Executive Retreat Intensive English Immersion Seminars


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2 week English language intensive combined with business and professional development intensive. Upcoming August 12th Atlanta, Georgia. For Information Contact: Suzannah Saiah 404-507-7028 or Direct 404-537-2026 Email: native@nativeenterprises.us

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Executive Retreat Intensive English Immersion Seminars

  1. 1. Native EnglishDistinguish YourselfSpeak Like a Native!Native EnglishNative Enterprises, LLCwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  2. 2. Native EnglishExecutive RetreatIntensive English Immersion SeminarsDesigned to serve a special niche marketInternational professionals who are not native speakers of EnglishWho need or will need to do business in EnglishWho have had some education in English, but lack spoken fluencyWho need to be able to function effectively in business in Englishwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  3. 3. Native EnglishExecutive RetreatIntensive English Immersion SeminarsThis two week training will enable high intermediate students ofEnglish to become effective executives, fluent in spoken English.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  4. 4. Native EnglishExecutive RetreatIntensive English Immersion Seminars• Speak clearly and correctly in English• Use leadership skills effectively in English• Negotiate effectively in English and with the American and English• Mediate conflicts, manage staff, projects and teams well in Englishwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  5. 5. Native EnglishExecutive RetreatIntensive English Immersion Seminars• Expand knowledge & learn about current issues and trend sinbusiness as you expand vocabulary• Be confident you are speaking well and are being understood• Succeed over cultural differences in business• Learn English and American communication styles that succeed inbusiness with localswww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  6. 6. Native EnglishExecutive RetreatIntensive English Immersion Seminars• Practice public speaking and presenting• Get feedback on English presentation and facilitation skills otherexecutives as well as the training staff• Meet with business executives in various industries• Make connections for your businesswww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  7. 7. Native EnglishExecutive RetreatIntensive English Immersion Seminars• 2 business weeks training 8am-8pm• Materials, online pre and post training and testing• Seminar in elegant private executive club in the city• Includes meals with trainer other executives• Includes luxury hotel – W-Hotel (rooms start at $350 +)• Includes social, cultural activities, outside business lecture andguest speakers.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  8. 8. Native EnglishFirst,A bit about Native EnglishA division of Native Enterprises, LLC,A training and development companyIn the United Stateswww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  9. 9. Native EnglishA Quality Leader in Corporate Languageand Business TrainingNative English, Native Enterprises is registered as a corporate trainingand development firm, not a school. Native caters to executiveprofessionals, not the exchange student market. We do not obtainstudent visas for youth studies. We do provide Ex-Patriot services forex-pats living or working in the United States including relocation,acculturation, schools, local laws, driving and other needs.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  10. 10. Native Englishwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLCLocationNative is located in the heart of the upscale districtof the city of Atlanta. Our offices and our trainingfacility, the City Club of Buckhead, private ExecutiveClub and the Hotel are all in walking distance of oneanother and to the best shopping, restaurants andentertainment in Atlanta.
  11. 11. Native EnglishTop CredentialsCertification and membership in the finest professional organization fortrainers and language:• IPA – International Phonetic Association• VASTA – Voice and Speech Trainers Association• TESOL – Teachers of English as a Second Language• Cambridge Language Training & Testing• ETS – Educational Testing Services – TOEFL• Sloan Consortium, eLearning Network and AST (Training Association)www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  12. 12. Native EnglishHow We Address the Needs of this NicheMarketWe address your needs as no other English or Business EnglishTraining. We begin where others have ended. We take you the rest ofthe way. This takes years of personal experience on your own becausetraditional English courses so not go this far. With support, you willreach your customary confidence and effectiveness in no time!www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  13. 13. Native EnglishWhat More We Give You That Others DoNotTypically you have language companies and then you have corporatetraining companies that train in professional development such asleadership, communication, negotiation, logistics, social mediamarketing, etc. We are different because we provide both – in thesame course! You do not have to justify English language training.You do not have to choose between language study and businesscourses.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  14. 14. Native EnglishThis doubles your return on investment! This also addresses anotherserious problem in language training. The problem is that peoplestudy a target language, but fail to become fluent because theycontinue to do business, interact daily and do learning in their nativelanguage. In order to become fluent you must transition to doingeverything in the target language.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  15. 15. Native EnglishEnvironmentThere are many companies teaching English immersion in non-Englishspeaking countries. If you rally want fluency, you need to go to anEnglish speaking country and study in that environment. If you wantto be able to conduct business fluent in English, you need to betraining in a business setting around other business people – not onlyin a classroom. You also need outside experiences that make you useyour language skills on business topics, not just learning how to getaround the city language.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  16. 16. Native EnglishEnvironment (2)The language for international business today is Standard NorthAmerican English, not British or Australian. You would be in AmericanEnglish environment, learning fluency in American English. We alsocombine some instruction in international English. We incorporateoutside activities, cultural, educational and business related whereyou are forced to use business related language skills. We alsoinclude social and cultural activities.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  17. 17. Native EnglishTraining FormatThe training consists of:• 10 days – two consecutive business weeks• 8am-8pm Monday through Friday in lessons, learningexperiences, working meals, activities and events with trainerswho are experts in language and business.• Participants also work and learn during weekend activities withthe instructional team.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  18. 18. Native EnglishTraining FormatThe training time consists of:• Classroom style instruction in conference rooms where we work ina business setting on business skills and focus on verbal fluency.• Working meals and activities in and out of the training facility.• Business social events, networking and cultural activities• Business field experience activities• Covers many functional areas, business topics, skills and we havesome guest presenters and attend lectures.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  19. 19. Native EnglishTraining FormatThe training includes:• Pre and post testing• 10 hours of remote pre and post instruction• Course materials and access to the online course and materials• Diagnostic evaluation, progress reports and recommendationswww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  20. 20. Native EnglishTraining FormatPresentations, Lectures and Activities are supported with preparatorylessons in:• vocabulary• usage• expressions• Related local business practiceswww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  21. 21. Native EnglishTraining PackageThe training package includes:• Training• Transportation• Hotel (Arrive Sunday before – Depart Sunday After – 14 nights)• Meals• Activities, Events, Entertainmentwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  22. 22. Native EnglishActivitiesLast we make this training more special for you by making it uniqueand enjoyable. It is a learning vacation. Enjoy luxury amenities,training in a luxury executive business club, fine hotel, gourmet meals,and superior service. We incorporate enjoyable recreational, socialand cultural activities. You will have several options when you enrollso that we can tailor your training to your needs and preferences. Allactivities are fun, but they are instructor led. The instructor will directconversation and enforce language training strictly during all eventsand activities.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  23. 23. Native EnglishActivities: We have many option to suit preferences and needsAgatha’s Mystery Dinner Theatre, Shakespeare’s Tavern, Golf at the beautifulBobby Jones Golf Course just 3 miles from the hotel and City Club.If you are a sports fan Atlanta host many sporting events throughout the yearand is home to the Atlanta Braves Baseball, the Atlanta Falcons Football andmore.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  24. 24. Native EnglishActivities: We have many option to suit preferences and needsIf you like arts we have the Atlanta Opera, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra,the High Museum of Art. Exhibits include the Fernbank Science museum,Bodies -The Exhibition, the Georgia Aquarium and various history centers.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  25. 25. Native EnglishActivities: We have many option to suit preferences and needsFor those interested in government and politics there is the State Capitol Tourand the Tour of the Governor’s Mansion. Commercial Atlanta is home to CocaCola and the World of Coca Cola at Underground Atlanta. We also offer a VIPtour of the Famed CNN Studio in Atlanta, home of CNN, Cartoon Network andTurner Broadcasting.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  26. 26. Native EnglishActivities: We have many option to suit preferences and needsBusiness Field Trips: Atlanta’s Universities offer ongoing business educationallectures on various topics. We also arrange business trips to specific localcompanies to learn about various industries or how business is done in theU.S. We make arrangements based on what you tell us you are interested in.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  27. 27. Native EnglishTraining TopicsYou will have a selection of training topics to choose from, so that we may tryto match your needs and interests of the group. Topics range from marketing,manufacturing, service, sales, negotiation, finance, and politics, to technologyand social media. Companies that reserve all seats in the training get tocustomize their training topics and activities.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  28. 28. Native EnglishAccent ReductionWe are specialists in accent reduction. We will have you speaking clearly andaccurately in no time. Our proprietary methods are a sophisticated blend ofvoice, speech and performance techniques.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  29. 29. Native EnglishPresentation & PerformanceExecutives and leaders today must address audiences. We areprofessionals at presentation and you will get practice developing anddelivering speeches in English, practice using audio visual equipmentwhile presenting in English and practice in facilitating groups inEnglish.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  30. 30. Native EnglishEnglish Professional Interactions &FeedbackYou will be networking with many American business people duringyour training. You will have the opportunity to get feedback fromobjective English professionals on your various skills and publicspeaking presentations.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  31. 31. Native EnglishSmall Group – Personalized AttentionWe keep the group size small so you get excellent care,attention and involvement with direct participation fromthe instructor. You will also have the benefit of extrasupport from assistants and supporting businessprofessionals.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  32. 32. Native EnglishTesting & CertificationNative provides standardized level testing using Cambridge BULATsand TOEFL and also conducts written diagnostic tests and oralproficiency interviews. Native will certify the participants level andplacement at the end of the training.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  33. 33. Native EnglishMeet the Trainerwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLCThe Lead Trainer is Suzannah L. Saiah. She is anative of Savannah, Georgia, USA and resides inAtlanta. She has a Master’s Degree in BusinessAdministration and a Master’s Degree inEducation. Her concentrations are foreignlanguages, applied linguistics and business. Shealso has a degree in voice and performance, thebasis for her accent reduction and presentationmethods.
  34. 34. Native EnglishExperience:Suzannah has had experience in IT, consulting and businessdevelopment. She does most of the instructional design andcurriculum, but brings in the work research and participation of otherexperts as needed.Suzannah has worked for leading language companies as an instructorand in developing assessments, evaluation and testing and incurriculum and material development.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  35. 35. Native EnglishClients:Suzannah has trained clients from such names asMercedes Benz, Boheringer-Ingelheim, SolvayPharmaceutics, Turner Cartoon Network Latin America,Nobel Biocare.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  36. 36. Native EnglishResultsProven methods and personal attention getproven results.What clients have to say about Native’straining methods:www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  37. 37. Native English“I never knew I was doing it all wrong. Whydid not anybody tell me. Now people areunderstanding me.” – IndependentCardiologistwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  38. 38. Native English“I don’t want to speak ‘bullshit English.’Everybody speaks ‘bullshit English,’ you know likefrom a textbook and you sound like a textbook. Iwant to speak real English, like people reallyspeak. This is real English.” This is real English.Executive, Mercedes_Benz, Stuttgard.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  39. 39. Native English“Everyone is always asking me to repeat myself. Itgets so frustrating. Now after one lesson inAccent Reduction, I have had no problems beingunderstood.” -Healthcare Professionalwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  40. 40. Native English“I have had a lot of confusion about grammar. I havelearned different things in my country and when I askquestions of teachers here, they won’t answer me.Suzannah answers my questions and I understand andnow I feel confident that I am speaking correctly.” - -(Every Engineer and Scientist every trained!)www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  41. 41. Native English“I was really uncomfortable about speaking in meetingswith other executives from other countries. I thoughtthey were so much better than me and was afraid tospeak. Now I know that they are making mistakes, and Iknow that my English is good and I feel good about it andabout myself.” – Production Executive, Turner CartoonNetworkwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  42. 