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"Democratizing Big Data", Ami Gal, CEO & Co-Founder of SQream Technologies


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"Democratizing Big Data", Ami Gal, CEO & Co-Founder of SQream Technologies

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Ami Gal is the Co-Founder and CEO at SqreamTechnologies where he is producing a very fast SQL Big Database at SQream Technologies, crunching all the way from a few Terabytes to Petabytes with high performance. He is a hands-on entepreneur, a mentor at Seedcamp and SmartCamp Mentor at IBM.

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"Democratizing Big Data", Ami Gal, CEO & Co-Founder of SQream Technologies

  1. 1. 1 Democratizing Big Data Ami Gal, CEO
  2. 2. 2 Big Data Analytics is the competitive core of many businesses HundredsofTBSometimes even petabytes of data, coming in at a rate of a few terabytes per day Upto10TB Upto1-4TB 2010 2016 - High ingestion rate - High Performance requirement - Large scale - Production BI performance
  3. 3. 3 SQream is software that runs a GPU based SQL Big Database Scale from TB to PB with ease Patented technologies Massively Parallel engine built from scratch Supercomputer on a chip – Nvidia GPU with 5000 cores 1000x more compute per cm2
  4. 4. 4 875 14 168 14 550 Benchmark performed by a large and leading Telco Analyze subscriber network usage - 4.3 billion call records, 30 million subscribers 602 1 2 2 71 Teradata EDWFull 42U rack SQream DB2U Dell R720 Query time Logical Servers CPUs Engineers Man hours “SQream and Orange demonstrate x100 cost performance removing limits of databases”. Pascal Déchamboux, Director of Software & Technical Architecture of Orange Corporate IT $6,300,000 $300,000 Analyzing big data on CPUs is expensive, complex and slow
  5. 5. 5 HQ - 4 World Trade Center, NYC R&D - 12 Yad Harutzim, Tel Aviv Selected customers and Partners 2 0 1 5 Looking for strategic investors and partners for the market in China