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  1. 1. Shelby D. Spradling SUMMARY • Over fourteen years of information systems experience as a Database Administrator (DBA), Systems Engineer and programmer/analyst. • Experience designing and implementing enterprise wide database solutions. • Comprehensive experience throughout the full systems development life cycle from analysis and design through implementation and ongoing production systems support. • Extensive DBA experience installing, testing, implementing, migrating, managing, supporting, monitoring, performance tuning and upgrading the Oracle Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). • Experience with logical and physical data modeling and creating and implementing database schemas. Completed Oracle’s Data Modeling Methodology course. • Experience implementing database schemas, writing and debugging PL/SQL stored procedures, functions, packages, database triggers, and relational constraints. • Oracle Certified Professional DBA 8/8i/9i. Multiple development project experience with 9i. • Sun Certified Java Programmer for the 1.4 platform. • Strong technical experience with major corporations including Dell Computer Corporation, BMC Software, Compaq Computer Corporation, and IBM. • Strong experience overseeing and successfully implementing projects on time and within budget in a variety of Internet, client/server, and mainframe environments. • Experience with OO methodology for designing and creating component based systems. • Excellent experience as an application systems programmer/analyst using tools that include SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Java, JSP, JavaScript, HTML, XML and C/C++. • Experience with Java development projects, coding using JDBC • Experience with connection pooling both via Oracle’s Multi Threaded Server (Shared Server) and via Java on a middle tier. • Excellent experience supporting multiple operating system environments including Sun Solaris 2.6-2.8, Linux, HP-UX and Windows 95/98/NT 4/2000. • Significant experience developing logical and physical designs for multiple databases. Logical design included normalization and denormalization activities as appropriate. • Excellent written and verbal communications skills with the ability to build and maintain effective working relationships with all levels of technical and non-technical staff. • Strong ability and experience in developing reliable documentation, mentoring client staff and leaving a legacy of knowledge with clients. • Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Data Processing and Analysis from the University of Texas, Austin. Spradling, Shelby Page 1 of 8
  2. 2. EXPERIENCE HIGHLIGHTS Spradling Consulting 10/99 – Present Principal consultant of Spradling Consulting. Spradling Consulting provides consulting, contract programming, and technical staffing specializing in web and database development. Spradling Consulting also provides web hosting and UNIX account services. Clients include: Office of the Attorney General, Austin Independent School District, Texas Department of Transportation, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Railroad Commission, IBM, Vignette, BMC, Environmental Graphic Design, Production Alternatives and Office of the Attorney General 01/03 – 11/03 • Advised management on technical options and architecture to help them devise a strategy for the future of the Child Support systems. • Gave technical direction to the Child Support staff by helping them use the technology they currently have to help them gather and report on data from the STRADUS State Disbursement Unit. • Replaced the current manually intensive county invoicing system (which pays counties for data maintenance) with an object oriented architecture using Java, JSP and Oracle, that reduces FTE effort from three to four days a month to less than one hour. The system creates invoices via PDF document to send to counties and creates statistical tables so that management can immediately spot trends or errors when paying counties (via web reports). This ability directly results in saving the OAG funds each month by not paying on erroneous information. BPR was done on this project additionally saving the OAG funds by re-examining the contractual obligations and re-structuring the logic used to pay the counties. This system handles 59% of all contractual county child support case reimbursements. • Received thanks in the November 2003 Attorney Generals “@ work” newsletter for “…saving the Child Support Division over $100,000 on a June 2003 invoice, by clarifying a subtle point related to a contractual deadline for re-directing cases to the State Disbursement Unit (SDU). This point prohibited the vendor from invoicing for cases re-directed to the SDU if their employers had received notices prior to the contract deadline. Smaller savings followed in the invoices for subsequent months.” • Enabled full time staff to become more self-sufficient by creating internal architecture (consisting of an Apache/Tomcat web server, JSP reports, Java applications and an Oracle database) that enabled existing staff to have access to the data they needed. These reports allow all members from the division to get reports in real time and saved the division well over $10,000 dollars from requesting new development or changes to the STRADUS system. • Received thanks from the OAG “@ work” newsletter for coding invoice changes CRIS Team Member 6/02 - 9/02 Spradling, Shelby Page 2 of 8
