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                            Phone: (850) 345 2579

              Summary         ...
Programming – General       Java Swing
                            UNIX KORN and BASH Shell Scripting
                            2006 Oracle Database 10g Professional Cer...
12/2004 – 6/2006   Sr. Oracle Developer / Augmentation Team Leader
                    Florida State Lottery
9/1997 – 05/2000   Oracle Developer
                   MedNet International
                   Athens Greece

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  1. 1. SPIRO RICHARDS Phone: (850) 345 2579 Summary Ten years experience in designing, constructing, maintaining and tuning Oracle Database systems. Oracle Certified Professional 10g Database Administrator and Developer 9i Professional. Expert SQL, PL/SQL, Forms and Reports, Jdeveloper (ADF - Java, JSP, JSPX, JSF) programming with Database Administration (versions 7.3-10g) and Application Server (10g) admin experience. Skills Operating Systems  IBM AIX  Sun Solaris  HP-UX  LINIX (Redhat Enterprise, Suse)  Windows (NT, 2000, 2003 Server) RDBMS Systems, Database  Oracle 7.3.4 (HP-UX) Administration  Oracle 8.1.6 (IBM-AIX)  Oracle 8.17 (IBM-AIX, Windows NT)  Oracle 9.2.0 (IBM-AIX, Linux, Windows 2003 Server)  Oracle 10g (IBM-AIX, Sun Solaris)  Informix ISAM (IBM-AIX) Database Tools  Oracle EM Manager  RMAN  EXP, IMP, Data Pump (EXPDP, IMPDP)  SQL*PLUS, iSQL*PLUS  STATSPACK  SQL*Loader  LogMiner  DBVERIFY Application Server  Oracle Application Server 10g (IBM-AIX, Windows 2003 Server) Database Programming  PL/SQL, SQL  J2EE programming with Jdeveloper (ADF - Java, JSP, JSPX, JSF)  Oracle Developer Suite 10g (Web Forms, Reports)  Oracle Developer 6i (Client Server – Forms, Reports)  Oracle Developer 5 (Client Server – Forms, Reports)  Oracle Developer 4.5 (Client Server – Forms, Reports)  Oracle Forms 3.0  Oracle SQL Report Writer,  SQL*Plus Reports (Text and HTML)  Oracle Designer  TOAD
  2. 2. Programming – General  Java Swing  UNIX KORN and BASH Shell Scripting  Microsoft Visual Basic (versions 5, 6)  Borland Delphi (versions 1.2-2.0)  HTML, CSS  XML  JavaScript  Microsoft ASP.NET  COBOL  C, C++  IBM FOCUS Data Mining  COGNOS  Oracle Discoverer  IBM WEBI Version Control  PVCS  CVS
  3. 3. Education Certifications 2006 Oracle Database 10g Professional Certified 2005 Oracle Developer 10g Professional Certified 2003 Oracle Application Specific License Sales Certified Education 1996 Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems, Deree College Athens Greece. Training / Courses 2006 Oracle University Orlando Florida: Completed Oracle 10g Tuning Course. 2000 Deree College, Athens Greece: completed a 3-credit Visual Basic course. 1999 United Healthcare: Completed the course: “Managed Care Tools and Techniques”. 1998 Oracle, Athens Greece: Completed the course: “Developer 2000/Build Forms II”. Profile  Excellent client communication skills  Expert Oracle Developer (PL/SQL, Forms, Reports, J2EE - Jdeveloper ADF)  Oracle Database Design and Administration  Oracle Application Server Administration  Experienced Oracle Programming Instructor (Oracle Reports)  Oracle Tuning (SQL tuning, indexing, PL/SQL – DBMS_PROFILER, database parameters, Hardware – Network)  Software Testing, Standardizations, Version Control, Software Design (UML) Professional Experience 6/2006 – Present Sr. Oracle Developer Lockheed Martin Space Systems Cape Canaveral, Florida  Oracle Backend PL/SQL programming and tuning for electronic technical documentation systems (web based and client server) software on Oracle 10g (Solaris).  Support of current client application software (Oracle Developer 6i – Client Server – Forms and Reports)  Design and reconstruction of legacy Oracle Developer Client-Server application to Web Based J2EE application with Jdeveloper ADF technologies (Java, JSF, JSP).
  4. 4. 12/2004 – 6/2006 Sr. Oracle Developer / Augmentation Team Leader Florida State Lottery Tallahassee, Florida  Architect and Lead Programmer for converting Florida Lottery Legacy Systems (IBM DB2 and FOCUS) to Oracle (Database Version 9.2, Oracle Forms & Reports, PL/SQL stored procedures, UNIX KORN shells). Included On-Line transactions systems, nightly batch systems, Database warehouse design and ETL processing for IBM WEBI ad hoc reporting.  Backup DBA and Application Server admin responsibilities  Infinity Software Augmentation Staff Team Leader  Oracle PL/SQL and Forms Programming Standards (Templates, Guides, PL/SQL and Object Libraries)  Oracle Reports Developer Seminar Instructor 10/2000 – 12/2004 Oracle Developer – DBA / Team Leader EUROSOFT SA Athens, Greece  Assigned the task of organizing and leading a development team to re- create the organizations accounting software products using oracle technologies, (the “old” products were C programs running on AIX UNIX servers (Informix SE database. Having a team of 4 programmers (1 senior level, 2 junior level and 1 trainee) since the year 2000, have accomplished the task of developing 5 major applications (payroll, fixed assets, general ledger, imports, official reporting) that total over 1,000 forms and 400 reports. These applications were first constructed using oracle developer 6 client-server with oracle database servers (8.1.6-8.1.7) and then were migrated in 2004 to 3 tier internet architecture using oracle application server (9.0.4), developer suite 10g and Oracle database (9.2.0). Have installed and supported these applications for 3 major customers, the largest of them have about 40 users. Responsibilities included: DBA, application design, application programming, testing, oracle licensing, weekly progress report to management, technical training (SQL, PL/SQL, and Oracle Forms & Reports). 06/2000 – 12/2001 Oracle Developer (part time) 2000-2001 AEPI - Protasis Sound and Image Athens Greece  Created a royalty management Oracle Database System and application with Microsoft Excel import/export capabilities (Oracle Developer 6i Forms and Reports, Oracle DB 8.1.7)
  5. 5. 9/1997 – 05/2000 Oracle Developer MedNet International Athens Greece  Responsible for the development and support of an ORACLE client- server database application for healthcare management titled “NewMed” for NewMed S.P.A. (Milan, Italy). (Oracle Database Server (version 7.4.3) on HP UNIX, Developer 4.5-5 WINDOWS 95 Client).  Development and support of a healthcare statistical analysis tool built using Borland Delphi (Version 2.0) and Oracle 7.4.3 Server (HP UNIX).  Developed an interface between ORACLE database application and Microsoft Word using Microsoft VBA for the applications reporting requirements (Insured member policy packet report).