Tyler G. Nally
                                             6833 Oak Lake Dr
System Administrator Soul Connection Network, Sebastapol, CA. Worked for a social networking site as
       12/07-Present ...
Consultant Poster Display, Indianapolis, IN. They had a need to be able to create a certain report
           04/07-05/07 ...
Web Developer Analysts International Corp., Indianapolis, IN. As a Web Developer for a
        (02/02-07/02) pharmaceutica...
Programmer/Analyst: Global Internet Software Group, Monticello, IL. As a Programmer/Analyst for a
        (1996-1997) comp...
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  1. 1. Tyler G. Nally 6833 Oak Lake Dr Indianapolis, IN 46214 tnally@technally.com tylerbud@gmail.com 317-989-2028 (Cell) 317-536-2317 (Home) 317-215-7030 (Work) Summary:A seasoned professional with twenty-three years of experience in design, development, and implementation of computer-based solutions. Major strengths in project management, new products, data modeling and process engineering. Additional skills in strategic planning, customer service, information management, performance monitoring, data and website migration and conversions, and microcomputer technology. A creative computer professional that's innovative and persevering in concert with rich communication skills. I see myself in a work environment surrounded by others with a desire for growth as we are drawn together to allow each other to be, do, and have our our desires. We co- appreciate each other as we interact as we talk, laugh, and enjoy each others perfection. I enjoy others because people are a big part of my life. We are possess great value one towards another, every exchange has wonderful potential, and I like to uplift others. I like to feel excited about what I'm doing because I like to get a hold of something and running with it. I love to want to go to work. I love the experience of inspired ideas to current areas needing solutions. I like to make a difference. Specialization: Design, development, and implementation of web applications. Experience also includes system administration, database conversion and migration, and DBA. Information technology career began in 1985. Hardware: IBM PC, HPUX MINI, IBM RS6000, SUN ULTRA, SUN NETBLADE Internet: HTML, DHTML, JAVASCRIPT, COLD FUSION, CGI, PHP, CLI Scripting, Unix-Linux Shell Scripting, Apache Tomcat Languages: PERL, BIND, APACHE WEB SERVER, INTERNET INFORMATION WEB SERVER, UNIX SHELL SCRIPTING, PL/SQL, COBOL, IPLANET WEB SERVER Operating Systems: WIN NT 4 / WIN 2000 / WIN 2003 / WIN XP / WIN VISTA, SUN SOLARIS UNIX, LINUX, NITIX, FREEBSD, OPENBSD, FREESPIRE Database: ORACLE, MYSQL, MS SQL SERVER, MS ACCESS, SYBASE Software: TELNET, SSH, FTP, X-WINDOW, MS WORD, MS EXCEL, VI, PHP CODER PRO, DREAMWEAVER 4 ULTRADEV, COLD FUSION STUDIO, DREAMWEAVER MX, SAMBA, OPEN OFFICE, KDE, POSTFIX, QMAIL, EZMLM, IBM LOTUS NOTES, REFLECTIONS, CA UNICENTER SERVICE DESK, WWWGET, CURL Experience: Consultant Bucher and Christian, Indianapolis, IN. Worked at a pharmaceutical company as a 04/08-05/08 Perl developer. This particular project I worked on was a back-end perl process that’d retrieve genomic information for mother, father, and child (for a specific input population) in order to output an array of pedigree information for the calling process that’d it as input to it’s is particular genomic mapping feature. Used Ensembl perl API's and it’s core libraries hosted on linux servers.
  2. 2. System Administrator Soul Connection Network, Sebastapol, CA. Worked for a social networking site as 12/07-Present technical lead for their website and network operations. I worked to install software on their old hosting platforms as well as worked to migrate old platform functionality to a dedicated virtual server environment and then a migration to a permanent dedicated server. Installed and configured MySQL databases, site search, social networking groupware, and web statistics analysis software. Created development site for staging and testing purposes. Consultant Bucher and Christian, Indianapolis, IN. Worked at a pharmaceutical company as a 08/07-10/07 Cold Fusion developer. This pharmaceutical company has a Laboratory Information system that is connected to databases that holds information about different drug compounds, tests request, controls, and charts. My task in this project was to convert a Forte based application from the description mentioned previously into Cold Fusion web pages. Oracle 9 was the host database. Wrote several pages, with their respective queries, that would fetch the appropriate data from the database with the end result of producing different graphs (and show related fetched data in table form) in the Cold Fusion based web pages. Specifically what I worked on was what they called Control Sample Control Charting. Consultant Robert Half International, Indianapolis, IN. Worked with several RHI clients. First 05/07-07/07 client was a mid-sized company that needed web development (based in Cold Fusion) to finish two projects that were thought to be half-developed/complete when I first took the assignment.. It was originally projected that with a half-complete project it should only take 2-3 months of time to complete it and debug the project. As I analyzed the source code, and found the different bugs, I realized the amount of the project wasn’t anywhere near the release stage as it was not even a tenth complete then they expected. With the improvements they wanted, it’d have translated to a complete re- write from scratch with new database architecture that addresses many of the problems encountered in the beta Cold Fusion software. This made the timeline of development much longer than they had realized and wanted. They cancelled the project. Second client I helped with RHI, is a large retailer that had needs of having a process server orderly schedule and run batch jobs as needed. This was a multi-faceted process server that was started by another RHI consultant that couldn’t make the last aspects of it work after several weeks of effort. The consultant was frustrated. The client was frustrated. I was seemingly parachuted into this tense war zone where nothing of any degree of accomplishment was working. Seeing the architecture and method of how the former consultant was doing this coupled with how I’ve done this very thing over the 20 years of doing this kind of work, I knew what and how he was doing it was never going to work. I took the project over, and after 68 hours of working double shifts (1st client in the first half of the day and 2nd client in the second half of the day) spread over two weeks time, the 2nd client had an operational process server they needed to run the processes, monitor the different shell scripts that were executing, check to see if their execution time is running to long, also check to see if the whole batch process was running too long. The process server also checks exit statuses of the sub processes it executes. If there is an error, it’d send e-mail, log the error, and signal the remaining pending processes that an error has occurred and are die quietly so the dataset isn’t corrupted by a compounding of processes that run away out of control. The 3rd client I helped with RHI was a small company that had a website hosted by Network Solutions. They decided they needed to add fields to a web form. When they did this, they broke the web form and the web form processor. I helped them out and fixed the situation by first uploading their website to a website I could control where I could see the web logs and receive any errors the forms were creating. Their current website didn’t allow for such feedback. After a few hours of work in a controlled environment and a test page that’d show me what was being passed to the form processor, I knew exactly what the problem was. I then changed the form and the form processor, tested, and then uploaded the files back to their production website. The challenge was figuring out what the problem was that caused things to break for them.
