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  1. 1. West e-lert Vol. 10, No. 1 January 2010 LIBRARIAN RELATIONS Executive compensation: How well do you know the restrictions? Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code is no ordinary tax statute, as the business press at the time of its enactment made clear: Future shock has come to the world of nonqualified deferred compensation. What had been walled off as a regulatory ‘no-fly’ zone since 1978 has become a scene of upheaval worthy of an aircraft dogfight. With nearly sixty years of case law now preempted, it is almost difficult to overstate the magnitude of change that new Code section 409A imposes on companies’ compensation practices. Section 409A: Future Shock for Nonqualified Deferred Compensation, MONDAQ BUS. BRIEFING, Nov. 8, 2004. Bottom line: If you grapple with executive compensation issues, you’ll want to know all about section 409A. A pair of recently released databases will help you do just that: • 409A Administration Guide (THE409AHB): This database contains the full text of The 409A Administration Handbook, 2009 Edition, by executive compensation consultant P. Garth Gartrell. Likely the most exhaustive treatment of section 409A on Westlaw, THE409AHB closely examines section 409A’s impact on executive compensation. It includes a compliance checklist and flowchart, numerous examples drawn from practice, and forms for a variety of common agreements. You can use the Table of Contents service to browse the contents and retrieve sections by clicking section names. • CCH Executive Compensation (CCH-EXCOMP): CCH-EXCOMP contains the full text of Executive Compensation, a practice guide by attorney Michael Melbinger that provides a basic framework for designing, drafting, and administering executive compensation programs. Melbinger includes planning notes; comments; checklists; and sample language, correspondence, and legal agreements. Also be sure to check out the BNA TM US Income Portfolios: Deferred Compensation Arrangements database (TMFEDPORT-385), which contains a BNA Tax Management portfolio devoted largely to section 409A and its effect on deferred compensation. == Asian patent boom: Get near the epicenter! According to Francis Gurry, deputy director general of the World Intellectual
  2. 2. Property Organization (WIPO), “‘[n]ew centres of innovation—in particular in north-east Asia—are emerging and this is transforming both the geography of the patent system and of future global economic growth.’” Peter Ollier and Emma Barraclough, Meeting Asia’s Patent Boom Challenge, MANAGING INTELL. PROP., Mar. 1, 2007. Translation: Don’t overlook Asian patents. Accordingly, several Asian patent and patent application databases—each with English-language content—were recently released on Westlaw: • Asia Pacific Patents and Applications (ASIAPAC-ALL) • Chinese Patent Applications (CN-PAT-APP) • Chinese Patents (CN-PAT) • Chinese Patents and Applications (CN-PAT-ALL) • Japanese Patent Applications (JP-PAT-APP) • Japanese Patents (JP-PAT) • Japanese Patents and Applications (JP-PAT-ALL) • South Korean Patent Applications (KR-PAT-APP) • South Korean Patents (KR-PAT) • South Korean Patents and Applications (KR-PAT-ALL) Coverage and information types vary by database, although a document typically includes an English-language title, abstract, and claims; patent assignees; application or granted date; classification information; and application or patent number. Some documents include a PDF image of the original patent or application in the native language. You can search the full text of these databases using the Terms and Connectors or Natural Language search method or a search template. Access ASIAPAC-ALL to search patents and patent applications from China, Japan, and South Korea simultaneously. Although not all of these databases are exclusive to Westlaw, they join what has become the largest collection of online English-language patents and patent applications available anywhere. Westlaw also offers patents from Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the European Patent Office. Now in the same headline: “Expert research” and “simplicity” It can be very time-consuming to gather information on experts. Westlaw users have long been calling for an efficient yet thorough way to conduct this type of research. In response, West recently released new Westlaw functionality and expert information that is presented in a way to meet the needs of law librarians and
