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  1. 1. KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY Information Systems Office Oracle Database Systems Coordinator-Applications Deployment Employee's Name ___________________________________ New Position ___ Existing Position X Business Title Oracle Database Systems Coordinator – Applications Deployment Position # (HRIS) W0039493___ Department/Unit _Information Systems Office______________ Job Code __021400__________ Department ID _05060_____________________________ Job Title _Systems Coordinator_______ College/Organizational Unit _Vice President for Administration and Finance_______________________ ________________________________________________________________ A. CONDITIONS OF APPOINTMENT Term ___ Regular _X_ 9 Month ___ 12 Month __X__ FTE ____1.00______ Hours of Work _8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m._ ________________________________________________________________ B. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE 1. Name, title, and position number of person to whom position reports. Associate Director, Database Management Services, W0006147 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Positions reporting directly to this position: Names, Titles and Position Numbers. None. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Briefly state the purpose of the position. This position is one of six Oracle Systems Coordinators and Database Administrators reporting to the Associate Director, Database Management Services in the K-State Information Systems Office (ISO). This position serves as Systems Coordinator for Applications Deployment responsible for technical deployment and operational support for assigned projects encompassing all aspects of database software, applications software and the associated application servers, databases, support related to applications development, and the use of applications and database administration tools such as PL/SQL, TOAD, Discoverer, Applications DBA (AD) Utilities, Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Internet Directory (OID). This position requires a high level of technical expertise which must be continuously developed to facilitate identification, experimentation and deployment of new and advanced database methods, tools, technologies and procedures to improve K-State’s information systems and their support. K-State deploys its major enterprise applications on Sun Solaris Servers using Oracle 9i/10g database and application server technologies. From time-to-time other hardware, operating systems, and application server technologies may be required. ____________________________________________________________
  2. 2. C. DESCRIPTION OF JOB RESPONSIBILITIES 1. 15% Coordinate Deployment of New Applications and Major Application Upgrades Essential This position coordinates database management services for deployments of new applications, application upgrades and emerging technologies and participates in the determination and definition of hardware and software architecture and configuration standards to be utilized for database applications supported by Database Management Services. Works with the lead Database Administrator for each application system and facilitates and assist in the timely completion of these deployments. 2. 35% Install, Configure and Tune Database and Application Servers Essential This position leads the design, development and execution of plans for the installation, configuration and deployment of complex university-enterprise and distributed database and application server software based upon Oracle Database and Infrastructure Technologies. Works with the Associate Director, Database Management Services to ensure that the plans are realistic and functionally complete solutions to complex data base administration and application server needs, to improve the execution of these functions and to coordinate efforts with other projects. Creates and maintains reports and procedures for the associated development, test and production servers. Designs and executes procedures and software to secure databases and applications servers from unauthorized access. Monitors and reports all security violations in oral and written format. These data base administration responsibilities are critical to the successful administration of university-enterprise and distributed data bases. 3. 40% Install, Configure and Tune Database Applications Software Essential This position leads the design, development, and execution of plans and procedures for the installation, configuration, patching, upgrading and deployment of commercial application software utilizing complex university- enterprise and distributed database and associated applications servers. Utilizes technical procedures and software to support and improve the efficiency of application development in the distributed environment; works with the application development area managers to identify commercially available software development tools and data base administration tools. Works with the Associate Director, Database Management Services to ensure that the plans are realistic and functionally complete solutions to complex data base and applications server administration issues and to improve the execution of these functions and to coordinate efforts with other projects. Works directly with the application development managers and leaders responsible for the functional implementation of commercial applications software implementation; ensures that the technical environments effectively support application implementation efforts and project needs. These data base administration responsibilities are critical to the successful administration of complex commercial applications software. 4. 10% Research and Lead the Adoption of Advanced Methods, Tools and Technologies Essential This position serves as a technical innovator in the identification, evaluation and adoption of new and advanced methods, tools and technologies to enable rapid deployment of new database applications software and to improve the performance efficiency and effectiveness of database and application server administration. Maintaining a high level of advanced technical expertise through regular participation in technical training, attending professional conferences, and continuous review of all available sources is a critical responsibility of this position.
  3. 3. ________________________________________________________________ D. QUALIFICATIONS 1. Education Required Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or Systems Engineering is required. A master’s degree in Computer and Information Sciences is preferred. 2. Experience Required At least three (3) years of hands-on technical experience with Oracle database administration is required. Evidence of formal classroom training in Oracle database administration is preferred. Work experience with and/or formal training in the administration of complex applications systems such as Oracle eBusiness Suite or PeopleSoft Database Applications and Oracle Application Server and Oracle Database server environments or similar technical environments is preferred. 3. Other Requirements In-depth technical knowledge of relational databases and SQL-based database applications programming environments is required. Demonstrated leadership and interpersonal communications skills and ability are required. This involves having the desire, enthusiasm and technical ability to perform complex technical tasks in a collaborative environment. It involves being willing to lead when appropriate and to assist others when necessary to achieve effective results in a timely manner. 4. Preferred Qualifications Breadth of experience should encompass complex applications development, technical support and consulting, programmer training, production support and troubleshooting. Extensive technical knowledge of applications programming tools and techniques and end user tools and techniques for complex distributed computer systems involving UNIX (Sun Solaris) Servers, LAN Servers, Desktop and Portable Computers. The preferred qualifications and skills include: 1. Knowledge of Oracle RDBMS 9i/10g or higher. 2. Knowledge of Oracle Developer 6i (Forms and Reports). 3. Knowledge of Oracle Discoverer 3i or higher. 4. Knowledge of Oracle Web Tool Kit (Web PL/SQL, HTML, XML, Java Script). 5. Knowledge of Oracle Workflow 2.3 or higher. 6. Knowledge of Oracle SQL Loader 4.0 or higher. 7. Knowledge of Oracle J Developer (Java) 3.0 or higher. 8. Knowledge of Oracle Portal 3.0 or higher. 9. Knowledge of J2EE. 10. Knowledge of Oracle applications, e.g., Oracle Financials, Oracle CRM
  4. 4. ________________________________________________________________ E. SALARY RANGE: $60,000 – 66,000 F. APPLICATION DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 1, 2006 G. APPLICATION PROCEDURE: The application should include a letter of application describing qualifications for the position and a current resume with the name, address and phone number of at least three professional references and mailed or delivered to: Search Committee: Oracle Systems Coordinator – Application Deployment Kansas State University Information Systems Office 2323 Anderson Avenue, Suite 215 Manhattan, KS 66502-2912 Or may be submitted electronically to: iso@k-state.edu H. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Serious candidate inquiries may be made to the Director, John W. Streeter at iso@k-state.edu or by calling 785-532-4758. Kansas State University is an equal opportunity employer. K-State actively seeks diversity among its employees.