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  1. 1. Joseph R. Scandora Scandora Consulting Evergreen, Colorado 303-578-9250 Professional Strength: Senior DBA, SQL Relational Database Developer specializing in Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server SQL RDBMS' (OLTP and OLAP schemata) using PL/SQL, SQL/PSM, T-SQL, PERL, PHP on GNU/Linux Open Source, Unix, and Microsoft platforms. Sixteen Years post- grad Database and Software Development Experience for Colorado: Denver Metro, Boulder, Tech Center. Current Technical Skills: Oracle v.6-10g, MySQL 4.0-5.1, MS SQL Server v.7-2008, PostgreSQL 8.1, JDBC, ODBC. Development, Administration, Data Flow & Entity Relationship Diagrams, OLTP, Databases OLAP (Data Warehouse) Logical & Physical Schema Design, Normalization, De- Normalization, Import/Export, EDI, ETL, Migration, Replication, Backups, Performance Tuning. ANSI-SQL:1989-2008, PL/SQL, SQL/PSM, T-SQL, PERL, PHP, ECMAScript (JavaScript), XML, XPath, XSL, XSLT, HTML, XHTML, CSS, C/C++, OCI, PRO*C, ESQL/C, MS Excel, Access, OpenOffice Calc, Base. SQL DDL & DML expert. Languages Procedural language scripting expert. Analysis, Architecture, Design, Development. Compiled code: Compilers, Linkers, Debuggers, Profilers, Daemons, Processes, Threads, POSIX. GNU/Linux since 1994 (Debian (4.0 etch-6.0 squeeze), Fedora/RHEL v.7.1-9.1, Slackware v.3.0-11.0, Ubuntu (8.04 hardy-9.10 karmic), Gentoo 10.1, others). Unix since 1991 ( AIX, Free-BSD, HPUX, Solaris, System V ). MS-Windows since 1985 (v.1.01-XP). Systems LAMP System Administration, Source Builds (Kernel & Userland) Shell Scripting (sh, bash, csh, ksh), cron, sed, awk, grep, regexp, etc. Apache, Tomcat, Samba, SSL, VPN, FTP, SSH, SCP, SFTP, LDAP, LDIF, TCP/IP, IPC. Source Code Control: Subversion, CVS, Bazaar, Git. Achievements: Scandora Consulting, Evergreen, CO: IT Consultant October 2004 – Present •Currently operating successful consulting business specializing in SQL RDBMS application software engineering, database administration and design. Developing database, ETL, and web applications using Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, PERL, PHP. •GNU/Linux system administration:, sh/bash/csh/ksh shell scripts. •MySQL administration, SQL/PSM development. •OS: GNU/Linux, Unix, MS Windows XP. •DB: Oracle 10g, MySQL 5.1, MS SQLServer 2008. Knowledge Factor, Denver, CO: Database administrator / developer / software engineer May 2009 - August 2009 •Maintained 100% MySQL production up-time and perfect data integrity as DBA of five MySQL instances: production (5GB), replicated hot backup, test, development, and DBA development instance while applying DML conservatively against production. •Designed, developed, ETL scripts (SQL/PSM) for client-facing web application that accessed both OLTP and OLAP (DW) schemata. •Developed, repaired legacy, and maintained SQL/PSM reporting / import / export / maintenance scripts for courseware authoring, JSP WebApp DHTML (persisted in database). Assisted engineering and
  2. 2. management with data-related tasks, made recommendations on MySQL database / data warehouse constraints, foreign keys (data integrity), performance tuning and best practices. •JasperServer installation, configuration, administration, and development, iReport development. •Developed PERL / MySQL web-service electronic data interchange (EDI) process for high-visibility B2B client interface. •OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, Debian Lenny, Mac OSX Leopard Server. •DB: MySQL 5.0, 5.1 Meeting One, Denver, CO: DBA / Developer February 2008 - July 2008 •Database administrator of four inherited MS SQL Server instances, production, hot backup, development, and European office, three MySQL instances, two standalone and one cluster. •Maintained 99.9% MS SQL Server production up-time while implementing performance improvements, diagnosing and repairing issues, creating reports from production data, and generating other deliverables. •Analyzed requirements and developed disaster recovery plan for databases. •Reverse-engineered French language un-normalized schemata and Java server pages (JSP) database applications which lacked foreign keys or business rule constraints. •Developed and tuned DTS packages for ad-hoc and scheduled transfer of data between instances. •Gathered requirements and analyzed, developed use-case scenarios from internal client interviews, performed technical analysis of applications, data flows, schemata entities in preparation for normalization / migration from MS SQL Server to MySQL. Developed heterogeneous DDL, DML scripts, stored procedures, functions to support immediate data utilization needs of IT department and internal clients with view towards migration. •Developed reports and exports for internal clients in finance, product development, marketing, and IT departments in a variety of deliverable formats. •Installed, configured, populated reporting infrastructure using Java, OpenOffice 2.4, Jaspersoft JasperServer v3, Jaspersoft iReport. •Provided analysis, research, and recommendations to development team on database-related issues. •Assisted and supported company personnel with all types of data access and manipulation questions and issues in legacy systems; MS Excel, JasperServer. •Developed disk space monitoring utility using Windows Scripting Host. •OS: Sun Solaris 10, Microsoft Windows 2000, XP. •DB: Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Sun MySQL 5.0, MySQL Cluster 5.0. Reed Business Information, Highlands Ranch, CO: Database Consultant October 2007 – December 2007 •Participated as principal Oracle database developer and development DBA with five person team, in development of web analytics data warehouse for 107 websites. Consulted with lead architect on best practices for Oracle DW architecture. •Developed two packages of PL/SQL ETL procedures (over 2000 lines of code total) for loading NWP data warehouse from transactional web analytic data, linking DW to reporting application, and performing development and administrative tasks on DW. Developed beyond initial requirements and ahead of schedule. •Developed ETL PERL scripts for loading GNU/Linux file system information into Oracle, and for performing statistical analysis to identify anomalous data once there. •Utilized Informatica and SQL*Loader for ETL from MSSQL Server to Oracle. •Finished all tasks accurately, robustly, and well ahead of expectations. •OS: GNU/Linux. •DB: Oracle 10g, MS SQL Server 2005. Great West Life, Greenwood Village, CO: Database Consultant May2007 – October 2007 •Developed Oracle PL/SQL procedure for reporting attributes of recently converted 401K family. •Developed complex Oracle PL/SQL procedure and csh driver scripts for generic de-conversion of 401k plans for assets worth approximately $30M / month on average. •OS: Solaris. •DB: Oracle 9.2 Wild Oats Natural Marketplace Headquarters, Boulder, CO: Data Warehouse Architect October 2006 – April 2007
  3. 3. •Analyzed requirements, architected, implemented data warehouse schema for time-based storage of Softtechnics Softgrocer OLTP system data. •Developed PL/SQL ETL packages and tuned queries for import of transactional data into DW. •Developed audit procedures and tables to verify database load accuracy. •Made recommendations to team on best practices for DW Management and import process. •Analyzed, designed, implemented Business objects universe and created Business Objects reports for DW. •OS: MS Windows XP, Solaris. •DB: Oracle 8, 9i, 10g. On Command Corp., Denver, CO: Software Engineering Consultant April 2006 – June 2006 •Developed C# Windows Form applications; Flat file sort/merge XML update and EPROM burner. •C#, C++, XML, XPath, XSLT, PERL, HTML, Apache httpd. •OS: MS Windows XP. •DB: MS SQL Server 2000. Bearing Point Inc., Centennial, CO: Database / Software Engineering Consultant December 2005 – January 2006 •Diagnosed and repaired compile/link and run-time problems related to CAD application running against Oracle. Extensive use of debuggers (HPUX gdb) and disassembly of commercial executables. •C, C++, ESQL Programming. •OS: HPUX. •DB: Oracle 7.3.2. Education Sales Management, Centennial, CO: Data Analyst Consultant September 2005 – October 2005 •Complex data analysis for operations managers utilizing MS SQL Server 2005 T-SQL stored procedures, Crystal Reports. •Developed three small C#.NET ASP web applications in less than two weeks: MS C# ADO.NET application for “W3Data API411” XML updates against MS SQL Server 2000 database, MS C# ADO.NET web application for display of T-SQL stored procedure result sets, MS VB ADO.NET web application for loading T-SQL result sets into MS Excel tabs. •OS: MS Windows XP. •DB: MS SQL Server 2005. Symphony Media Systems LLC, Centennial, CO Database Consultant / DBA October 2004 – June 2005 •Principal DBA / Database Developer, member of seven person software development team building proprietary cable “head-end” media / broadband Internet delivery system for multiple dwelling unit applications such as condominiums , hotels. •Performed customer relationship scenario use-case analysis before developing complete technical specifications for data flows, entity relationships, normalized db design, web forms. •Designed and developed distributed heterogeneous data management solution under aggressive schedule with fluctuating requirements using PostgreSQL for real-time operating system, ETL to Oracle for data mining, customer account management. •Implemented PL/SQL & C/C++ heterogeneous triggers for Oracle, PostgreSQL connectivity. •Developed C/C++ XML “Zap2It” PostgreSQL data loader. •OS: Red Hat Enterprise GNU/Linux 9 Advanced Server. •DB: PostgreSQL 8.0.1, Oracle 10g. ASG/Denver, Naples, FL: Senior Software Engineer – Server Product Engineering April 1998 – May 2002 •Project / Team Leader for several high-profile projects, client relationships within company including UDB/ DB2, Progress RDBMS drivers, generic DB driver standardization project. •Lead engineer for high-profile relationships with two demanding clients, assisting directly in closure of several $100K contracts. •Designed, developed, tested for function, performance C, C++ language ODBC, ESQL, native API drivers working against AS/400 DB2/UDB, Progress RDBMS. Integrated C language server with C++ code base. Maintained high performance threaded C language server code for BI / OLAP/ DSS / RDBMS middleware,
  4. 4. relational logic subsystem. Maintained code using dbx, xdb, gdb debuggers for result accuracy, performance. Maintained Oracle, Sybase, Informix, MS SQL Server, DB/2, Progress, ISAM, VSAM, RDB, Lotus Notes, MS ODBC SQL relational, non-relational DBMS'. •Key participant in application of cutting edge coding standards, including code re-usability, to server database layer code in redesign / rewrite project. Developed written, video training materials for new employees. Provided feedback to management on best practices for code management, IT infrastructure, product integration. Stress, unit, white, black box, integration testing. Documentation, technical pre-sales, tier 3 technical support. •OS: AIX, Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, OS/400, Solaris, Sun OS, Sys V, VMS. •DB: DB2/UDB, Informix, ISAM / VSAM, Lotus Notes, Microsoft SQL Server, ODBC 1.0-3.0, Oracle v9i, RDB, Progress v7-9, Sybase. Silvon Software, Westmont, IL: Database Consultant October 1996 – May 1997 •Designed, developed C language ETL, data hygiene, merge / purge, recovery / rollback, integration subsystems for Data Warehouse Import System, working directly with database vendor engineers. •Analyzed application performance against several competitive RDBMS’s, including MS SQL Server, Watcom. •Developed MS setup programs for DW system, associated applications using Wise software. •OS: Microsoft Windows NT. •DB: Business Objects, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Anywhere, Watcom. Data Management Technologies Inc., Northbrook, IL Programmer / Analyst January 1994 – October 1996 •Developed C language Client / Server, network middle ware for SQL RDBMS designed for data warehousing application against time-based market research data using heavyweight (multi-process) and lightweight (POSIX threads) models. •Designed, ran ANSI SQL testing system for RDBMS, API, ODBC, MS Access, Forest and Trees, Business Objects, other DSS front ends. •Tested against specifications, ANSI SQL standard, black box, limits, stress. •Wrote setup programs using MS Setup SDK, Unix shell scripts. Programming languages included C, COBOL, 4GLs. Stress, limits, unit, white, black box, integration testing. •Major clients included Nielsen Market Research, Silvon Software. •OS: AIX, Microsoft Windows 98, NT, Solaris. •DB: Microsoft SQL Server, ODBC, Oracle, Sybase. Datalogics, Inc., Chicago, IL: Software tester July 1992 •Subcontractor / developer for IBM. •Tested IBM SGML Text write GUI to IBM specifications, reported anomalies. •Checked bug reports for accuracy. •OS: Microsoft Windows for Workgoups 3.11. DePaul University, Chicago, IL: Academic Computing Consultant / Tutor August 1991 – December 1993 •Assisted Students with academic computing. •Tutored Computer Science Majors, Academic Lab Patrons. •Assisted lab management with workstation software configuration. •OS: IBM MVS, Unix, Microsoft Windows for Work groups 3.11. •DB: Oracle. Oakton Community College, DesPlaines, IL: Microcomputer Specialist / Academic Computer Lab Manager March 1988 - August 1989 •Hired, trained, managed student employees. •Maintained / upgraded computers, lab networks, equipment. •Supported faculty with courseware, academic computer use. •Designed, developed, coded, tested, implemented internal budget management system for Instructional Support Services. •Tutored students in Mathematics, C Language, Pascal, Excel, Word, Lotus 123 for Instructional Support Services Department.
  5. 5. •OS: Microsoft Windows for Work groups 3.11, Mac OS, Applesoft. •DB: dBase III+. Computerland of Niles Inc., Niles, IL Internal / External Sales, Client Support June 1985-Novmber 1985 •Retail (internal/external) sales of Apple Macintosh, Amiga, IBM, Compatibles. •Consulted, supported business, personal clients including Pitway corporation, The River’s Edge (a Chicago-area restaurant). •Performed hardware service for service department. •OS: MS-DOS 2.0 – 3.0, Microsoft Windows 2.0 – Microsoft Windows 3.0. Illinois Business Consultants, Roselle, IL Applications Programmer May 1984 – August 1984 •Authored applications in extended MS-BASIC against a proprietary database management system, form generator written in C Language. •Clients included Archdiocese of Chicago, The Suitery (A Chicago men’s clothing retail store chain). •OS: MS-DOS 1.0 – 2.0. •DB: Proprietary. Education: •DePaul University, Chicago, IL, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 1993. Minor: SQL Relational Database Management Systems. Honors track. Major GPA 3.8/4.0. •St. John's Military Academy, Delafield, WI, College Preparatory, 1983.