  3. 3. other frequent Westlaw users. You can identify, assess, and prepare to challenge experts more quickly, comprehensively, and confidently than ever before. In particular, Westlaw now offers the following: • a tabbed Expert Center page—a new "one-stop shop" for expert materials • global searching—you can simultaneously search all expert content on Westlaw • court-filed expert witness resumes—40,000 new court-filed resumes, which are linked to expert witness profiles and related court documents, were added to Westlaw • other full-text expert witness resumes—10,000 additional (non-court-filed) expert witness resumes were added to Westlaw And this is just the beginning. Watch for more expert resource developments in the near future. == WESTLAW CONTENT Ring in the new year with the ALR United States Supreme Review, Part I The ink is barely dry on the most recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions of 2009, yet the American Law Reports review of the first part of the Court’s 2009–2010 Term is already on Westlaw. To retrieve a summary and analysis of the major opinions and certioriari decisions rendered by the Court thus far in the Term, use the Find service to retrieve 2010 A.L.R. Fed. 2d 1. == CCH on Westlaw: Ninety-five titles and counting The law doesn’t stand still. Neither does Westlaw—thanks in part to the release of 95 databases from Commerce Clearing House (CCH) since September 2009. CCH databases include reporters, treatises, practice guides, law journals, and current awareness materials. They cover a wide range of general and niche practice areas, including banking and finance, human resources management, COBRA, and telemarketing law. A single title may contain such materials as explanations, forms, applicable statutes, newsletters, and agency procedures. Available databases include, but are not limited to, the following: • CCH Bankruptcy Law Reporter (CCH-BKLR) • CCH Business Franchise Guide (CCH-BFGD) • CCH Civil False Claims and Qui Tam Actions (CCH-CFCQTA)
  4. 4. • CCH COBRA Guide (CCH-COBRAGD) • CCH Drafting Internet Agreements (CCH-DIA) • CCH Financial Privacy Law Guide (CCH-FPLGD) • CCH Food Law Reporter (CCH-FLR) • CCH Health Care Compliance Reporter (CCH-HCCR) • CCH HIPAA Privacy Guide (CCH-HIPAAPGD) • CCH Human Resources Management–Equal Employment Opportunity Guide (CCH-HRMEEOG) • CCH OFCCP Federal Contract Compliance Manual (CCH-OFCCPFCCM) • CCH Scott on Outsourcing Law and Practice (CCH-SCOTOL) • CCH U.S. Master Employee Benefits Guide (CCH-MEBGD) • CCH U.S. Master Pension Guide (CCH-MPGD) • CCH Understanding TRICARE (CCH-UTRICARE) To see a list of other CCH databases on Westlaw, access in the Westlaw Directory. Then click Directories, Reference>Databases Listed by Provider>Commerce Clearning House (CCH) Materials). More CCH titles will be added to Westlaw in the coming months. West e-lert will provide information on future releases when available. Tip: Search for pr(“topical index”)— Many CCH publications contain indexes that can help you pinpoint the section you need. To retrieve portions of the index that refer to your issue, search for the phrase topical index in the prelim field (pr). For example, to identify the sections of the Business Franchise Guide that discuss rescission, access CCH-BFGD and type a query such as the following: pr(“topical index”) & resci! Capitol Advantage CapWiz: Identify and contact the folks in charge Suppose you need contact information for every senator on the U.S. Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee. There’s an easy way to do this, right? There is now: Access the Capitol Advantage CapWiz Web site from the tabbed Capitol Watch page on Westlaw. Click Legislative Contacts at the top of the Capitol Watch page. You will receive a message that indicates you are leaving Westlaw. Click Continue. At the Capitol Advantage CapWiz Web site, click Elected Officials. Then click Congressional Directory. A page of search tools and links is displayed. To view a list of all committees, click See All Committees in the Key Committees section. Click Banking to view links for the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee.
