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  1. 1. Lansen Consulting Pty. Ltd Database Management Made Easy Oracle Certified P ro f e s s i o n a l (OCP) 10gDatabase Administrator The intensive hands on training course is for the dele- Program Highlights gates wishing to learn Database Administration from the ♦ Oracle Authorized Training Center ♦ Official Oracle University Curriculum very basic concepts to handling multiple databases for ♦ Experienced and Certified Instructors large organizations. The course is aligned with OCP Ex- ♦ Covers Oracle version 10g R2 ams to prepare delegates to complete their Certification ♦ Student Guides from Oracle as they progress with the course. And More …….. Lansen Consulting Pty. Ltd 204/107 Walker St North Sydney, NSW 2060 Phone: 9929 7995 Fax: 9929 8150 E-mail: training@lansen.com.au
  2. 2. ORACLE CORPORATION launched Workforce Development Program (WDP) to address the continued global information technology (IT) worker shortage and need for accessible and low cost IT skills training. WDP enables participating organizations to deliver Oracle training programs for students in their local community. LANSEN CONSULTING, an Oracle Partner and the WDP member organization is authorized to use curricula developed exclusively by Oracle University—Oracle Corporate training division. The WDP Curriculum offerings parallel the Oracle Certification Tracks and prepare the WDP student to sit for corresponding certification designation exams. With the widely-acclaimed credential of Oracle certification, WDP students are readied for a variety of entry level Oracle job-roles as well as career advancement. The two widely recognized Oracle certifications including ♦ Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) ♦ Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) To get more details about the fastest growing certification in the IT market place and to answer all your certification questions including Why Certify? Visit the Oracle Certifica- tion Program website at http://www.oracle.com/education/certification PROGRAM DELIVERY DETAILS Certification Subject Delivery Weeks 1Z0-047 Oracle Database 10g : Introduction to SQL 5 1Z0-042 Oracle Database 10g : Administration Workshop 1 Release 2 5 1Z0-043 Oracle Database 10g : Administration Workshop 1 Release 2 5 Total Weeks 15
  3. 3. Certification Path PROGRAM COMMENCEMENT DATES Only Weekends Expected Start Date : TBA Completion Date : 15 Weeks FEE STRUCTURE One Off Payment 6000AUD inclusive of GST Part Payment : Initial Payment : 4000AUD and Final Payment (Within 5 weeks of Course Commencement) 2200AUD WHAT YOU GET FOR THAT FEE? ♪ Training from Certified and Active Consultant ♪ 40% Discount on Oracle Certification Exams. DBA’s ♪ 50% Discount on Self Test Software. ♪ Covers Oracle versions 10g R2. ♪ Free subscription to Oracle Magazine. ♪ Databases Running on Linux . ♪ Student Guides from Oracle.
