Enterprise Technology Services 2010 Service Catalog


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Enterprise Technology Services 2010 Service Catalog

  1. 1. Enterprise Technology Services FY10 IT Service Catalog Mission: To provide a robust and secure information technology infrastructure together with enterprise services that support state agencies’ business needs. 27-Jan-10 ETS FY10 Service Catalog 1
  2. 2. Table of Contents Service Page About ETS………………………………………........................................ 3 Information Please …………………………………………………………. 4 Backup & Recovery Services……………………..………………………. 5 Database Administration……………………..……………………………. 6 Data Center Operations & Facilities…………………..………………….. 7 Desktop Support for Department of Administration (DOA)……………... 8 Enterprise Applications…………………………………………..………… 9 Hosting Services…………………………………………………............... 10 Mainframe Services…………………………..…………………..………... 11 Network Services (including SATS)……………………….……………… 12 Procurement ………………………………………………………………... 13 Project Management Office……………………………………………….. 14 Security ……………………………………………………………………… 15 Service Desk ……………………………………………………………….. 16 Task Order System…………………………………………………............ 17 Telecommunications…...…………………………………………………… 18 27-Jan-10 ETS FY10 Service Catalog 2
  3. 3. About ETS The Division of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS), provides core information technology services to all state agencies. It provides the network infrastructure as well as the hardware, software, and enterprise services for departments to run their businesses. Statewide applications and services are centralized in ETS to provide economies of scale, ensure security and integrity of state information, and improve employee productivity by offering common user systems. ETS is committed to excellence in customer service, providing those quality IT services that customers need and want at the lowest possible cost. Services ETS Provides • 24 x 7 operations • Paging • Backup and recovery • Security: access, identity & threat management • Custom printing • Server Hosting • Data center facilities • State of Alaska Telecommunications System (SATS) • Database Administration • Task Order System Management • E-mail and calendaring • Technical support and consulting • Enterprise Applications • Telephony • Enterprise Service Desk • Two-way Radio Services • Mainframe Services • Web Services • Network – data, voice, and video • Wide area network (WAN), including Internet ETS Statistics: For more information, contact: FY10 Budget = 39.3 million Director: Anand Dubey anand.dubey@alaska.gov (907) 382-3512 Dep. Director: Jim Kohler jim.kohler@alaska.gov (907) 723-9686 Total FTEs = 126 Dep. Director: Jan Moyer jan.moyer@alaska.gov (907) 465-5169 27-Jan-10 ETS FY10 Service Catalog 3
  4. 4. Information Please ƒ To request services or to report problems: 888.565.8680 ƒTo request services or report a problem using USD: http://helpdesk.state.ak.us/CAisd/pdmweb.exe ƒ For more information, please contact: soa.help.center@alaska.gov ƒ FOR DOA Desktop Support requests or problems: Contact JNU DOA-IT staff: 907.465.2099 Contact ANC DOA-IT staff: 907.269.2099 27-Jan-10 ETS FY10 Service Catalog 4
  5. 5. Backup & Recovery Services ETS offers centralized backup and restore services for distributed servers and desktops via Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM). TSM servers and onsite data storage are located in the Juneau and Anchorage ETS Data Centers. Offsite copies of all the onsite data are encrypted and stored in other locations. All backups are stored and transported in a secure manner. The customer can recover lost or damaged files at any time. The TSM backup system is suitable for remote areas with low-bandwidth connections. What ETS Provides Major Investment Costs • 24 x 7 Technical support • Backup/recovery and monitoring software • Customer configurable • Hardware acquisition, maintenance, and upgrades • Media management (tape refresh) • Storage area network (SAN) hardware • Tape backup over the WAN • Offsite storage and transport • Scheduled, reliable service • Secure storage Service Optimization Tips • Redundant, offsite copy • Standard client agent • Adjust file retention for TSM clients to reduce storage • Technical consulting consumption • Back-up critical files on a daily basis Rates • Purge unused data • Tune ‘include/exclude’ list to backup only required files Monthly Unit FY 2009 FY 2010 • Use RAID-5 technology where possible to reduce raw storage requirements Tivoli Storage Manager Gigabyte $ 3.15 $ .4026 For more information contact: 888.565.8680 27-Jan-10 ETS FY10 Service Catalog 5