  5. 5. For information about a particular senator on the committee, click his or her name. To display contact information and a link to a Web form you can use to e- mail the senator, click Contact. Westlaw databases: recent releases, name changes, and removals Westlaw Database Releases 11/30/09 Res Publica (RESPUB) Text of Res Publica: A Journal of Moral, Legal, and Social Philosophy, a publication of the Association for Legal and Social Philosophy. 12/03/09 Expert Witnesses: Motor Vehicle and Accident Reconstruction Cases (EXPWIT-VEH) West guide to expert witnesses in cases involving motor vehicle collision reconstruction. Expert Witnesses: Products Liability Cases (EXPWIT-PL) West guide to expert witnesses in cases involving products liability. Illinois Workers’ Compensation Law (ILPRAC-WC) Volume in the Illinois Practice Series. 12/04/09 Business Laws of Peru (BLPERU) West guide providing an overview of legal issues arising in investment in Peru. 23 CCH databases • CCH Accommodating Disabilities–Business Management Guide (CCH- ADBMGD) • CCH Advertising Law Guide (CCH-ADLGD) • CCH Business Franchise Guide (CCH-BFGD) • CCH COBRA Guide (CCH-COBRAGD) • CCH Compliance Guide for Plan Administrators (CCH-CGPLAD) • CCH Copyright Law Reporter (CCH-CLR) • CCH Franchise Regulation and Damages (CCH-FRANRD) • CCH Guide to Computer Law (CCH-GDCL) • CCH Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Substances Compliance (CCH- HWHSC) • CCH Health Care Compliance Reporter (CCH-HCCR) • CCH Health Care Fraud and Abuse Compliance Manual (CCH-HCCPMAN) • CCH HIPAA Guide for Employers (CCH-HIPAAGD) • CCH HIPAA Privacy Guide (CCH-HIPAAPGD)
  6. 6. • CCH Human Resources Management–Employee and Union Relations Guide (CCH-HRMEURG) • CCH Human Resources Management–Equal Employment Opportunity Guide (CCH-HRMEEOG) • CCH Human Resources Management–Workplace Safety Guide (CCH- HRMWSG) • CCH Individual Retirement Plans Guide (CCH-IRPGD) • CCH Labor Law Journal (CCH-LLJRNL) • CCH NLRB Case Handling Manual (CCH-NLRBCHM) • CCH OFCCP Federal Contract Compliance Manual (CCH-OFCCPFCCM) • CCH Products Liability Reporter (CCH-PLR) • CCH Secured Transaction Guide (CCH-SECTGD) • CCH Understanding TRICARE (CCH-UTRICARE) 12/08/09 CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution–Historical Rules (CPR-HRULES) 12/09/09 Exhibits on Westlaw (EXHIBITS-ALL) Textual and graphical exhibits filed in selected federal actions. 12/15/09 Asia Pacific Patents and Applications (ASIAPAC-ALL) Translations of patents and patent applications filed in China, Japan, and South Korea. In addition to this combination database, the following databases are available: • Chinese Patents and Applications (CN-PAT-ALL) • Chinese Patents (CN-PAT) • Chinese Patent Applications (CN-PAT-APP) • Japanese Patents and Applications (JP-PAT-ALL) • Japanese Patents (JP-PAT) • Japanese Patent Applications (JP-PAT-APP) • South Korean Patents and Applications (KR-PAT-ALL) • South Korean Patents (KR-PAT) • South Korean Patent Applications (KR-PAT-APP) Consent in Context: Fulfilling the Promise of International Arbitration (CONSENTARB) West guide to multiparty and multi-contract international arbitration, including an analysis of consent in arbitration agreements and subsequent arbitration-related proceedings. International Chamber of Commerce–Historical Rules (ICC-HRULES) Stockholm Chamber of Commerce–Historical Rules (SCC-HRULES) 12/16/09
  7. 7. Inter Partes Reexamination (INTRPARTES) Guide to inter partes reexamination proceedings before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. 12/17/09 Dockets–Minnesota–State Courts Combined (DOCK-MN-STCTS) Docket information on active and inactive civil cases, including family and probate cases, filed in Minnesota district courts. 73 NewsRoom databases, including • Armed Forces Journal (ARMEDFJ) • Burlington Free Press (Burlington, Vt.) (FREEPRESS) • India Business Journal (INDIABUSJ) • Islamic Finance News (ISLAMICFIN) • Medical Buyer (MEDBUYER) • Times Herald (Port Huron, Mich.) (TIMESHRLDMI) • UPI Emerging Threats (UPIEMTHREATS) 12/22/09 BNA TM State Portfolios: Ohio Commercial Activity Tax (TMSTPORT-2260) BNA TM US Income Portfolios: Disregarded Entities (TMFEDPORT-704) Dockets–South Carolina–Georgetown County (DOCK-SC-GEORGE) Dockets–South Carolina–Jasper County (DOCK-SC-JASPER) Dockets–South Carolina–Sumter County (DOCK-SC-SUMTER) Dockets–South Carolina–York County (DOCK-SC-YORK) Docket information on active and inactive cases filed in selected South Carolina circuit courts. 