DON SHADE 395 Hopi Place Boulder, CO 80303 (303) 517-5186 ...


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DON SHADE 395 Hopi Place Boulder, CO 80303 (303) 517-5186 ...

  1. 1. DON SHADE 395 Hopi Place Boulder, CO 80303 (303) 517-5186 mobile Successful, results-oriented IT professional with over 20 years experience realizing executive vision and strategy through technology. Has solid experience with Oracle, Java, database design/modeling and enterprise system architecture. A track record of leading implementations that contribute to revenue growth, improved business efficiencies and increased service levels. Pivotal technical resource to both major organizations and startups, with an extensive background supporting Coors Brewing Company, Oracle, EDS, Compaq, ESPN and • Outstanding leadership, presentation and communication skills. • Innovative contributor, with a solid commitment to client satisfaction and the ability to execute on multiple priorities within fast-paced environments. • Successfully leverages comprehensive business and technology knowledge delivering business data architecture, application development and administration of Oracle databases. • Creates high-performance teams recruiting best talent, communicating clear goals and providing enriching jobs. EDUCATION MBA, University of Colorado, 1987 BS, Business Information Systems, University of Colorado, 1984 magna cum laude EXPERIENCE SUMMARY Allegory, Inc., 1993 to Present – Database Architect. Primary Data Architect and Entity-Relationship Modeler for a large Customer Data Management and B2B E-commerce Web application. Used Rational Software Architect, Requisite Pro, Oracle Designer and Embarcadero ER/Studio along with significant UNIX shell scripting to support multiple development teams--both on and off shore--while following an agile development process. Installed and tuned Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) on 10g and 11g on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, Solaris 10 over ASM and NFS. Architected an air taxi reservation system with functionality similar to, but for on-demand, per-seat jet charter flights. Implemented an XDoclet/Ant build environment employing heavy code generation (of Model POJOs, Hibernate/Spring DAOs, Struts Actions, Forms and Menus). Supports i18n internationalization, role-based security and user-defined CSS themes. Used Middlegen, XDoclet, Hibernate Tools, Tomcat 5, MySQL 5 and Oracle 10g, DWR,, and Google Maps API. Developed collaborative web service product to facilitate effective search engine marketing campaigns. Integrated large product catalogs with search engine marketer's SOAP API. Used HttpClient, Axis, XStream, JAXB, and Google AdWords API. Resume of Don Shade Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. Developed an innovative AJAX-based high-availability, high-performance parametric search engine using J2EE and open-source software (OSS). Deployed using SOA, this application is decoupled from legacy enterprise applications enabling horizontal scalability. Used JBoss 4, XStream, Hibernate 3, Xalan, DWR, Rome, Log4J, Java Threads, Session Beans, JMS, AJAX JavaScripting, DHTML, Oracle, and Amazon Web Services API. Led the performance tuning engagement for a high-profile Oracle applications customer. Identified database and application bottlenecks using Oracle Trace (tkprof) and custom Statspack reports. Achieved significant results with some processes reduced from several hours to just a few seconds. Delivered a 60-page report describing our findings and recommendations. Lead Data Architect, Application Developer and Database Administrator for full life cycle Sales application for one of the nation's largest Mining Companies. Designed a data model for customer and contract management and invoicing system. Co-managed with client manager, assessed team skill deficiencies for training plan. Developed project plan. Implemented an application development methodology using generated code, prototyping and user involvement. Programmed extensively in Oracle Forms and PL/SQL under ORACLE V6 and V7 on HP9000 HP-UX with the aid of Oracle Case Tools. Developed several UNIX Korn shell scripts for database administration processes. Built real estate site on Linux servers using Oracle Designer, Application Server and Java. Served as data architect for popular consumer automotive infomediary site. Used Designer/ 2000 to design database for subscriber information and surveys. Developed automatic outbound e-mail process using Oracle triggers and Unix Korn shell background processes. Developed Web application processes using MS Visual C++, PL/SQL, Website Web server and Oracle Web Application Server on Oracle V7 for Windows NT. Experienced with Java and JDBC. Extensive use of Designer/2000 to generate Oracle Forms 4.5 modules and Oracle Web Application Server applications. As contract Database Administrator, solved numerous Oracle database emergencies requiring performance tuning, database re-design, archiving and system audits. Served as on-call production Oracle Database Administrator for major database marketer. Was responsible for backup and recovery of 35 database instances containing three terabytes of data running on 17 UNIX servers – SUN and HP. As senior Oracle DBA, was tasked with database optimization and performance tuning, database sizing, developing and implementing backup and recovery procedures, database migration and monitoring. Developed numerous Korn shell scripts for unattended monitoring and alert. Installed many new and upgraded versions of Oracle. Successfully tuned several database applications using database monitoring tools such as Oracle Enterprise Manager, tkprof, Patrol and Server Manager. Developed UNIX shell scripts to assist in gathering performance statistics and to make dramatic improvements in database performance. Corporate Express, Inc., 2002 to 2005 – Database Administrator/Architect. On-call DBA for very large, high transaction and high value database instances. As