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Franchise Information Package

  1. 1. Details of Franchise 920 Yonge Street, suite 802 Toronto, ON, M4W 3C7, Canada Tel: (647) 430-7478 Fax: (647) 430-8171 Website: Email:
  2. 2. Welcome Note Dear Entrepreneur, We are pleased to learn about your interest in Key2Careers. Key2Careers is the leader in innovative learning solutions, from custom to blended learning, for your unique environment. When you purchase a Key2Careers franchise which is one of the most successful business model for Digital Media Art, IT training, or soft skill training you join a team that will support you every step of the way. Your success is our goal. We are glad that you have selected the training & development filed that is flourishing and developing. Furthermore, by leveraging our experience and academic backgrounds of spanning the globe, you will have the competency to design, develop, implement, integrate, host, manage and support a variety of learning solutions. Key2Careers provides our franchisees with a wealth of resources that include training programs, sales and marketing materials, financial tools, courseware and other resources to help drive sales and minimize costs. We also offer our franchisees access to industry leading technology tools that independent training companies cannot afford. The following pages will give you an in-depth idea of our Franchise Proposal. We look forward to be associated with you, to help you evaluate the opportunity to join our network and mutual growth. Yours truly, Team Key2Careers
  3. 3. REAL ESTATE AND SITE SELECTION Identifying the right needs for your Key2Careers training centers is important. You will be looking for premises of 1800 sq. ft. to 2000 sq. ft. on a site with easy access and plenty of exposure. PRODUCTS, RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Key2Careers is dedicated to the introduction of new courses as well as continuing research and development to keep pace with market requirements. TRAINING PROGRAMME Key2Careers provides complete and professional training to all franchisees. The training programs will last for at least three weeks. The programs cover every aspect of our franchise operations from marketing to product orientations. FINANCIAL A) Franchise fee is US$35,000 per center per division. The three main divisions are: i) Digital Media Arts & IT– Computer Graphics, Web Design, Advertising Design, Computer Animation, Digital Media Design, Digital Video Editing, Video Game Design, Network Engineering, Database Administration, Computer Programming , Software Engineering etc. ii) Business & Accounting – Business Administration, Office Administration, Business Communications, Computerized Accounting, International Trade, International Marketing etc. iii) Soft Skills Training – SkillSoft Certification courses. This has lot of corporate potential too. The franchisee can select 4 programs from any one division depending on the franchise they opt for, for the first year and one program will be added every year from second year onwards. This amount includes amongst other things: opening order of courses and advertising/marketing start up kit. This fee is based on a territory of approx. population of 250,000 people. DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION AND D.COR As each centre is an individual business, a certain amount of latitude is allowed for customization. However, Franchisees must adhere to our corporate colour code, logo and sign writing format and other requirements essential to a uniform professional image. ADVERTISING AND MARKETING Each Franchisee is required to conduct their own advertising and marketing. Key2Careers will provide you with advertising material formats, etc. The advertising budget must be a minimum of US$10,000 for effective promotion of the centre and its programs. TRAINING COSTS Key2Careers will pay for the cost of airfare to & fro from Canada/USA to your city and the salary for one or more trainers to provide initial training to the franchisee. The franchisee will bear the cost of hotel/living expenses including meals during their stay there.
  4. 4. COURSES OFFERED Diploma Program & Digital Media Arts. • Computer Graphics • Advertising Design • Web Design • Digital Media Design • Computer Animation • Digital Video Editing • Computer Assisted Drafting & Design • Video Game Design & Development Short Term & Certification Program Extensive courses covering the following subjects: • Adobe • Corel • Quark • File Maker • Macromedia • Microsoft Office IT Courses • Networking Engineering • Database Administration • Computer Programming • System Analyses & Design • & more Soft skill Training • SkillSoft Personal Development and Performance Enhancement Certificate Program • SkillSoft Personal Development Certificate Program • SkillSoft Performance Enhancement Certificate Program • SkillSoft Business Management Certificate Program • SkillSoft Communications Certificate Program • SkillSoft Customer Service Certificate Program • SkillSoft Human Resources Certificate Program • SkillSoft Leadership Certificate Program • SkillSoft Performance Management Certificate Program • SkillSoft Personal and Family Certificate Program • SkillSoft Personal Career Certificate Program • SkillSoft Sales Skills Certificate Program
  5. 5. • SkillSoft Staying Positive Certificate Program • SkillSoft Supervision Certificate Program • SkillSoft Team Building Certificate Program • SkillSoft Certificate Program in Using Applications IN ANTICIPATION OF YOUR QUESTIONS Q. How much will I need to get started? A) You will require a total investment of approximately US$80,000 to US$90,000 for a 50 desk centre excluding the franchise fee. In addition, you should have US$50,000 in working capital. Q. What is my target market? A As Key2Careers is unique in its concept of flextime audio-visual training, your market is a varied one. It includes the secretary, the executive, office employees, the homemaker, journalists and students ² anyone who would like to enhance existing or acquire new administrative of computer skills. Q. How do I recruit my students? A. Through flyers, Yellow Pages, local newspapers, radio advertising, billboards, sandwich boards, word of mouth, schools, Personnel Agencies, presentations to service clubs and other corporations and general marketing. Q. How much space is required for a Key2Careers training center? A. A 50 desk centre will require approximately 2000 Sq/ft to 3000 sq/ft of space Q. How long will it take me to get a Key2Careers training center started? A. The time could range from six to eight weeks, depending on site availability and completion of training and other formalities. Q. Are operations manuals supplied? A. Yes. They will include comprehensive information and instruction concerning every aspect of the business. Q. Can I own more than one centre in my territory? A. If at any stage your territory can support an additional centre, and since the territory belongs exclusively to you, the answer is yes. Q. May I sell or transfer my Key2Careers training centre franchise? A. Yes, provided purchase meets key2careers’ standard qualification financially, operationally and personally. The purchase is also required complete training and pay key2careers’ transfer fee of US $ 3,500. Q. What is the value of a Key2Careers training centre certificate? A. Most courses have a final test, which is submitted to the Head Office for marking. Only the Head Office is authorized to issue a Key2Careers training centre certificate. Most of our courses are universally accepted as they are used widely in Canada which is considered to be the 3D capital of the world. Q. Does Key2Careers undertake corporate advertising? A. Yes. Corporate advertising does exist. The contribution is 2% of sales. Q. Must I offer only Key2Careers courses at my centre? A. Yes, there can be no variation to the courses offered by the Key2Careers training centers.
  6. 6. Q. Can I conduct any other business from my premises? A. Yes, as long as the business is discrete and non-conflicting with that of the Key2Careers, subject to the discretion of the franchisor. Q. Am I obliged to use the standardized stationery and advertising? A. The use of the standardized letterheads and business cards and the standardized colour scheme is essential, and while it is not compulsory, franchisees are advised to use the suggested advertising format as laid out in their manuals. Q. What is the term of agreement? A. The term of agreement is 5 years with a renewal option at the end of this period. Key2Careers College, 920 Yonge Street, suite 802 Toronto, ON, M4W 3C7, Canada Tel: 1 (416) 926-0616 Fax: 1 (905) 271-4522 Website: Email: