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Operations Manager.doc

  1. 1. JOB DESCRIPTION Post Title: Post No: Grade: Operations Specialist – P02-PO4 Database Administrator Directorate: Service: Section: Resources ICT Service Delivery Responsible to: Operations Manager Responsible for: Other Operations Specialists as assigned from time to time Purpose of the job 1. Carries out the full range of defined tasks associated with operating and controlling installed hardware, software and the computer-room environment, managing the Council’s server platforms and business applications. 2. Ensures that infrastructure, business applications and databases perform to their optimum capability and meet or exceed client needs and priorities in line with agreed service levels. 3. Maximises service availability and recovery both under normal circumstances and during the implementation of changes, following ITIL processes at all times. 4. Packages and distributes upgrades and software releases, consolidates or virtualises servers and storage solutions, in line with planning of continuous improvement of services. Main duties and responsibilities 1. Carries out the full range of tasks associated with operating and controlling installed hardware and software across multiple hardware and software platforms including installation, upgrading, operation and maintenance of servers, storage and database management systems. 2. Ensures that all tasks and procedures are carried out effectively and efficiently to agreed levels of service or specific requirements of Service Level Agreements (or Operational Level Agreements), if these exist. Liaises with users to agree regular tasks, including back-ups, and with Change Management to ensure the scheduling of upgrades and fixes. 3. Uses available software or specialist monitoring tools to maintain awareness and control of the hardware and software including systems performance availability and capacity of systems, database and storage against published service level agreements and to enable the tuning of system software and operations-managerdoc3738.doc 1
  2. 2. other configuration items. Monitors both resource usage and failure rates of installed systems and provides feedback to management. 4. Monitors interfaces to external systems for failure and service degradation. 5. Ensures that inventories of hardware, software and information holdings are available and kept up to date and are reflected in or incorporated in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). 6. Ensures the comprehensiveness of information provided on incident records. Contributes to knowledge bases (including Frequently Asked Questions) in undertaking duties. 7. Analyses work in progress, takes action to ensure time-to-fix targets are met within safety and quality procedures, including hand-over to client where appropriate. 8. Identifies and rectifies operational exceptions and error conditions and deals sensibly and responsibly with unexpected or extraordinary events. 9. Responds within Operational Level Agreements to 2nd and 3rd line support requests for incidents and problems with the Council’s server or database infrastructure. 10. Investigates, diagnoses and resolves low impact Operations problems within service level agreement tolerances, under the direction of the Problem Manager and Operations Manager. 11. Where exception conditions require the restriction or complete removal of resources or services available, communicates with users, specialists and others, using appropriate methods (e.g. single point of contact such as Service Desk), to inform and escalate if necessary. 12. In the event of system software and other failures: collects critical information; analyses documentation, storage dumps and logs; while adhering to agreed procedures. Isolates failures and recommends actions to circumvent problems and enable the restoration of services. Liaises with suppliers to obtain corrective code, installing and testing the code to ensure a permanent resolution. 13. Carries out routine configuration/installation and reconfiguration of database and related products. 14. Backs up and recovers databases, maintaining archived backup data on tape or other medium either as a standalone activity or as part of the overall management of a Storage Access Network (SAN). Also backs up application servers as required. 15. Undertakes SAN administration tasks. operations-managerdoc3738.doc 2