production DBA, was responsible for error-resolution, performance tuning, change control and disaster recovery planning and implementation. Resume of Don Shade Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. Served as database administrator and data modeler for service-oriented architected J2EE order status application. Modeled data requirements using Embarcadero ER/Studio. Generated EJB persistence layer classes using the Middlegen open-source code generator and deployed to the JBoss Application Server. Conducted performance benchmarks and evaluation between MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle to select best open-source database platform for Corporate Express. As member of corporate technical architecture organization, developed high performance data access object (DAO) persistence layer for service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications. Used JBoss, JBossCache, Hibernate, JDBC, Oracle, Eclipse and layered J2EE Design Patterns to build scalable e-commerce Web applications. Primary database administrator responsible for tuning an enterprise-wide data hub supporting a wireless proof-of-delivery solution for 1,600 drivers across 29 distribution centers nationwide. Application tracked the real-time delivery of 75,000 orders per day. Collaborated with independent software vendor to implement high-return/low-risk changes to J2EE application running under JBoss Application Server. Employed extensive knowledge of Oracle JDBC tuning techniques along with 16 years experience tuning Oracle database applications. Oracle Corporation, 1988 to 1993 - Managing Principal Consultant. As data architect, led the logical modeling and physical database design for Fortune 1,000 clients. As database administrator and developer, delivered performance tuning services, rapid application development and software project audits. Client industries included: brewing, manufacturing, mining, pharmaceutical, insurance, aerospace and utilities. Led high-performance teams in the development of complex data models and client-server applications. Project leader in the development of an engineering configuration management application for a large Air Force missile support organization. Developed project plans. Monitored task completion. This project required extensive data modeling and development using SQL*Forms, PRO*C and DCL command procedure development. Used ORACLE V5 for VAX VMS and CASE*Dictionary V4. (1988-1989) Data architect and technical project manager of a thirteen-member design and development team while implementing a large insurance company's pension application. Was responsible for project estimation for the sales proposal. After awarded, prepared project plans and reported on progress. Prepared weekly status reports. Tracked task dependencies. Managed critical path tasks, assigning additional resources where needed. Assessed team member skills for remedial training and task assignments. Reviewed developers code to determine percentage completion vs. plan. As working manager, designed a data model consisting of over 400 entities. Also, during this 18 month project, developed an approximate 10,000 lines of complex C code using embedded SQL (PRO*C) and SQL*Forms user-exits. Used ORACLE V6 for SUN SPARC and CASE*Dictionary V4. (1989-1991) Chief data architect of a major public utility’s Customer Information System. Converged this customer’s data model from a blank page to a concise but significant data model consisting of 200 entities. Organized the analysis team by segmenting the domain model into subject areas that could be assigned to small teams. (1991-1992) Resume of Don Shade Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. One of only ten worldwide Oracle consultants chosen to lead the ORACLE Version 7 Alliance Program during which the functionality and performance of the alpha version of the ORACLE7 RDBMS was tested. Later, taught internal Oracle employees the architecture and new functionality of ORACLE Version 7. MiniScribe Corporation, 1987 to 1988. Management Information Systems Manager. Managed the Information Technology organization for a leading disk drive manufacturer. Supervised a staff of eleven while controlling a $2.5 million Information Systems budget. Conducted formal performance reviews for direct reports, set quarterly goals and presented quarterly IT plans to CFO and staff. Responsible for determining IT expense allocation charged back to 16 product groups. Amfac Health Care, 1985 to 1986. Systems Analyst. Consulted with customers to define marketing information systems requirements for the nation's sixth largest pharmaceutical distributor. Participated in all system life-cycle phases as a member of a team implementing a nationwide HP3000 minicomputer network. Hewlett-Packard Company, 1984 to 1985. Programmer Analyst. Developed distribution applications for the Direct Marketing Division, a distributor of computer equipment and consumable products. Designed and implemented an automated shipping system and supported an order fulfillment application that processed an average 3,000 line items daily. U.S. Air Force Academy, 1979 to 1983. Accounting Manager. Trained and motivated a staff of five direct reports. Conducted annual performance reviews, prepared budget reports, computed employee travel claims, disbursed accounts payable and administered a $68 million annual payroll. Received the Air Force Commendation Medal for meritorious service. Held Secret security clearance. PERSONAL Private, instrument-rated pilot and aircraft owner with over 1,300 hours of flight time. SKILLS Database Oracle 5 through Middlegen Eclipse PL/SQL Architecture 11g Enterprise Java ER Modeling HTML/CSS Hibernate MySQL Beans Oracle Solaris/RHEL/ Application OR Mapping JavaScript/AJAX PostgreSQL HPUX/AIX Server Java/J2EE/JSP/ Stored MacOS Apache Tomcat Oracle Designer Servlets Procedures JBoss/ XML/Axis/SOAP VMWare Embarcadero C/C++ JBossCache XDoclet/Ant UML Struts Spring CVS/ClearCase Resume of Don Shade Page 4 of 4