  4. 4. ORACLE DATABASE 10G: INTRODUCTION TO SQL What You will Learn? Course Objectives You learn concepts of relational databases, to create database ♦ Retrieve, insert, update, and delete data structures and to store, retrieve, and manipulate data. Here you ♦ Use the Single row and Group functions learn to query using Basic SQL Statements, restrict, sort, perform ♦ Retrieve data using additional advanced techniques. single row functions and group the queried data. ♦ Sub-queries, Correlated sub-queries, and scalar sub-queries You will write advanced SELECT statements and use advanced tech- niques such as ROLLUP, CUBE, set operators, and hierarchical re- ♦ Write scripts to generate script files trieval. You will query multiple tables, perform nested queries, ♦ Generate reports using iSQL*Plus implement constraints, use date and time functions, and create sequences and views. ♦ Create and maintain database objects You learn to write SQL and SQL*Plus script files using the iSQL*Plus And More …... tool to generate report-like output. Course Topics Including Constraints Writing a Basic SQL Statement Creating Views Restricting and Sorting Data Other Database Objects Single Row Functions Controlling User Access Displaying Data from Multiple Tables Using Set Operators Aggregating Data by Using Group Functions Oracle 9i Datetime Functions Writing Subqueries Enhancements to the GROUP BY Clause Producing Readable Output with iSQL*Plus Advanced Subqueries Manipulating Data Hierarchical Retrieval Creating and Managing Tables Oracle9i Extensions to DML and DDL Statements For more details on this course please visit http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/show_desc.redirect?dc=D17216GC20
  5. 5. ORACLE DATABASE 10G: ADMINISTRATION WORKSHOP I What You will Learn? Course Objectives This course is designed to give you a firm foundation in basic data- ♦ Oracle Database Concepts base tasks. In this class, you'll learn how to design, create, and ♦ Install the Database maintain an Oracle database. ♦ Backup and Recover Data Students will gain a conceptual understanding of the Oracle data- ♦ Administer Users base architecture and how its components work and interact with one another. Students will also learn how to create an operational ♦ Transporting Data between Databases database and properly manage the various structures in an effec- ♦ Manage Data tive and efficient manner. The lesson topics are reinforced with structured hands-on practices. ♦ Configure Network Course Topics Introduction (Database Architecture) Implementing Oracle Database Security Installing the Oracle Database Software Configuring the Oracle Network Environment Creating an Oracle Database Proactive Maintenance Managing the Oracle Instance Backup and Recovery Concepts Managing the Database Storage Structures Performing Database Backups Administering User Security Performing Database Recovery Managing Schema Objects Performing Flashback Managing Data and Concurrency Managing Data Managing Undo Data For more details on this course please visit http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/show_desc.redirect?dc=D17090GC30
  6. 6. ORACLE DATABASE 10G: ADMINISTRATION WORKSHOP II What You will Learn? Course Objectives In this class, you'll learn how to configure an Oracle database for ♦ Recover the database to a previous point in time multilingual applications. You will practice various methods of recovering the database using RMAN and Flashback technology. ♦ Use Oracle’s Flashback technology to recover your database Database performance monitoring tools will be covered, in addition to the steps to take to resolve common problems and improve ♦ Detect block corruptions and take appropriate measures performance. ♦ Control database resource usage with the Resource Manager You will also learn how to administer a database efficiently by using database technologies such as the Resource Manager, the ♦ Review Database log files for diagnostic purposes Scheduler, Automatic Storage Management (ASM), and VLDB fea- tures. ♦ Implement a secure database You will set up a secure database using Virtual Private Database, ♦ Transport data across platforms. and learn how to efficiently move data from database to database. And More …... Course Topics Configuring Recovery Manager Monitoring and Managing Storage II Using Recovery Manager Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Oracle Secure Backup VLDB Support Recovering from Non Critical Losses Managing Resources Incomplete Recovery Automating tasks with the scheduler Flashback Database Security Dealing with database corruption Data Movement Monitoring and Managing memory Using Globalization Support Automatic Performance Management Monitoring and Managing Storage I For more details on this course please visit http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/show_desc.redirect?dc=D17312GC30
  7. 7. WHO WE ARE? LANSEN CONSULTING is an Australian Oracle services provider. Incorporated by a dedicated team of Oracle Database Administrators with primary focus on provision of high quality Database Support Services. Being a very compact and lean organization, we are in a position to ren- der our technical services at very competitive prices. Our charter is to provide a premium quality of service to maximize our customer returns on their investments in Oracle Technology. Our focus is to become the leading enabler of Oracle Technology and Service Provider to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Market seg- ment. We provide solutions that facilitate quick and easy adoption. Our solutions are aimed to deliver enhanced economic results through or- dained business efficiency. By adopting a modular approach we are able to provide value added solutions and services that develop better cus- tomer satisfaction and mutually beneficial partnership. Please Visit our website for more details. Lansen Consulting Pty. Ltd ABN: 65 114 057 377 204/107 Walker St North Sydney, NSW 2060 Phone: 9929 7995 Fax: 9929 8150 E-mail: training@lansen.com.au