  3. 3. 16. Undertakes both scheduled and one-off file transfers. 17. Directs Desktop services to remotely manage distributed servers and local file and print servers as required. 18. Controls and monitors user access to databases and servers. 19. Takes day-to-day responsibility (as required) for safety, operational security, environmental control equipment and computer rooms (in conjunction with the facilities management function). 20. Participates in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity activities. 21. Undertakes service requests and projects in accordance with the Work Commissioning Framework. 22. Contributes to Service Delivery operations working as a team with peers. 23. Delivers the priorities set out in the ICT Team Plan and overall targets and aspirations of the Department as defined in own PDR by implementing designated objectives. 24. Ensures compliance with standards. 25. Provides performance data in a timely and accurate manner using appropriate tools. 26. Contributes to operations projects. 27. Mitigates ICT risks related to the purpose of the job. 28. Adopts industry best practice for ICT service management (ITIL) and promotes and delivers continuous service improvement. 29. Encourages collaborative and consistent working practices across ICT teams by aiding the development of a ‘one ICT service’ culture across the Council. Additional duties and responsibilities (PO3) 1. Maintains standard server builds and a definitive software library with respect to servers and storage components. 2. Builds and upgrades servers in response to business requirements and within the constraints of the technical architecture. 3. Deals with a broad range of operational exceptions and error conditions without the need to escalate. 4. Assists and advises specialists or other system or service providers to plan operations-managerdoc3738.doc 3
  4. 4. details of amendments and upgrades to systems. 5. Works with Technical Architect to select and implement new techniques to improve service delivery in own areas of technical specialism. 6. Tailors system software to ensure that the functionality of installed hardware is fully exploited and that both throughput and efficiency are maximised. Prepares software implementation procedures with fall back contingency plans. Installs and tests new versions of system software. 7. Reviews releases, upgrades and fixes available from system software suppliers and identifies those which merit action in conjunction with the Technical Architect. 8. Monitors the effectiveness of operations installations and investigates those not achieving design aim or business requirements, making appropriate recommendations for change or remedial action as described within the Work Commissioning Framework. 9. Investigates, diagnoses and resolves medium impact Operations problems and incidents within procedures but without frequent reference to other specialists. 10. Uses database management and analysis tools to monitor performance and investigate, diagnose and resolve database and storage problems. 11. Supervises installation and maintenance work associated with the installation as a whole, including environmental and electrical services. Ensures that procedures are followed, particularly those relating to safety and security. 12. Contributes to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning, testing and maintaining documentation as required. Provides feedback to enable improvement of such plans. 13. Participates in and provides technical expertise for midrange server and storage system projects, delivering work of the required quality, on time and within budget subject to resource availability. Additional duties and responsibilities (PO4) 1. Deputises for the Operations Manager on a regular and planned basis in order to provide cover and as part of own ongoing professional development. 2. Carries out systems administration and configuration tasks liaising with Operations Specialists should server administration be required. 3. Working with Business Analysis colleagues where appropriate, produces or updates system object/data models and correlates these with corporate models. Translates object and data models into appropriate DB schemas operations-managerdoc3738.doc 4
  5. 5. within design constraints where appropriate. 4. Ensures that procedures and working practices for the efficient and effective running of all tasks associated with operating and controlling installed hardware and software are developed and maintained. 5. Ensures that procedures exist for all routine database and storage administration activities. 6. Monitors and gives instruction to less experienced colleagues in all aspects of current and correct operational practice. 7. Recommends operational and maintenance acceptance of new systems and services. 8. Contributes to the definition of relevant standards and techniques and to overall policy, procedures and practices on matters such as security, health and safety, environmental controls, service facilities and media storage, in collaboration with the Technical Architect where appropriate. 9. Initiates regular exercises to optimise database performance. 10. Acts as the lead technical adviser and assists with performance and cost benchmarking and planning resource needs within defined areas. 11. Maintains awareness of existing and emerging software and hardware solutions. 12. Investigates, diagnoses and resolves high impact Operations problems and incidents within procedures but without frequent reference to other specialists. 13. Manages resources in a project environment, including planning and estimating of resource requirements and their effective deployment, and supervising more junior operations staff. 14. Manages ICT risks related to the purpose of the job. 15. Works with the Technical Architect to evaluate, select, procure and install appropriate tools to maintain awareness and control of hardware and software within own technical specialisms. 16. Working with the Technical Architect and the Operations Manager, proposes design enhancements, capacity changes, rationalisation of servers and other improvements within own technical specialisms. 17. Works with the Technical Architect to provide ICT security technical assurance, implementing security requirements into operational services within own technical specialisms. operations-managerdoc3738.doc 5
