization check Metadata & categorization Formatting Metadata creation & validation Implementation support Re-tagging Writing style Rewriting, improvements, SEO 18
  19. 19. eBooks HTML5 PRC EPUB ePub 3.0 Fixed layout Flash Web / UPDF
  20. 20. Experience Processing over 500,000+ pages per month Support variety of publication types: Trade STM Legal Academic Journals Magazines Newsletters Cookbooks Works with the leading publishers and aggregators globally
  21. 21. Typesetting and Editorial Services
  22. 22. Typesetting Typesetting Multiple typesetting engines XML InDesign 3B2 Quark Word Image manipulation and development Photoshop Image creation services 23
  23. 23. Editorial - Publishing Editorial Services Rules based editing SME interventions Full service project management Keyword insertions 24
  24. 24. Abstract & Indexing Services
  25. 25. Services Offered - Abstraction Document Types Description Type Indicative Abstract A 100-250 word summary of the subject matter of a longer Journal Article, paper. This abstract briefs as to what the paper is about but Conference Paper does not include results, conclusions and recommendations. Informative A 100-250 word overview of the original article covering Journal Article, Abstract the purpose, methods, findings and results. Conference Paper Indicative- This abstract combines aspects of indicative and Field Report, informational informative. It provides a general overview of the research Review article Abstract in addition to the main findings and results. Business A 100 word company overview for business purposes. It Annual Report Description focuses on the business aspect of companies--the products and services offered, locations of operation, industry catered to and employee strength of the company. The target audience is a business manager who needs a broad understanding of a company for establishing business relations.
  26. 26. Services Offered - Indexing Types Description Pub Type Controlled vocabulary Indexing using controlled vocabularies reduces Periodicals, Indexing ambiguity of assigning headings where the same Journals, concept can be given different names and thus ensures Technical consistency. LCSH, FAST and customer specific literature, Books thesauri are used for indexing Conceptual/Semantic In concept-based keyword indexing ensure that a Periodicals, Keyword Indexing user’s search returns hits on documents that are Technical "about" the subject/theme being explored, even if the literature words in the document dont precisely match the words that form the search string. Metadata Indexing Metadata represent the means of efficient retrieval of Periodicals, required documents from a digital library. Elements Journals such as Title, Author, Affiliation, etc are indexed KWIC/Permuted All permutations of the headings are indexed allowing Books Indexing a reader to find any section in a book by any word in the heading
  27. 27. Subject area specialization Computers Manufacturing Engineering Legal Health Travel & Living Medical News Business Political Education Sports History Current events) Academic Wildlife Literature Women’s Studies
  28. 28. Localization Services
  29. 29. Localizations Services Localization in: German Spanish Italian Dutch French Machine aided translation services Onshore and Offshore teams
  30. 30. Corporate
  31. 31. CertificationsObsession for Quality ISO 9001-2008 ISO 27001 CMMI Dev (1.3) Level 3 assessed Compliant to SSAE 16 requirements Compliant to HIPAA requirements
  32. 32. Award and recognitions Featured Ranked Datamatics, Featured Global HR Won four Recognized amongst the amongst the along with its amongst the Strategy prestigious as the ‘Best Global Top 10 Global Top 20 client Blue Star Global Award & HRawards at the Software Mid-Tier Industry Financial won CSI 2011 Services 100 LeadershipWORLD HRD Company’ in Specific BPO Management Award for List Award atCONGRESS Gujarat by Service Service ‘Excellence in Asias Best GESIA Providers in the Providers by IT’ Employer Global Services IAOP Brand Awards 100 list
  33. 33. Global Footprint Santa Clara Denver USA USA Detroit Stockholm USA Sweden London Boston UK USA GlamocaniGlamocani Bosnia Frankfurt Germany Ahmedabad Nashik India New Jersey India USA Mumbai Singapore India Melbourne Australia Bangalore Zug India Switzerland Pondicherry Chennai India India Over 1250 dedicated DPRS resources at these centers
  34. 34. Our Offices World Class Infrastructure
  35. 35. Next Generation Enterprise Solutions Enterprise Information Enterprise Information Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions System Solutions Unstructured & Structured Data Management • Workflow & BPM Solutions • Hand Held & Mobile Solutions • Portal Solutions • Social Media Solutions • Enterprise Mobility Platforms • Content Management • Enterprise Cloud Solutions • Document Management • Enterprise Application Services Smart Device Solutions • Output Management • Big Data & Data Warehousing • Fare Collection • Billing Solutions • Business Intelligence & Analytics Enterprise Information • Infotainment Solutions • Finance & Accounting Solutions Services • Self Service Terminal Solutions • Claims Processing • Research Data Analysis • Data Life Cycle Management • Content Life Cycle Management
  36. 36. See You in Frankfurt!
  37. 37. Contact Headquarter / India Website Contact Datamatics Global Service Ltd. Knowledge Centre, Street No. 17 MIDC, Andheri (East) Mumbai – 400 093 Phone +91 (22) 6102 0000 – 0009 Germany / D-A-CH Website Facebook Contact Twitter Datamatics Global Service GmbH Im Leuschnerpark 3 64347 Griesheim Telefon +49 (6155) 79537-0