Datamatics Content Billing Solution für Online Publishing


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Die Charts der Buchmesse Hotspot Präsentation zur Content Billing Lösung der Datamatics Global Services GmbH, Griesheim - leider gibt es dazu kein Audiofile. Unsere Spezialisten erläutern Ihnen Konzept, Einsatz und Vorteile gerne ganz persönlich.

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Datamatics Content Billing Solution für Online Publishing

  1. 1. Datamatics ContentBillingSolution for Content Providers
  2. 2. Business Model - Reselling Service Delivery Operator Cash Flow Agreement Content/ Interconnec Customer t Partner
  3. 3. Business Model - 3rd Party Service Delivery Operator Cash Flow Agreement Content Partner Customer
  4. 4. Business Model - Transport Service Delivery Operator Cash Flow Agreement Content Partner Customer
  5. 5. Business Model - Wholesale Service Delivery Operator Cash Flow Agreement Wholesale Partner / Service Customer Provider
  6. 6. Business Model - Revenue Sharing for Content Service Product Delivery Collecting Cash Flow Society Preliminary Products Video Clip Creator Operator Product Customer Aggregator Additional Information
  7. 7. Billing as a Service
  8. 8. Possible IT Landscape Content Delivery Platform PHP Billing Invoice Functions Accounts Payment Receivables Apache Partner Web Server Master/Tariff Billing & Settlement 8
  9. 9. Content Billing - Challenges • Different Calculation Basis – data volume – time duration – items • Compensations (Download of content without charging the traffic) • Batch processing and real-time capabilities • End Customer Invoice and Partner Settlement based on the same input 9
  10. 10. Different Calculation Basis by Configurable Service Matching • Services are used identify charging records • Multiple Services can be used in parallel • Service Configuration defines the expected type of data in charging records in a matrix • Several Comparison methods are supported Service Sample definition of four services Data-High Data WLAN Video Speed Service Type Data Data Data Video Bandwidth High Speed Normal - - CDR Fields Access point - - Partner 1 - URL - - - 10
  11. 11. Compensations by Cross Products • Download of Content generates charging records for data usage which would normally charged • Cross Products can be used to generate depending on the number of downloads free quantities • Free quantities will be settled against the actual usage 11
  12. 12. Batch Processing and Real-time Capabilities • Charging Records will be processed depending on the service • Content of charging records is configurable • Charging records can be used for more than one customer/partner • JAVA API and WebService Interface available for – Query of account balance – Create chargeable items 12
  13. 13. End Customer Invoice and Partner Settlement 13
  14. 14. C.I.S.S. Components
  15. 15. xDR Data Flow Re-Rating xDRs Billing XDR. Aggregation Rating EVENT Pre- Pre- of prebills - Customer Billing per invoice BILL. Standard - Zoning Aggregatio BILL. period. BILL xDRs - Time n of priced PREBILL Addition of Zone xDRs on a non CDR - Rating XDR.EVEN daily basis based fees T etc. XML Rejected DUPLICAT Invoices E xDRs Mapping Tables CISS.
  16. 16. Rating Processing Channels
  17. 17. Guiding and Rating Principles
  18. 18. Kontakt in Deutschland / D-A-CH RegionDatamatics Global Service GmbHIm Leuschnerpark 364347 GriesheimDeutschlandTelefon +49 (6155) 79537-0Website www.datamatics.deeMail info@datamatics.deTwitter @datamatics_EU @datamatics_pubFacebook Blog