  3. 3. The Crash Record Information Systems (CRIS) is a multi-year, multi-million dollar project jointly sponsored by the Texas Department of Transportation and the Texas Department of Public Safety that will automate the way crash records are created, processed and stored drastically improving record turnaround, incident reporting and analysis, and improve public roadways. The CRIS team is responsible for the initial study and recommend phase of this project that will guide TxDOT and DPS select and implement this system. My responsibilities included: • Technical Market Research • Author of Technical Sections: Database Recommendations, Data Warehouse Recommendations • Contributor to Technical sections: Accident Location, GIS and Spatial Features • Investigate and report on IOWA TraCS System • Investigate and report on existing and emerging technologies to be used in recommendations • Interview vendors and COTS solutions Austin Independent School District 12/01 – 9/02 • Designed and created a voter registration database used to identify early voters and calculate statistics and poll predictions used by local news stations. • Wrote queries to identify voters based on multiple criteria and for poll prediction analysis. • Wrote numerous PL/SQL programs to aid in report card generation, financial funding reports, student attendance, ethnicity reporting, • Recreated mainframe average daily attendance and average daily membership reports used to obtain AISD funding. Texas Department of Transportation 10/01 • Set up proof of concept Oracle database to work with Microsoft’s .Net framework. • Installed and configured Oracle’s 8i database. • Set up and configured Oracle’s MTS (Multi-Threaded Server) and Microsoft’s MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server) to work together and create a test environment used to pass and store transactions. Texas Railroad Commission 02/01 – 9/01 Database Administrator Database Administrator for Oracle on Sun Solaris version 2.6. Responsible for the following: • Responsible for the planning, migration and application integration of multiple development, staging and production databases from Oracle Relational Database System (RDBMS) version 7.3.4 to 8i. Spradling, Shelby Page 3 of 8
  4. 4. • Typical Oracle DBA responsibilities such as upgrading, testing, supporting, monitoring, back-up, recovery, security, and performance tuning activities for the Oracle RDBMS. • Migration of legacy application to Oracle Web-based application to be deployed using Oracle Forms and Reports application servers. • Development of complex reports for large modular application systems. • Provide documentation as requested, such as status reporting. • Regularly apprise management of status, problems, issues, concerns, etc. • Actively perform knowledge transfer and mentoring to Railroad Commission employees. • Diagnose and repair problems related to the Apache web server, Apache Jserv, Sun’s servlet runner, and Unix environment. • Created multiple PL/SQL and Unix scripts to assist the development teams in migrating data and processes from legacy systems to web based environments. • Aided in setting up the Unix environment and configuration of the Oracle software using Oracle’s Flexible Architecture (OFA). BMC Software 03/00 – 12/01 DBA/Programmer Consultant • Designed and developed the trial server database for BMC’s new database administration tool WebDBA. View the trial server at • Solely responsible for the concept and logical and physical design of this database. • Created sample data for all tables (including using Oracle’s BLOBs and BFILE datatypes to store picture data, Oracle 8i’s nested tables and Object datatypes to create product search procedures, and Java stored procedures). • Configured Oracle 8i (8.1.6) for maximum security, and maximum concurrent users utilizing MTS in Sun Solaris 2.7. • Conceived and wrote servlets to place user feedback in an Oracle database (you will see the feedback form if you provide feedback after closing WebDBA). • Created servlets to view individual and summary feedback data in Java 2 for first time users visiting the web site. • Authored miscellaneous web pages in HTML 4.0 for the web site. Configured Apache, Jserv, and Netscape’s iPlanet web servers in testing and production environments. • Worked as a Java developer helping to create BMC’s next generation cross platform, cross product installation software. • Utilized Apache’s Jakarta Ant tools and XML to build a Java installation utility that is capable of installing any BMC product on any platform where Java is ported. • Responsible for the “discovery” part of this project that consisted of: Creating an XML parser to parse product XML files, system discovery (i.e. platform, CD drive determination etc.), and connection to a Hypersonic (pure Java) database to determine previously installed products. Spradling, Shelby Page 4 of 8
