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Native English Company Profile


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A bit about Native English. We serve a niche in English language training for those who need fluency and effectiveness.

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Native English Company Profile

  1. 1. Native EnglishDistinguish Yourselfwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  2. 2. Native EnglishWho is Native English?Native English is a division of Native Enterprises, LLC in Atlanta, GA,USA. First established in 200 and then reorganized as Native in 2008to promote our commitment to “Native” fluency and the comfort andease that goes along with being a Native or having Native aptitudeand skills.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  3. 3. Native Englishwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLCLocationNative is located in the heart of the upscale districtof the city of Atlanta. Our offices and our trainingfacility, the City Club of Buckhead, private ExecutiveClub and the Hotel are all in walking distance ofone another and to the best shopping, restaurantsand entertainment in Atlanta.
  4. 4. Native EnglishA Quality Leader in Corporate Languageand Business TrainingNative English, Native Enterprises is registered as a corporate trainingand development firm, not a school. Native caters to executiveprofessionals, not the exchange student market. We do not obtainstudent visas for youth studies. We do provide Ex-Patriot services forex-pats living or working in the United States including relocation,acculturation, schools, local laws, driving and other needs.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  5. 5. Native EnglishTop CredentialsCertification and membership in the finest professional organizationfor trainers and language:• IPA – International Phonetic Association• VASTA – Voice and Speech Trainers Association• TESOL – Teachers of English as a Second Language• Cambridge Language Training & Testing• ETS – Educational Testing Services – TOEFL• Sloan Consortium, eLearning Network and AST (Training Association)www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  6. 6. Native EnglishWhat is Native English?Native English teaches you to speak English fluently - like a native.Standard North American English is a necessity in business today. Likeit or not we are judged by the quality of our speech. Our effectivenessas a leader depends upon our language skill. We must be able toconvey meaning accurately. Our power is eroded when ourcommunication is flawed. It is a weakness. Words are powerful and tobe powerful we must use the right words in the right way.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  7. 7. Native EnglishNative’s Special NicheSurely the executives and professionals reading this have taken theEnglish classes, learned to read and do the grammar exercises inbooks and had a bit of conversation. Is there still a gap betweenwhere you are and where you need to be?www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  8. 8. Native EnglishNative Special Niche• Do you feel unsure of your skills (management, negotiation, etc.) whenusing English?• Are you confident in your ability to communicate accurately andeffectively?• Are you confident that you are being understood?• Can you read and listen well, but still have difficulty speaking fluently?• Can you speak rapidly but your grammar is poor, reflecting poorly on you?www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  9. 9. Native EnglishNative Special Niche in the LanguageTraining Industry• Do you feel like you know English but lost some of your effectiveness?• Do you have trouble comprehending people speaking English withdifferent accents or different dialects?• Do you lack your usual confidence when you work in English?• Do people often ask you to repeat yourself?• Do you feel self-conscious and perhaps a bit afraid of embarrassment?www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  10. 10. Native Englishwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLCThe Importance of English asan International Language toBrazilAs the largest country in South America, Brazil isbig on business. Its geographical proximity to theUnited States, as well as its trade agreement withNorth America makes speaking English andmastering the language critical for Braziliancompanies who are or aspire to be leaders in theglobal arena.
  11. 11. Native EnglishTrue Professional Level EffectivenessAlthough Brazilians may learn English in schools, the level ofproficiency attained is not nearly adequate. While many adultprofessionals may gain language training at a private institute again,there can be only limited effectiveness and often the teachers, even ifnative speakers are not adequately trained to bring a speaker up tothe level needed.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  12. 12. Native EnglishThe Importance of Immersion in an EnglishEnvironmentwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLCAlso one really needs to use Englishthroughout the day, and in thismethod, life continues as usual in theNative language, not English, outsideof classes. It is best to be in an Englishspeaking country, forcing you to usethe target language.
  13. 13. Native EnglishThe Importance of English as anInternational Language to BrazilBrazilian professionals must also compete with Europeans for highlevel positions. Europeans, who have access to better Englishlanguage training, often attain and occupy the best positions inBrazilian companies.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  14. 14. Native EnglishHow Brazilian Ranks InternationallyAffects Business DevelopmentBrazil currently ranks near the bottom of 54 countries in Englishproficiency.Government leaders in Brazil also rank low in percentage of Englishspeakers compared to the leaders of other countries in the world.Leadership of Brazil and its corporate leaders must take action to gainthe level of fluency needed to be a major players on a global scale.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  15. 15. Native EnglishThe Importance of English as anInternational Language to BrazilReferences:News Article: Brazil Placed near bottomNation Master Statistics: English literacy rate of World Leaders Enterprises, LLC
  16. 16. Native EnglishHow Native Addresses the Needs of thisNiche MarketWe address your needs as no other English or Business EnglishTraining. We begin where others have ended. We take you the rest ofthe way. This takes years of personal experience on your own becausetraditional English courses so not go this far. With support, you willreach your customary confidence and effectiveness in no time!www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  17. 17. Native Englishwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLCLeadershipThe Lead Trainer is Suzannah L. Saiah. She is anative of Savannah, Georgia, USA and residesin Atlanta. She has a Master’s Degree inBusiness Administration and a Master’sDegree in Education. Her concentrations areforeign languages, applied linguistics andbusiness. She also has a degree in voice andperformance, the basis for her accentreduction and presentation methods.
