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Tweeter Essence Extractor


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Winning project from the Datalogics Hackathon.

Published in: Technology
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Tweeter Essence Extractor

  1. 1. Twitter essence extractor
  2. 2. Twitter aims primarily at social needs, like those for belonging, love, and affection. Unfortunately Twitter promotes abuse by needy, self-centered people. Using Twitter suggests a level of insecurity whereby, unless people recognize you, you cease to exist.
  3. 3. We are here to help you.
  4. 4. Twitter essence extractor™ will help you “average” every user tweets into a single time and sanity preserving tweet. • Synthesized tweets can be reused as a recycled version of users social media exposure. • Links pictures and articles are preserved and available when reposting.
  5. 5. Future use of TEE ™ By analyzing any twitter profile using the “Soul grabber” you will have the ability to determine the poster agenda, predict users tweets style and influence goal. • Distinguish attention seekers • Calling out self absorbed folk • Micro celebrity complex detection • Marking sell out celebrities
  6. 6. Make TWITTER great again.