  5. 5. Vignette 09/00 - 10/00 Consultant • Designed and created consistent testing environments across Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft’s SQL Server utilizing ANSI standard SQL – 99. • Created sample tables and data for all SQL -99 datatypes and all vendor specific datatypes for testing with the V/5 E-Business Application Platform. 10/99 - 02/00 DBA/Programmer Consultant • Database Administrator for Oracle 8.0.5 on Sun Solaris version 2.6 and NT 4.0. • Responsible for designing and developing the logical and physical database for the direct fulfillment system, which includes vendor direct fulfillment, order management, inventory and returns. • Developed the sole interface to propagate orders from Oracle’s iStore web package to the direct fulfillment database in PL/SQL. • Created numerous stored procedures, functions, and database triggers. Dell Computer Corporation 06/98 - 09/99 Programmer/Analyst Worked on financial systems replacement project migrating legacy systems (AP, GL, FA, PA, Order Management) to Oracle’s version 11.0 web enabled applications and version 8.0.5 database on a Sun Solaris environment. Lead developer in charge of SCALA (European sales and cash system - GL) and Daily and Period Currency Rate interfaces (GL) for Oracle in PL/SQL. Developed a globally used crosswalk function in PL/SQL to crosswalk legacy data to Oracle data. Created an AP Detail Postings report to run via the concurrent manager and create Excel downloadable data. Designed and built an MQ series message broker in C++ utilizing IBM’s messaging queue system. Aided AP, FA and PO project teams with various tasks. Compaq Computer Corporation 03/94 - 06/98 Systems Engineer Responsible for software development and support of Compaq’s 5P prototype lab. Project leader for converting 5P’s data collection database from Gupta’s SQL Base to Oracle managing four full time resources and $80,000 budget. Supported 30 users on Windows’95/ PC platform. Responsible for all network SQL development and testing on a Proliant Server using Banyan and Microsoft network software. Created client-server applications with Gupta’s SQL Windows. DBA for Oracle 7.x and Gupta’s SQL Base on NT 3.51. Converted 5P to Windows’95 platform. Supported and modified C and Pascal programs that operate the environmental chambers, crane conveyor, and reporting systems. Developed prototype diagnostics for two desktop models (Deskpro 5100 & 5133). Assisted product engineers by taking over testing and failure analysis of the Contura line of portables. Conceived, designed, and developed the 5P intranet web site. Spradling, Shelby Page 5 of 8
  6. 6. Compaq Computer Corporation 01/90 - 03/94 Financial Systems Analyst Worked on Oracle Migration Team; Converted ASK GL to Oracle GL; Responsible for Data Conversion. HP Support and Development (900 Series). Responsible for Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Fixed Assets, International Accounting, Auditing, and Micrographics Indexing Retrieval System (Microfiche) support and development; Modified, implemented and supported the Project Tracking System and developed and coded the entire Users’ Security features for the system; Developed Accounts Payable and Purchasing Archive/Data Warehousing Program to insure data integrity and to save disk space; Responsible for fixing broken transactions and keeping data integrity in the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) freight system; Streamlined and rewrote Compaq’s end of year 1099 process; Aided Purchasing IM Department; PC support included 50 to 70 uses on a Banyan network using Windows, various spreadsheets and communication packages. IBM 05/89 - 08/89 Programmer Worked with NLS Team (National Language Support). In charge of component testing the Turkish system for PROFS; Used Xedit and CLEAR database on the IBM 3090 VM Mainframe. The Washington Consulting Group 06/88 - 08/88 Programmer Worked on an IBM Mainframe converting data for the Department of Energy; Generated end- product screens; Developed test programs in Clipper. The University of Texas at El Paso 06/84 - 08/84 Computer Camp Instructor While in High School, taught Microcomputers and BASIC Programming with Graphics to Junior High School and High School Students. Spradling, Shelby Page 6 of 8
  7. 7. EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Bachelor of Business Arts, Data Processing and Analysis The University of Texas at Austin New Mexico State University Oracle Training: Oracle Certified Professional Oracle Masters in progress SQL and PL/SQL Oracle Database Backup and Recovery Oracle Database Administration Oracle Database Performance Tuning Oracle Network Administration Oracle 8i New Features for Administrators Data Modeling and Relational Database Design Sun Certified Java Programmer for the 1.4 platform. TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE Languages/Data Access Tools/Utilities: PL/SQL, Java 2, Java Script, JSP, Unix shells, SQL Windows, BASIC, C/C++, FORTRAN, Pascal, Visual Basic, SQL, HTML, XML Databases/Data Management: Oracle 7.x/8/8i/9i (Oracle Certified Professional), Microsoft SQL Server 7/2000, SYBASE SQL Server 11, SQL Base, Hypersonic, Access, dBase, Ingress Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT 4/2000/XP, UNIX (Sun Solaris 2.6/2.7/2.8, HP-UX, Linux), X Windows, VMS Miscellaneous Software: Microsoft Office, Oracle Financial Applications (v11), Netscape iPlanet, Jbuilder 4, Apache Server, Apache Jakarta ANT, Apache Tomcat, PL/SQL Developer (InThink), Toad (Quest), WebDBA (BMC), DB Artisan (Embarcadero) Spradling, Shelby Page 7 of 8
  8. 8. Spradling, Shelby Page 8 of 8