  3. 3. Consultant Poster Display, Indianapolis, IN. They had a need to be able to create a certain report 04/07-05/07 from their proprietary database. The original creators of the database wouldn’t give out the schema of the database and show the client as to what information goes where. My task was to create this financial report that will harvest the information from the different parts of the database and assemble it into a form that can be put into a spreadsheet. A big part of the solution was creating a separate independent website with a new tool I created that would query literally the whole database for different known values in order to use the findings to generate queries needed to create the output of the report. Consultant Ambassador Solutions, Indianapolis, IN. Worked on many aspects of 11/06 - 02/07 telecommunications industry. Used relational database to make reports for different accounting groups. Maintained code to help with TV set converter boxes to help with cable-TV operations with the user interface. Worked on company website to provide resources to existing customers and answer questions for new customers. Created reporting server that extracts information from an Oracle DB automatically (and remotely) to be inserted into a MySQL database on another machine. President / Consultant TechNally.com, Indianapolis, IN. As President / Developer of my consulting business, 01/01 - Present I provide a myriad of computer based solutions to business and personal clients. I've built custom computers, I've installed different OS's (Win/Linux/FreeBSD), established networks with domain name service and domain controllers. I"ve enhanced existing as well as created web sites. I've setup e-mail servers, database servers, print servers, backup servers. I assist with solutions when there seems to be no help. A veritable Swiss-Army Knife of computer based solutions. Web Developer/ Diversified Technologies, Inc. / Yadler.net / TechNally.com, Indianapolis, IN. As a SysAdmin: Web Developer/Systems Administrator for a web hosting company, responsible for (2000- Present) building and maintaining the servers at yadler.net. Installation and setup of computer to host virtual mail hosts including automatic virus scanning (and updating) and spam detection with automatic e-mail filtering to different folders on the mail server. Helped to setup the dynamic name service, virtual hosting with APACHE WEB SERVER software. Installation and maintenance of MySQL databases, development of www based e-mail client for the pop3 and Courier-IMAP mail server. (PC compatible, PERL, PHP, BIND, APACHE WEB SERVER, MySQL, UNIX SHELL SCRIPTING, FTP, KDE, GNOME, VI, NETSCAPE, TELNET, POSTFIX, COURIER-IMAP, XFREE86 v3/4, LINUX, DREAMWEAVER MX) Contractor/ Bucher and Christian, Indianapolis, IN. Administrative Support for CA Unicenter Service Desk Support Service Desk for the nation's largest college student loan company. Helped to (08/04-10/04) diagnose, troubleshoot, and correct problems with Service Desk related problems as well as Stored Queries used in Service Desk . Carried on-call pager and cell phone for the Service Desk Admins during daytime hours. Performed desktop support for customers with permission problems to access certain files attached to service order requests. Supported both java and web CA Unicenter clients for customers of Service Desk v5.5 and web client of Unicenter's Knowledgebase v6.0. Developed many custom reports in MS Access not previously available. Performed a lot of analysis related to nightly database replication from a Sybase database. Performed a light degree of Cold Fusion work as I debugged some of the Knowledge Base tools that were written in CF. (UNIX, VI, UNIX SHELL SCRIPTING, MS INTERNET EXPLORER, PERL, MS ACCESS, SYBASE, CA UNICENTER SERVICE DESK, COLD FUSION, DREAMWEAVER MX) System Engineer Cleanposts.com, Seattle, WA. As the System Engineer/Web Developer for a new e- /Web Developer mail service that combats spam, pornography, and e-virus, responsibilities included the (03/03-Present) creation of a web interface to be used to allow customers to sign up for services, administration utilities, back-end processing, and mail directory processing. (UNIX, LINUX, SFTP, SSH, VI, PHP, MySQL, UNIX SHELL SCRIPTING, MS INTERNET EXPLORER, NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR, GALEON WWW BROWSER)
  4. 4. Web Developer Analysts International Corp., Indianapolis, IN. As a Web Developer for a (02/02-07/02) pharmaceutical company, responsibilities included the creation of a web interface to be used with existing computational chemistry programs that calculates predictions of different properties of molecules for a variety of different tests. Other responsibilities included moving different web services from other machines around the world to a local machine in order to gain an increase of performance. (UNIX, LINUX, WINDOWS 2000, FTP, SSH, VI, PERL, PHP, MySQL, UNIX SHELL SCRIPTING, MS INTERNET EXPLORER, LOTUS NOTES, ORACLE, ISIS, REFLECTIONS, CHIME PRO, iPlanet, Apache Tomcat) Web Developer The Maxim Group, Indianapolis, IN. As a Web Developer for USA's largest veterans (08/01-01/02) organization, responsibilities included the design, creation, and implementation of an on-line database for contact purposes as well as a site locater of member communities. Additional responsibilities also included conversion of existing website to a unix environment to enhance security, reliability, and uptime. (UNIX, LINUX, FTP, SSH, PHP, MYSQL, MS INTERNET EXPLORER, NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR, JAVASCRIPT, DREAMWEAVER MX) Programmer/Analyst: TechNexxus.com/Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, Washington DC. (1/01-6/01) As a Programmer/Analyst for a technology law firm, designed and created a resources database. All Cold Fusion development work. Created the necessary tools used to maintain the database as well as allow public access to the different resources stored in the database. Created an on line registration entry process for an annual sports club tournament. Created database, registration form, and method to capture, store, and send registration information via e-mail to both registrants and tournament organizers. (MS SQL SERVER, COLD FUSION, MS ACCESS, WIN2K, WIN NT 4, COLD FUSION STUDIO) Sr. Programmer MacMillan Computer Publishing USA, InformIT.com, Pearson Education, /Analyst: Indianapolis, IN As a Senior Programmer/Analyst for a large publishing company, (1997-2001) responsible for UNIX/LINUX system administration, relational database creation, data modeling, conversion, administration, warehousing, maintenance and data population. Created tools for different business groups to easily obtain information to websites. Authored MCP.com's "Personal Bookshelf" web application that delivered published content to subscribers across a wide range of IT subjects. I later converted the “MCP Personal Bookshelf” into the then largest Cold Fusion on line application available on the WWW. Mailing list creation, population, maintenance, and broadcast delivery. Created web log analysis tools to provide additional information about WWW traffic to the different sites of MCP.com / InformIT.com. Created different applications that would create static pages based on database content. Set up different LINUX servers to distribute workload. (HP PC, WINDOWS 95,NT, LINUX, SUN ULTRA, REDHAT LINUX 5.0- 5.5, SOLARIS UNIX, COLD FUSION, APACHE WEB SERVER, NETSCAPE WEB SERVER, JAVASCRIPT, HTML, PERL/CGI, UNIX SHELL SCRIPTING, WEBTRENDS ENTERPRISE REPORTING SERVER, ORACLE 7-8, PL/ SQL, EZMIN, QMAIL, MS OFFICE SUITE, STAROFFICE SUITE, APPLIXWARE, TELNET, SSH TELNET, KDE, GNOME, FTP, VI, LYNX, INTERNET EXPLORER, NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR/COMMUNICATOR, NFS, SAMBA, XFREE86 v3&4, COLD FUSION STUDIO) Programmer/Analyst: LEXICOMM Multimedia/TechLex Associates, Washington DC. As a (1997-1998) Programmer/Analyst for a multimedia company, designed and created a Cold Fusion Application w/ MS Access database to track different Y2K type information based on country, utilities, and infrastructure. Each country would then be rated based on the Y2K readiness value as the database changes with the different input as each different client company is able to change the value of a country's Y2K readiness. This was an application only available to those in the Capitol Hill area as it assisted different corporations and lawmakers a way to keep their finger on the pulse of how prepared a specific country or region of the world in regards to the Y2K readiness. (IBM PC, WINDOWS NT 4 WORKSTATION AND SERVER, WINDOWS 95/98, COLD FUSION 4, COLD FUSION STUDIO, MS SQL SERVER 6.5, MS ACCESS 95-98, INTERNET INFORMATION SERVER, FTP CLIENTS, COLD FUSION STUDIO)
  5. 5. Programmer/Analyst: Global Internet Software Group, Monticello, IL. As a Programmer/Analyst for a (1996-1997) company that creates Windows NT firewalls, I engineered and created the database connectivity that is used for reporting firewall events. Also engineered several different “mail bombs” used to test firewalls so that we can test the firewall logging traffic. (WINDOWS NT 4 WORKSTATION AND SERVER, WINDOWS 95/98, MS VISUAL STUDIO, MS SQL SERVER 6.5, MS ACCESS 95-98, INTERNET INFORMATION SERVER, FTP CLIENTS) Sr. Programmer COMPUTER SCIENCES CORPORATION INTELICOM TRIS Division, Champaign, IL /Analyst: As a Senior Programmer/Analyst for a telecommunication company, responsible for (1988-1996) system administration, relational database creation, data modeling, conversion, administration, maintenance, and data population. Client terminal setup. Setup programming environments. Provided file transfer, translation, and conversion. Created many utilities that helped to automate and simplify many manual tasks that previously was very tedious and time consuming. Database and UNIX system administration. (IBM PC, APPLE MACINTOSH, PERL, UNIX SHELL SCRIPTING, HTML, CGI, INGRES, SQL, DEFT, RM/COBOL, C, TELNET, FTP, VI, EMACS, C++, JAVA, WORD, EXCEL, HP-UX, SCO UNIX, WINDOWS NT/3.51) As a Programmer/Analyst, responsible for design and development of software requirements to convert cellular billing vendors to relational database. Mentored junior level programmers for the project. Provided maintenance and development of TRIS in COBOL. Helped develop a new telecom system using INGRES. Developed mechanism to transfer data from TRIS to TRIS+. (IBM MAINFRAME, COBOL, TRIS, TRIS+, INGRES ) Programmer/Analyst: Programmed Automotive Management, Rantoul, IL. As a Programmer/Analyst for (1985-1988) an automotive company, responsible for analysis and programming required to maintain existing and to develop new software, using Ryan-McFarland COBOL on DOS-based machines and DOS based local area networks (3-com). (RM/COBOL, VI, EMACS, MS DOS, NCR UNIX SYSTEM V) Professional CSC 125 Advanced C Programming, Parkland College Development: Advanced Ingres 4GL and SQL programming, CSC workshop CSC 126 C Language Programming, Parkland College ORACLE 8I Database Administration Metro Basic Development, Action Technology Metro System Administration, Action Technology Studying for MCTP SQL Server (expecting certification 2nd/3rd Quarter of 2008) Education: Associates of Applied Science, Data Processing, Parkland College 1985. Achieved Deans List all 4 semesters of full-time study. 3.75 GPA on a scale of 4.0.