  6. 6. 18. Packages, acceptance tests and configures changes to central and remote infrastructure and applications systems, developing and running back out plans if required. 19. Uses relevant software to deploy new versions, enhancements and modifications of application systems and interfaces in various environments in conjunction with Operations Specialists and Desktop Specialists where appropriate and also in conformance with ITIL Release Management procedures where required. 20. Plays a major role in the establishment and maintenance of effective corporate processes, procedures and a knowledge repository for the management of the Council’s servers, databases and storage solutions. 21. Serves as a member of the Change Advisory Board to provide operations specialist input. Additional Duties and Responsibilities (all scales) 1. Adheres to the Council’s Core Values and Leadership and Management Framework. 2. Motivates staff to optimise their skills and output. 3. Supports organisational change. 4. Ensures that all duties and responsibilities are discharged in accordance with the Council’s Health and Safety at work policy. 5. Complies fully with the Council’s Equal Opportunities Policy and assists with its development and promotion within the service. 6. Complies with responsibilities under the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act as supported by the Council. 7. Complies with responsibilities under the Information Security standard and any others such standard that the Council adopts. 8. Works flexibly and participates in a rota system enabling adequate service cover. 9. As directed, undertakes such additional duties and responsibilities that may arise from time to time and are commensurate with the grade of the post. This job description sets out the overall scope of the role. Detailed specific activities may be discussed and agreed as part of the PDR process. operations-managerdoc3738.doc 6
  7. 7. LONDON BOROUGH OF TOWER HAMLETS CHIEF EXECUTIVE’S DIRECTORATE PERSON SPECIFICATION JOB TITLE: Operations Specialist – SQL Skills POST NO.: DEPARTMENT: ICT GRADE: PO2- PO4 The Person Specification is a picture of skills, knowledge and experience needed to carry out the job and will be used in the interview process. You should demonstrate on your application form how you meet these criteria. All criteria are ‘essential’. Key to the level of required skills: 0 – little or no prior knowledge or experience of the skill; less than one year’s exposure 1 – some practical, personal exposure to the skill, e.g. on a project or in an operational service of at least one year’s duration 2 – moderate or good exposure to the skill, e.g. used in a variety of projects or service changes; used fairly often over a reasonable time period, e.g. 2 years; able to describe personal benefits of the skill and anticipated learning opportunities 3 – extensive, e.g. used regularly over a long period, e.g. 3 years; able to apply skill across multiple services and deliver consistent outcomes; able to transfer skill to others; able to define personal limitations To be considered for this role, candidates must: 1. Have a relevant Microsoft certification such as Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) or Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) in SQL Have at least 3 years experience of administering large business critical databases in a high availability environment using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or higher Have worked in an environment where there are 2,000+ users across multiple sites Be able to demonstrate that this experience is recent i.e. within the last 5 years Be educated to at least “A level” standard or hold an equivalent vocational or professional qualification operations-managerdoc3738.doc 7
  8. 8. 2. Beneficial additional skills and experience include: Experience of administering databases in an Oracle environment Holding a recognised ITIL qualification or having experience of working in an ITIL environment operations-managerdoc3738.doc 8
  9. 9. 3. The successful applicant is likely to be: Self starting Used to meeting performance targets A team player Prepared to work outside normal working hours to meet the needs of the service 1 KNOWLEDGE PO2 PO3 PO4 An understanding of the environment of a large organisation. 1 2 3 1.1 Awareness of relevant customer and best practice processes 1 2 3 1.2 (e.g. ITIL, ISO20000, IIP, PRINCE2) in relation to the post. An up-to-date understanding of the principles and capabilities 2 2 3 1.3 of relevant ICT standards, technology and systems applications. Knowledge of the likely business impact of different scales of 2 2 3 1.4 disruption to ICT application or infrastructure services; knowledge of mitigation and contingency arrangements. Knowledge of the ICT infrastructure and critical application 2 2 3 1.5 systems used within a complex organisation. Knowledge of a variety of operating systems, hardware 2 3 3 1.6 platforms and database management systems together with relevant aspects of interoperability. 2 LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK Upholds the Council’s core values and abides by the expected Yes Yes Yes 2.1 standards defined in the Core Values and Leadership and Management Framework with particular regard for the behaviours set out below. ENGAGING WITH OTHERS Delegates tasks and responsibilities effectively giving clear 1 2 3 2.2 direction to others who are required to undertake tasks, demonstrating leadership and motivational skills. Maintains customer focus on all decisions and actions, Yes Yes Yes 2.3 engaging appropriately with internal customers for the good of citizens and businesses. Commands confidence and behaves in a professional way at Yes Yes Yes 2.4 all times. Acts as an advocate and a team player promoting Yes Yes Yes 2.5 collaborative working to achieve the council’s objectives. Works effectively on an inter-service and inter-agency basis 0 1 2 2.6 maintaining high standards of personal integrity and good relations with Government departments, other local authorities, partnerships, inspectors, auditors, financial and professional bodies. operations-managerdoc3738.doc 9
  10. 10. Acts as a mentor to team members. 0 1 2 2.7 ACHIEVING RESULTS Understands the strategic perspective with a focus on matters Yes Yes Yes 2.8 of detail. Maintains a positive and flexible approach, which takes Yes Yes Yes 2.9 account of new information or changed circumstances and modifies understanding of a problem or situation accordingly. Demonstrates self-motivation in delivering services. Yes Yes Yes 2.1 0 Contributes to change activities including those designed to 1 2 3 2.1 develop the organisation or ICT service. 1 Checks progress against targets, reporting as necessary; takes Yes Yes Yes 2.1 timely decisions and actions to resolve exceptions, 2 demonstrating tenacity and drive to deliver outcomes. VALUING DIVERSITY Demonstrates the ability to reflect equality and inclusion Yes Yes Yes 2.1 issues in all aspects of work. 3 Fully committed to the principles and practice of Equal Yes Yes Yes 2.1 Opportunities and to tackling inequalities. 4 LEARNING EFFECTIVELY Takes the initiative to keep own skills up to date and to Yes Yes Yes 2.1 maintain awareness of developments in ICT and takes 5 responsibility for professional development. Able to advise and develop others by advising them how they 1 2 3 2.1 can develop their effectiveness. 6 Shares and exchanges information and knowledge readily. Yes Yes Yes 2.1 7 3 EXPERIENCE A proven track record of sustained and successful operations 1 2 3 3.1 service delivery. Experience of projects, working to time, budget and quality. 1 2 3 3.2 Experience of deputising for line manager. 0 1 2 3.3 Experience of planning and managing a mixed and varied 1 2 3 3.4 workload of conflicting priorities responding effectively to the needs of all customers. Experience of report writing and communications for a variety 1 2 3 3.5 of audiences, demonstrating numeracy and literacy, and applying expert knowledge. Experience of methods, techniques and tools for operations 2 2 3 3.6 management. operations-managerdoc3738.doc 10
  11. 11. Experience of the provision of services for server 2 3 3 3.7 administration, server backup, file recovery, software updates. Experience of “system” software, database administration, 1 2 3 3.8 disaster recovery and business continuity processes as part of the operation of a computer configuration. Experience of access control systems and the management of 1 2 3 3.9 secure computer room environments. Experience of capacity and availability management tools and 1 2 3 3.1 techniques. 0 Experience of performance monitoring and reporting. 1 2 3 3.1 1 The control and management of IT assets (or configuration 1 2 3 3.1 items) by the use and application of strict change 2 management and recording. Experience of operational resolution of incidents and problems 1 2 3 3.1 with servers, databases, storage and back-ups. 3 Experience of SAN systems administration and storage 1 2 3 3.1 capacity planning. 4 Experience of designing, implementing and maintaining UPS 1 2 3 3.1 systems. 5 Experience of management of maintenance contracts with 0 1 2 3.1 partners and suppliers. 6 Experience of contributing to business cases. 0 1 2 3.1 7 4 GENERAL EDUCATION Educated to “A level” standard or holds an equivalent Yes Yes Yes 4.1 vocational or professional qualification as defined in the ICT Competency Framework. 5 CIRCUMSTANCES Prepared to work outside normal working hours to achieve Yes Yes Yes 5.1 deadlines and to support specific implementations, working flexibly and to agreed rotas as required. A satisfactory attendance record (normally less than 5 days Yes Yes Yes 5.2 absence in a year) but taking into account individual circumstances Has Criminal Records Bureau clearance. Yes Yes Yes 5.3 operations-managerdoc3738.doc 11