  6. 6. Database Administration Services Database Administration Services (DBS) provides centralized database administration support and software installation/maintenance support for ADABAS and DB2 on the z/OS mainframe platform. Additional support is provided at differing levels for databases on distributed platforms, such as DB2 for Windows, Tamino XML Server, MS SQL Server and Oracle. ETS database administrators keep the database instances available, secured, tuned and recoverable. Software installation, maintenance and technical support is also provided for products associated with the Natural application development environment, the Predict data dictionary and the EntireX Communicator/Broker middleware. What ETS Provides Major Investment Costs • 24 x 7 database support • Software licensing and maintenance • Software installation and maintenance • Performance monitoring and tuning Service Optimization Tips • Backup and recovery • Database administration and security • Modernize, replace, or discontinue old applications • Technical consulting • Establish archive and/or purge criteria to minimize • Tamino XML Server database administration storage requirements and reduce processing time Rates • Tune applications to process more efficiently Service Unit FY 2009 FY 2010 ADABAS (prime time) CPU Second $0.0810 $0.0760 Prime time is 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. DB2 (prime time) CPU Second $0.1154 $0.1256 Non-prime time rates are 33% lower than Tamino XML Hosted DB / $15,000 $15,000 prime time rates. year For more information contact: 888.565.8680 27-Jan-10 ETS FY10 Service Catalog 6
  7. 7. Data Center Operations & Facilities Data Center Operations & Facilities provides 24 x 7 x 365 staffing for operations of systems, network infrastructure, environmental monitoring and control. It also manages facilities that feature secured, raised- access flooring, environmental air conditioning for optimum computer hardware operating temperature, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and power conditioning systems, emergency backup generator power, and fire suppression for equipment protection. What ETS Provides Major Investment Costs • 24 x 7 staffing costs • 24 X 7 operational monitoring • Building lease costs • Batch job processing & event management • Electrical system upgrade & replacement costs • Customer-managed server facility housing • Environmental air conditioning equipment • High speed laser & cut sheet printing replacement, installation & maintenance costs • Job scheduling support • Power installation, upgrade & maintenance costs • Online report viewing & printing services • UPS / Generator equipment replacement, installation & maintenance costs Rates Service Unit FY 2009 FY 2010 Customer Server Sq Ft / Month $15.48 $30.52 For more information contact: facility housing Laser Printing Per Foot $0.0680 $0.0625 888.565.8680 Cut Sheet Printing Per Page $0.0651 $0.0623 27-Jan-10 ETS FY10 Service Catalog 7
  8. 8. Desktop Support for DOA The Department of Administration IT desktop support unit, known as DOA-IT, is the core service area in ETS that provides desktop support to all agencies within the Department of Administration. What ETS Provides Major Investment Costs DOA Standard Desktop Support: •Trained personnel • Software licensing and maintenance of Enterprise • Install and maintain DOA desktops consistent with licensed applications software, LAN, and printer requirements • Troubleshoot DOA Standard desktop PCs for memory, O/S, and other problems for optimum operation Rates • Install and maintain LAN and DOA Standard desktop PC DOA-IT charges are funded through Inter-Agency Receipts from applications DOA divisions based on node count per division LAN Support: • Install and maintain LAN file and print servers • Install and maintain LAN services such as printers and scanners For DOA employees to report problems, • Develop and implement data recovery method(s) request service, or ask questions, call: • Control access to information and users' ability to edit files, consistent with security requirements Juneau : 907.465.2099 • Create and maintain new LAN user accounts Anchorage: 907.269.2099 • Ensure users’ ability to reach all LAN services, such as applications and printers Planning/Consulting: • Application consulting, utilization and configuration review For more information contact: • Data extracts • Develop automated software application installation methods • Test software applications to ensure compatibility 888.565.8680 • Assist with procurement specifications 27-Jan-10 ETS FY10 Service Catalog 8
  9. 9. Enterprise Applications ETS manages and supports many applications that are enterprise in nature and are available for all agencies to use. What ETS Provides Major Investment Costs • Bank Reconciliation Reports • Personnel with expertise in programming, administering, • Collaboration software and maintaining applications • Credit card processing • Software subscription fees and maintenance • Directory Services (LDAP, MIIS & Active Directory) • eCommerce address verification Service Optimization Tips • Electronic distribution list management • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) • eCommerce single sign-on through myAlaska • E-mail and Calendaring • Increase usage of web services for economies of scale and • Employee Directory and White pages increased security • Interactive Voice Response (Tier) • Single sign-on capabilities through Active Directory • Internet Support (DNS, FTP, DHCP, Google Search) Rates • Mobile device support • myAlaska and eSignature Enterprise Applications charges are included in the monthly • Online report viewing Computer Enterprise Productivity Rate (EPR), based on the • Software Bug tracking number of FTEs in the department. For more information contact: 888.565.8680 27-Jan-10 ETS FY10 Service Catalog 9
  10. 10. Hosting Services Hosting Services manages the State’s centralized, non-mainframe IT infrastructure. This infrastructure includes non- mainframe server hosting for a mix of Windows and Solaris servers. The application owner has full responsibility and administrative control over the hosted application. ETS manages the hardware platform OS, patching, security, and backups only. Also available are shared, reliable, scalable, and affordable web-hosting services together with shared MS SQL server hosting services. What ETS Provides Major Investment Costs • 24 x 7 technical support to direct customers only • Software subscription fees and maintenance • Automated OS patch management • Hardware acquisition, replacement and • Backup and Recovery* maintenance • Different sized servers to meet needs • Monitoring tool for application monitoring Service Optimization Tips • OS installation, administration, and maintenance • Secure Data Center with environmentals • Use shared web and database services • Shared environments for Web and Database • Use standardized hardware and software • System monitoring / performance tuning • Technical consulting • Terminal Services on hosted servers Rates Annually Unit FY 2009 FY 2010 Economy Server $ 4,379.41 $ 4,431.45 For more information contact: Versatile Server $ 5,255.29 $ 5,317.74 Performance Server $ 7,356.27 $ 7,443.69 888.565.8680 Shared Hosting Web & Database $ 1,576.59 $ 1,595.32 *Additional charges may result, dependent on data volume backed up. 27-Jan-10 ETS FY10 Service Catalog 10
  11. 11. Mainframe Services ETS provides an IBM mainframe with z/OS operating system and 3rd party software. Mainframe software includes ACF2 Security, CICS, TCP/IP network, and databases (ADABAS and DB2). Applications running on the mainframe include Department of Administration (accounting, payroll, DMV), Department of Public Safety (APSIN), Department of Natural Resources (Land Administration System), Department of Revenue (Child Support Enforcement), Department of Health & Social Services (Eligibility Information System), Department of Labor (Unemployment Insurance, Tax, Employment Security). What ETS Provides Major Investment Costs • 24 x 7 technical support • Hardware acquisition, replacement and maintenance • Automated batch job scheduling • Software licensing and maintenance • Automated Tape Library and Virtual Tape System • Disk and tape storage Service Optimization Tips • Hardware/software installation and maintenance • Establish archiving and/or purge criteria to minimize • Offsite disaster recovery site storage requirements and processing time • Secure Data Center • Tune applications to process more efficiently • System monitoring and performance tuning • Update, replace, or discontinue old applications • Technical consulting • Use up-to-date business logic Rates for Service Unit FY 2009 FY 2010 Prime Time is 8:00am to 5:00pm. Batch (prime time) CPU Second $ 0.0564 $ 0.0379 Non-prime time rates are 33% lower than prime time rates. CICS (prime time) CPU Second $ 0.0751 $ 0.0575 IP/LU Dedicated Connection New / move $ 50.00 $ 50.00 for unique VTAM.SNA requirements For more information contact: Disk Storage MB per day $ 0.0024 $ 0.0012 Tape Storage Tape per day $ 0.0210 $ 0.0482 888.565.8680 27-Jan-10 ETS FY10 Service Catalog 11
  12. 12. Network Services Network Services (NET) provides network resources and internet access for state government and partner agencies. These services include network monitoring and problem management, together with application availability. NET also manages the statewide technology backbone providing digital connectivity for voice, data and video transmission. A portion of this backbone is a system of copper, fiber and point-to-point microwave communications, the State of Alaska Telecommunications System (SATS). It connects over three hundred sites primarily located along the main road systems from Fairbanks to Kodiak and Cordova. Within and between the major cities and rural communities, SATS carries a variety of customer traffic including all voice, data and video traffic between Anchorage and Fairbanks. Nearly all data and phone transport in state government is routed onto ETS’ managed Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure. NET designs, orders, contracts, implements and operates the State WAN. Network points-of-presence (POPs), serving over 422 locations in the State, provide the basic infrastructure for all communications within the SOA and its agencies. Operationally, NET addresses lifecycle upgrades for aging infrastructure and works with agencies to meet future technology requirements. Upgrades replace core cabling, routers & switches, increasing bandwidth (circuits) and implementing new network management tools. NET provides internet bandwidth with entry points both in Juneau and Anchorage. What ETS Provides Major Investment Costs • 24 x 7 Network Control Center, and SATS management • Access circuits from communication companies • Equipment maintenance and support • Building wiring, SATS towers, power generation, shelters and environmentals • Internet access through multiple service providers • Software to manage, monitor, and plan capacity, including fees • Management of routers, switches, and firewalls • Equipment replacement and upgrades, system monitoring and tuning • Network design, monitoring, capacity planning, and trouble- • Technologies, including wireless and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) shooting • Site land leases • Redundant backbone networks in JNU, ANC, and FAI • Technical consulting Service Optimization Tips • Spectrum Management • Plan large moves or changes at least 45 days in advance • Submit work order to disconnect unused data jacks Rates Additional Optional Rates Network Services charges are included in the monthly Telecom- munications EPR, based on the number of positions in a Service Unit FY 2009 FY 2010 department; however, SATS O&M is paid with General Funds. WAN connection from Connection / $ 100.00 $ 100.00 outside State WAN (VPN) Annually For more information contact: WAN connection when Connection / $ 500.00 $ 500.00 doing business for the State Annually (sponsored agency) 888.565.8680 27-Jan-10 ETS FY10 Service Catalog 12
  13. 13. Procurement ETS Procurement and Contracting assists customer agencies with Information Technology (IT) -related procurements by establishing (and in some cases, administering) contracts for IT commodities and services. Technologies include wired and VoIP telephony, video- and audio-conferencing, 2-way radio, tele-communications towers and repeaters, wireless mobile telephony, network infrastructure, managed hardware hosting and Service Desk support. What ETS Provides • Purchasing assistance • Coordination • Contract establishment and administration, • Consulting for IT-related commodities -- core tele- communications services equipment, network infrastructure Telecommunications Services Equipment • VoIP Telephony • 2-way Radios • Mobile Devices For more information contact: Network Infrastructure • Cisco Routers, Switches • Repeaters 888.565.8680 • Communication Towers 27-Jan-10 ETS FY10 Service Catalog 13
  14. 14. Project Management Office The Project Management Office (PMO) implements and supports project management standards and methodology to facilitate ETS’ ability to effectively deliver quality projects on-time and on- budget. The PMO’s primary objectives are to improve divisional project management performance, integrate project management into the organization and implement consistent, formalized project management. What ETS Provides Major Investment Costs • Professional Project Managers • Software tools • Centralized management of projects • Trained personnel • Consistent and reliable project reporting and tracking • Focus on successful project delivery • Project Methodology and Supporting Tools • Project Control and Oversight • Process to support prioritization and business value realization Rates For more information contact: The PMO charges are currently absorbed either by projects managed or included as a component of Indirect 888.565.8680 Management costs. 27-Jan-10 ETS FY10 Service Catalog 14
  15. 15. Security Services The State Security Office develops, recommends and enforces the security strategic direction, policy, procedures, standards, and solutions to protect the State’s information assets and telecommunication systems from damage resulting from failures of confidentiality, integrity, or availability. To achieve this end result, the State Security Office recommends, implements and enforces cost effective policies, tools and solutions based on security best practices. It applies solutions and resources in a defense-in-depth, multi-layered structure to deter, monitor, report, audit, and prevent failures resulting from known and unknown threats and vulnerabilities. What ETS Provides Major Investment Costs • 24 x 7 Threat Monitoring, Analysis and Response • Hardware acquisition, replacement and maintenance • Encryption Solutions • Software subscription fees and maintenance • Facility Security • System as well as application threat monitoring • Forensics Analysis • Host-based Protection Solutions • Incident Response and Remediation Service Optimization Tips • Information Classification, Handling and Labeling • Malware Protection • Maintain current Antivirus, Cisco Security Agent • Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (CSA), patches and other protection solutions on • Security Awareness and Training all workstations and servers • Security Design and Planning • Stay current on software releases • Security Technical Consulting Rates Security charges are allocated across all ETS cost For more information contact: centers. 888.565.8680 27-Jan-10 ETS FY10 Service Catalog 15
  16. 16. Service Desk ETS’ Service Desk is the first point of contact for State of Alaska customers to report problems, request service, or ask questions. Trained staff are available to walk customers through a series of trouble-shooting tasks to resolve issues or direct the caller to the correct contact who will assist the caller as needed. (NOTE: this may include directing callers to staff in other departments) The Service Desk staff works with the GCI Service Center for telecommunications issues (voice, data and video). What ETS Provides Major Investment Costs • Full service staff, 8 AM to 5 PM, workdays • Call Center software • Blackberry Support • GCI Service Center contract • Service Desk Software • Customer Notifications • Software installation and management • Mainframe Logon ID and Password Resets • Management of the Service Desk (USD) Tool • myAlaska first level support • Problem-reporting coverage 24 x 7 • Technical call-out on critical services • Teleconference Scheduling To report problems, request service, or ask • VPN Access for Staff and Sponsored Staff questions call: Rates 888.565.8680 Service Desk charges are included in the monthly Computer EPR and the Telecommunications EPR For more information contact: (charged at one-half each), both of which are based on total FTEs in a department. soa.help.center@alaska.gov 27-Jan-10 ETS FY10 Service Catalog 16
  17. 17. Task Order System The Task Order System allows Executive Branch Agencies to quickly contract with qualified IT Professional Services providers at attractive hourly rates. The wide variety of available technology categories include Data Center Consulting, IT Management Consulting, IT Procurement and Grant Services, Mainframe Host Systems and Application Programming Support, Mid-range Systems Support, Security Consulting, Specialized Server and Middleware Administration, Distributed Applications analysis, design and programming, Document and Content Management, GIS, Project Management and Quality Assurance. What ETS Provides • Full service staff, 8 AM to 5 PM, workdays • Category assignments • Mini-proposal coordination • Resume reviews • Task Order process facilitation • Vendor issue coordination and problem resolution For more information contact: Rates ETS Service Fees are $490 plus 1% of the Task Order cost. 888.565.8680 27-Jan-10 ETS FY10 Service Catalog 17
  18. 18. Telecommunications: Telephony Telecommunications encompasses all telephony, 2-way radio, paging, audio- and video-conferencing services. The Juneau, Anchorage, and Fairbanks telephone environments have converged with the ETS data network service. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also known as Internet Protocol Telephony (IPT), will be the sole technology providing SOA telephony services (dial tone) over Internet Protocol in this converged environment. VoIP technology will result in significant savings to the state by reducing redundant infrastructure costs and long distance toll charges. Some portions of the state voice and video traffic are routed over State of Alaska Telecommunications System (SATS). What ETS Provides Major Investment Costs Juneau, Anchorage & Fairbanks: • Computer integration to telecommunications systems infrastructure and support • Computer/Telephony systems and features; Voice mail, • Diagnostic equipment Integrated Voice Response (IVR), Automated Call Distribution • Lines (Circuits) from your office to telecommunications companies (ACD) services, recorded announcement (RAN) systems, • Maintenance and support of voice servers predictive auto dialers and other features • Software to manage, monitor, and plan capacity • Local phone service (dial tone) & handset feature • Telecommunications consulting & support programming • Telephone handsets at cost: VoIP, Cell or Satellite • Telephone system (Call Manager) & call routing Rates Statewide & Rural: Service Unit FY 2009 FY 2010 • Paging services • Cell & satellite phones VOIP Per Line / Per Month $ 33.52 $ 39.07 • Contracts for telecommunications installation, repair Cell Phone Various Models 1X Cost 1X Cost services • Facility-based structured cabling and data/phone system, Cell Plan Per minute: state/national See Plan See Plan environmental design quotes Satellite Phone Multiple styles available 1 X cost or lease 1 X cost or lease • Long distance calling plans for cards • Technical consulting and support Satellite Plan Variations such as pager $0.70/min $0.70/min • 2-way radio services (ALMR & Conventional) For more information contact: 888.565.8680 27-Jan-10 ETS FY10 Service Catalog 18
  19. 19. Telecommunications: Other Svcs. Telecommunications encompasses all telephony, 2-way radio, paging, audio- and video-conferencing services. Also included are the Alaska Land Mobile Radio (ALMR) services that run over the State of Alaska Telecommunications System (SATS). What ETS Provides Major Investment Costs • Audio- & video-conferencing setup, service • Diagnostic equipment • Broadcast paging • Hardware • Intercom • Maintenance and support of pagers, radios, audio- & video- • Paging conferencing equipment • Two-way radio • Technical consulting • Technical consulting & support • ALMR: •Management and support of ALMR connectivity on SATS infrastructure; with shared management and support with federal and local agencies. •Installation of equipment for state agency use* •Technical consulting on radios and their use* NOTE: ALMR services are charged on an hourly basis through USD, Rates – Video-conferencing is included in the monthly Telecommunications EPR. Service Unit FY09 FY 2010 For more information contact: New Pager Each Pager $ 150.00 $ 150.00 Set-up/Activation 1 X Charge Per Pager $ 60,00 $ 60.00 888.565.8680 Paging Service Per Month $ 10.76 $ 9.81 Service Fee Each Pager $ 25.00 $ 25.00 Audio-conference Long distance charges may apply $ 35 set-up fee $35 set-up fee 27-Jan-10 ETS FY10 Service Catalog 19