12/28/09 Dockets–Florida–Citrus County (DOCK-FL-CITRUS) 12/29/09 409A Administration Guide (THE409AHB) LegalWorks guide to executive compensation under section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code. 23 CCH databases • CCH Air Quality Compliance (CCH-AQCOMP) • CCH Aviation Law Reporter Case Archives (CCH-AVLRCA) • CCH CMS Manuals (CCH-CMSMAN) • CCH Employment Practices Guide (CCH-EPGD) • CCH Employment Safety and Health Guide (CCH-ESHGD) • CCH Environmental State Information–Contains: California, New York, Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvania, Indiana (CCH-STEINFO)
  8. 8. • CCH Executive Compensation (CCH-EXCOMP) • CCH Federal Fringe Benefits Tax Guide (CCH-FFBTGD) • CCH FERC Internet Library (CCH-FERC) • CCH Government Contracts Reporter (CCH-GCR) • CCH Health Care Compliance Letter (Newsletter) (CCH-HCCLTR) • CCH Human Resources Management–Compensation Guide (CCH-HRMCGD) • CCH Labor Arbitration Awards (CCH-LAA) • CCH Law of Products Liability (CCH-LAWPL) • CCH Medical Devices Reporter (CCH-MDR) • CCH Medicare and Medicaid Guide (CCH-MMGD) • CCH Payroll Management Guide (CCH-PMGD) • CCH Pension Plan Guide (CCH-PPGD) • CCH Physician Medicare Part B Explanations (CCH-MPBE) • CCH Social Security Reporter (CCH-SSR) • CCH State Fringe Benefits Tax Guide (CCH-SFBTGD) • CCH Unemployment Insurance Reporter (All States) (CCH-UNEMPIR) • CCH Wastewater and Water Quality Compliance (CCH-WWQCOMP) Dockets–South Carolina–Beaufort County (DOCK-SC-BEAUFORT) Dockets–South Carolina–Cherokee County (DOCK-SC-CHEROKEE) Dockets–South Carolina–Clarendon County (DOCK-SC-CLARENDN) Dockets–South Carolina–Dorchester County (DOCK-SC-DORCHEST) Dockets–South Carolina–Edgefield County (DOCK-SC-EDGE) Dockets–South Carolina–Lexington County (DOCK-SC-LEXINGTN) Dockets–South Carolina–Spartanburg County (DOCK-SC-SPARTAN) Docket information on active and inactive cases filed in selected South Carolina circuit courts. Massachusetts Practice Series: Massachusetts Construction Law (MAPRAC-CONSTR) 12/30/09 Information Security and Privacy: A Guide to International Law and Compliance (INFOSECINTL) LegalWorks guide to security and data privacy laws. 01/06/10 Criminal Records–Colorado (CRIM-CO) European Journal of Law and Economics (EJLEC) Journal published by Springer. Law and Philosophy (LAWPHIL) Journal published by Springer. WIPO Journal (WORLD-IPO)
  9. 9. Text of the WIPO Journal: Analysis and Debate of Global Intellectual Property Issues, published by Sweet & Maxwell. 01/07/10 CBA Concordances (CBA-CONCORD) Survey of Canadian law related to planning and administration of estates and trusts. Federal Intellectual Property–Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure, Sixth Edition (FIP-TMEP6TH) 01/12/10 Patents FormFinder (FORMFINDER-PAT) 01/13/10 Advocate (Texas) (ADVOCTX) Text of the Advocate, a quarterly journal published by the Litigation Section of the State Bar of Texas. Vanderbilt Law Review En Banc (VNLRENB) Online forum for discussion of articles printed in the Vanderbilt Law Review. 01/20/10 Massachusetts Oral Argument Transcripts (MA-ORALARG) Transcripts of selected oral arguments in cases heard before the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts. 01/21/10 Immigration FormFinder (FORMFINDER-IMM) Organizational Management and Administration: A Guide for Managers and Professionals (ORGMGMT) Comprehensive guide to the management and administration of organizations from Thomson West. Westlaw Database Name and Identifier Changes 12/02/09 Old: Yale Law Journal Pocket Part (YLJPP) New: Yale Law Journal Online (YALELJO) 12/10/09 Old: RIA International Taxes Weekly (RIA-ITW) New: RIA This Week with Cym Lowell (RIA-TWCL) 12/18/09
  10. 10. Old: ALR International (U.S. Materials) (ALR-US-INT) New: American Law Reports–Multinational (Issues Arising in the U.S.) (ALR-US-INT) 01/11/10 Old: Admiralty and Maritime Law (ADMMARL) New: Schoenbaum’s Admiralty and Maritime Law (ADMMARL) 01/13/10 Old: QLR (QLR) New: Quinnipiac Law Review (QUINLR) Westlaw Database Removals 12/31/09 Georgia Law of Torts–Forms (GATORTFORM) Georgia Settlements Law and Strategies (GASETTLEMT) SEARCH TIP Can I print and e-mail a document at the same time? Q: I often need to print a document from Westlaw and then e-mail the same document to myself. Unfortunately, I’m charged twice in those instances: once for the print document and once for the e-mail. Is there a way I can print and e-mail the document more cheaply? A: You can now simultaneously print and e-mail one or more documents from Westlaw. Click the new Print and Email the result icon at the top of the document, KeyCite result, or result list and enter the necessary information in the dialog box that is displayed. You are charged for both deliveries, but a 10 percent discount is applied. (The 10 percent discount applies to both the per-document and the per-line billing method.) This new enhancement has the added benefit of creating an electronic record of your print requests. It also saves you time spent online. WEST REFERENCE MATERIALS Read about, view, and order new reference materials. Guide to Federal Regulations on Westlaw 20-page research guide, revised December 2009 Material #RM158565 http://west.thomson.com/productdetail/1-5856-5/RM158565/productdetail.aspx
  11. 11. Guide to Federal Statutes on Westlaw 24-page research guide, revised December 2009 Material #RM168535 http://west.thomson.com/productdetail/1-6853-5/RM168535/productdetail.aspx Guide to NewsRoom on Westlaw 42-page research guide, revised December 2009 Material #RM171035 http://west.thomson.com/productdetail/1-7103-5/RM171035/productdetail.aspx People Finder Databases Four-page quick reference guide, revised December 2009 Material #RM169125 http://west.thomson.com/productdetail/1-6912-5/RM169125/productdetail.aspx Regulations Suite on Westlaw Two-page quick reference guide, revised December 2009 Material #RM166935 http://west.thomson.com/productdetail/1-6693-5/RM166935/productdetail.aspx Using Westlaw Profiler Two-page quick reference guide, revised December 2009 Material #RM146785 http://west.thomson.com/productdetail/1-4678-5/RM146785/productdetail.aspx Using West’s Capitol Watch on Westlaw Eight-page quick reference guide, published November 2009 Material #RM171065 http://west.thomson.com/productdetail/1-7106-5/RM171065/productdetail.aspx West km for Litigation Add-In Tool Two-page quick reference guide, revised December 2009 Material #RM160475
  12. 12. http://west.thomson.com/productdetail/1-6047-5/RM160475/productdetail.aspx Westlaw Assistance and Support Two-page quick reference piece, revised December 2009 Material #RM168265 http://west.thomson.com/productdetail/1-6826-5/RM168265/productdetail.aspx Westlaw Business Practitioner Research Guide 22-page research guide, revised December 2009 Material #RM152445 http://west.thomson.com/productdetail/1-5244-5/RM152445/productdetail.aspx Westlaw Elder Practitioner Research Guide 20-page research guide, revised December 2009 Material #RM165775 http://west.thomson.com/productdetail/1-6577-5/RM165775/productdetail.aspx Westlaw Municipal Practitioner Research Guide 18-page research guide, revised December 2009 Material #RM155245 http://west.thomson.com/productdetail/1-5524-5/RM155245/productdetail.aspx West LegalEdcenter CLE Mobile Four-page quick reference guide, published December 2009 Material #RM171145 http://west.thomson.com/productdetail/1-7114-5/RM171145/productdetail.aspx West LegalEdcenter CLE Mobile: FAQ Quick Reference Guide Four-page quick reference guide, published December 2009 Material #RM171155 http://west.thomson.com/productdetail/1-7115-5/RM171155/productdetail.aspx
  13. 13. What’s in Your WestlawPRO Plan Two-page quick reference guide, revised December 2009 Material #RM168665 http://west.thomson.com/productdetail/1-6866-5/RM168665/productdetail.aspx Search all available Westlaw reference materials To search Westlaw reference materials by title, material number, or key word, go to http://west.thomson.com/store/AdvancedSearch.aspx.