42. Native English“I had a problem managing an American sales team. Theyjust would not do as I asked and would interrupt me andnot listen. I learned English from Suzannah, but I alsolearned the American ways of communication andbusiness styles. My style was just all wrong and my beliefsabout what they would respond to and how to behavewith them was all wrong. This is much better now.” –Chinese Sales Managerwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  43. 43. Native English“I could not get the Americans I work with to take meseriously. Even if I tried to say something more severethey would just launch or smile, or ignore me. If foundAmericans so hard to deal. Now I know what I was doingand how I was saying things was sending all the wrongmessage. It was hard to correct because I had to changemy habits and create new habits, but it works.” – TechnicalManagerwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  44. 44. Native English“I work in broadcasting and production. It is importantthat I speak clearly and sound good. So many of theEnglish sounds were so strange and difficult for me. Theexercises were actually fun and I finally got it.” – TurnerBroadcasting – Cartoon Networkwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  45. 45. Native English“I had such a hard time speaking English. I could read andunderstand fine, but I wanted to move up in my companyand that required interacting with clients. I am Chinese,so the sounds are really hard, but now I speak clearly andconfidently and my hard sounds even are pronouncedvery well.” – Julie Chen , CPAwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  46. 46. Native English“I have been trying to negotiate with an American manufacturingplant and they will not even speak with me! I found out that myapproach was all wrong and they would never speak with me if Icontinued the same way. It seems strange to me, but what seems likea good thing to me is a nuisance to them. I learned a better way todeal with the cultural differences so that I can negotiate effectively.” –manufacturing executive - Columbiawww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  47. 47. Native EnglishInstructorsYou get only the finest and well qualified instructors from Native fromour lead trainer to our instructors. Being a Native speaker is notenough; Native instructors must have a degree in English orLinguistics and be certified in TESOL.www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  48. 48. Native EnglishAccommodations & Amenitieswww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  49. 49. Native EnglishW-Hotel Buckheadwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  50. 50. Native EnglishCity Club of Buckheadwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  51. 51. Native EnglishLocationwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLCCity Club and W-Hotel are located adjacent to oneanother – easy walking to and from, on PeachtreeRoad in the Buckhead area. This is the heart ofthe uptown city life. There are great restaurantsand cinemas, and the city’s finest shopping inwalking distance.
  52. 52. Native EnglishRestaurantsCity Club will provide meals; however we will also take the opportunity to eat at several fine restaurants in the city.We will take some lunches and dinners outside of City Club.Maggiano’sCheesecake FactoryUncle Julio’sLa GrottaThe Imperial FezCity Fish MarketVeniVidiViciHouston’s , TGI Friday, Lenox Mall Food CourtThese are just some of the great local restaurans.Buckhead’s Best Rooftop Bars (Your hotel has one of the best!)www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  53. 53. Native EnglishShoppingPhipps PlazaLenox MallAround Lenoxwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLCEntertainmentAtlanta OperaAtlanta SymphonyOrchestraAgatha’s Taste of MysteryShakespeare’s TavernJazz ClubsActivitiesAtlanta City PassIncludes the Georgia Aquarium,Fernbank Museum, High Museumof Art, Atlanta, Zoo, Atlanta,History Center, World of CocoaCola, CNN Studio TourBodies the ExhibitionThe State Capitol TourThe Governor’s MansionSporting EventsBobby Jones Golf CourseGA Tech Business Lecture SeriesGeorgia State University BusinessLecture Series
  54. 54. Native EnglishPhipps Plazawww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  55. 55. Native EnglishLenox Squarewww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  56. 56. Native EnglishBobby Jones Golf Coursewww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  57. 57. Native EnglishPolitical Tourwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  58. 58. Native EnglishFernbankwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  59. 59. Native EnglishExecutive RetreatIntensive English Immersion SeminarFor International Executives Wanting Fluency in EnglishAndEffective Effectiveness in Englishwww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  60. 60. Native EnglishExecutive RetreatIntensive English Immersion SeminarDatesAugust 5-16, 2013November 4- 15, 2013February 3-14, 2014May 5-16, 2014www.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  61. 61. Native EnglishExecutive RetreatIntensive English Immersion SeminarPrice$15, 000 USD Per Person$150,000 to reserve the entire event for your group or companywww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLC
  62. 62. Native EnglishContact Us TodayJunior Ben CastroMarketing Manager, Latin Americajbcastro@nativeenterprises.usAV.JK De Oliveira888-L1-Centro-CEP: 83.260.000Land Line & Fax: +55 41 3453 66 13Authorized Agent Latin AmericaDeal only with Native Enterprises, LLC Authorized Representatives and Agentswww.nativeenglish.usNative Enterprises, LLCSuzannah L. SaiahDirector, USAnative@nativeenterprises.us3355 Lenox RoadSuite 750Atlanta, GA 40426(404) 504-7028Direct 404-537-2026