  18. 18. Native EnglishExperience:Suzannah has had experience in IT, consulting and businessdevelopment. She does most of the instructional design andcurriculum, but brings in the work research and participation of otherexperts as needed.Suzannah has worked for leading language companies as an instructorand in developing assessments, evaluation and testing and incurriculum and material development.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  19. 19. Native EnglishClients:Suzannah has trained clients from such names as Mercedes Benz,Boheringer-Ingelheim, Solvay Pharmaceutics, Turner Cartoon NetworkLatin America, Nobel Biocare.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  20. 20. Native Englishwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLCInstructorsYou get only the finest and well qualifiedinstructors from Native from our lead trainerto our instructors. Being a Native speaker isnot enough; Native instructors must have adegree in English or Linguistics and becertified in TESOL.
  21. 21. Native EnglishProven methods and personal attention getproven results.What clients have to say about Native’s training methods:“I never knew I was doing it all wrong. Why did not anybody tell me.Now people are understanding me” – Independent Cardiologistwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  22. 22. Native EnglishProven methods and personal attention getproven results.“I don’t want to speak “bullshit English”. Everybody speaks ‘bullshitEnglish’, you know like from a textbook and you sound like a textbook.I want to speak real English, like people really speak. This is realEnglish.” - Executive, Mercedes_Benz, Stuttgard.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  23. 23. Native EnglishProven methods and personal attention getproven results.“Everyone is always asking me to repeat myself. It gets so frustrating.Now after one lesson in Accent Reduction, I have had no problemsbeing understood.” - Healthcare Professionalwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  24. 24. Native EnglishNative Methods & Approach = Results“I have had a lot of confusion about grammar. I have learned differentthings in my country and when I ask questions of teachers here, theywon’t answer me. Suzannah answers my questions and I understandand now I feel confident that I am speaking correctly.” - CarlosMorales – Registered Real Estate Broker(and every Engineer and Scientist every trained!)www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  25. 25. Native EnglishProven methods and personal attention getproven results.“I was really uncomfortable about speaking in meetings with otherexecutives from other countries. I thought they were so much betterthan me and was afraid to speak. Now I know that they are makingmistakes, and I know that my English is good and I feel good about itand about myself.” – Production Manager, Turner Cartoon Networkwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  26. 26. Native EnglishProven methods and personal attention getproven results.“I had a problem managing an American sales team. They just wouldnot do as I asked and would interrupt me and not listen. I learnedEnglish from Suzannah, but I also learned the American ways ofcommunication and business styles. My style was just all wrong andmy beliefs about what they would respond to and how to behave withthem was all wrong. This is much better now.” – Chinese SalesManagerwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  27. 27. Native EnglishProven methods and personal attention getproven results.“I could not get the Americans I work with to take me seriously. Evenif I tried to say something more severe they would just launch orsmile, or ignore me. If found Americans so hard to deal. Now I knowwhat I was doing and how I was saying things was sending all thewrong message. It was hard to correct because I had to change myhabits and create new habits, but it works.” – Sales and MarketingManager – Tech Companywww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  28. 28. Native EnglishProven methods and personal attention getproven results.“I work in broadcasting and production. It is important that I speakclearly and sound good. So many of the English sounds were sostrange and difficult for me. The exercises were actually fun and Ifinally got it.” – Turner Broadcasting – Cartoon Networkwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  29. 29. Native EnglishProven methods and personal attention getproven results.“I had such a hard time speaking English. I could read and understandfine, but I wanted to move up in my company and that requiredinteracting with clients. I am Chinese, so the sounds are really hard,but now I speak clearly and confidently and my hard sounds even arepronounced very well.” – Julie Chen , CPAwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  30. 30. Native EnglishProven methods and personal attention getproven results.“I have been trying to negotiate with an American manufacturingplant and they will not even speak with me! I found out that myapproach was all wrong and they would never speak with me if Icontinued the same way. I learned a better way to deal with thecultural differences so that I can negotiate effectively.” –manufacturing executive - Columbiawww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  31. 31. Native EnglishProven methods and personal attention getproven results.“My company is the dairy business and we are very interested in theorganic market. I really wanted to research cost margin in this marketin the US and in particular Whole Foods, Inc. This was incorporatedinto my training so I improved my speaking and I learned a lot and gota lot of first hand research.” – Manager Supermarket and DairyProduction - Columbiawww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  32. 32. Native Englishwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLCFor Information Contact:jbcastro@nativeenterprises.usJunior Ben CastroMarketing Manager, Latin AmericaAV.JK De Oliveira888-L1-Centro-CEP: 83.260.000Land Line & Fax: +55 41 3453 66 13Authorized Agent Latin AmericaNative Enterprises, LLCDo business only with authorized agent of Native Enterprises, LLC
  33. 33. Native Englishwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLCFor Information Contact:native@nativeenterprises.usDo business only with authorized agent of Native Enterprises, LLCSuzannah SaiahDirector, United Statesjnative@nativeenterprises.us3355 Lenox RoadSuite 750Atlanta, GA 30326Main (404) 504-7028Direct (404) 537-2026