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Click Here 2 DownLoad Resume(Graphical)

  1. 1. Shan SendhilVelan Contact Phone No. (517) 699 2060 Cell No. (517) 974 3097 SUMMARY • Over 10 years experience in information technology specializing in system analysis, design, development, implementation and post-implementation maintenance of client - server systems. • 6 years ORACLE, SYBASE, SQL Server database development, administration, analysis experience, was responsible for database installation, migration & upgrades, database monitoring, backup & recovery, optimizing triggers & stored procedures, replication & distributed databases and administering privileges. • CLIENT-SERVER Application Design and Development in Powerbuilder (4.0 through 8.0) • 4 years of experience in Designing and Developing Client-Server Application. • 5 years Data modeling experience in RDBMS (ORACLE, SYBASE, SQL SERVER) using Platinum Erwin & PowerDesigner. ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES • Reviews, analyzes, and modifies programming systems. • Coding, testing, debugging and installing to support an organization's client/server software applications. • Demonstrates expertise in a variety of the field's concepts, practices, and procedures. • Relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. • Performs a variety of tasks. • Provide consultation on complex projects and is considered to be the top-level specialist. • Possess, expected wide degree of creativity and latitude. • Report to a manager of the department. ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Masters in Economics, Madras University, India (1993) Advaced Diploma in RDBMS, SSI (1994) PowerBuilder SKILLS: Developed Client Server Applications using SYBASE/ORACLE/SQL SERVER and PowerBuilder. Customizing GEAC SmartStream ERP Application Developed in PowerBuilder. Customizing Peregrine Systems CRM Application Developed in PowerBuilder. Extensively Worked in Windows Menus and UserObjects in Multiple level of inheritance. Extensively used PVCS for version control of the application. SYBASE / SQL Server SKILLS: Developed Stored Procedures Triggers and Complex SQL Queries. Created Tables, Indexes, User Defined Data Types and Defaults. Analyzes Data Model Using ERwin and Re-engineered Model for optimal performance. Maintained Data Integrity by designing Database constrains. Tuned the performance of Stored Procedures. Extensively used Indexes for Tables to boost performance. Planned and Executed Data Transfer from/to Legacy and other RDBMS using BCP Utility. Extensively Used ISQL to interact and execute ad hoc Queries. PL/SQL Development Skills Written Simple And Complex Queries Created Triggers, Procedures, Functions And Packages. Fine Tuning SQL Queries Using Explain And Tkprof Utilities Analyzed Tables To Improve The Performance. Created & Maintained Oracle Objects; Tablespaces, Indexes, Sequences, Synonyms & Views. Data Modeling SKILLS: Maintained Physical and Logical Model of Database. Reviewed, Designed and implemented changes in database design. Planned and developed Data transfer Strategy from legacy systems and other RDBMS. Designed Client-Server Application Architucture. Shan SendhilVelan’ Resume Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGIES RDBMS GUI-Client Languages Tools & Utilities OS/Hardware Accident Fund Ins. Co. Embarcadero's Lansing, MI Oracle 9i PowerBuilder 9.0 PL/SQL Windows XP RapidSQL 06/2005 to current (INSURANCE) FedEx Ground IT, PowerDesigner 10.0 PowerBuilder Windows XP, New Berlin, WI SYBASE ASE 12.5 T-Sql Embarcadero's 8.0,9.0 Windows 2003 11/2004 to 05/2005 RapidSQL (LOGISTICS) PL/SQL, Windows XP, AMEREN CORP, SYBASE ASE 12.5 PowerBuilder C, Windows 2003 Saint Louis, MO TOAD, BCP, ISQL ORACLE 8i 7.0 Unix Shell UNIX/ 01/2004 to 11/2004 Scripts HP-UNIX (UTILITY) RSDC of Michigan, PowerBuilder Holt, MI ORACLE 8i PL/SQL Windows NT 7.0 11/2002 to 11/2003 (MANUFACTURING) Access Group, Wall Street, New York Embarcadero's SYBASE 12.0 VisualBasic T-Sql Windows 2000 03/2001 to 01/ 2002 RapidSQL (SOFTWARE DEVLOPMENT) Peregrine Systems, ORACLE 8.x, 7.0, Platinum Erwin, Warminster, PA. SYBASE ASE PowerBuilder PL/SQL, Embarcadero's Windows NT 11/1999 to 01/2001 11.5/11.9/12, 6.0,6.5,7.0 T-Sql DBArtisan & (SOFTWARE SQL Server 7.5, 2000 RapidSQL DEVLOPMENT) Platinum Erwin, BANK OF NEW YORK, Embarcadero's New York, NY SYBASE SQL Server 11 VisualBasic T-Sql Windows NT DBArtisan & 07/ 1999 to 10/1999 RapidSQL (FINANCE) PIONEER FUNDS, Boston, MA. MS SQL SERVER 7.5 T-Sql Platinum ERwin Windows NT 03/1999 to 06/1999 (FINANCE) T-Sql, Owens Illinois, Embarcadero's Windows NT, PowerBuilder C, Toledo, OH SYBASE SQL Server 10.0 RapidSQL, BCP, UNIX / 5.0 Unix Shell 02/1998 to 02/1999 ISQL SUN SORARIS Scripts (MANUFACTURING) T-Sql, USAA, Windows NT, SYBASE SQL SERVER PowerBuilder C, Overland Park, KS BCP, ISQL UNIX / 4.0 6.0 Unix Shell 01/ 1998 to 12/ 1998 SUN SORARIS Scripts (FINANCE) T-Sql, Liberty Mutual SYBASE SQL SERVER C, UNIX, AIX/ Portsmouth, NH BCP, ISQL 4.0 Unix Shell RS6000 04/1997 to 12/1997 Scripts (FINANCE) Koch Industries Inc PowerBuilder Wichita, KS MS SQL SERVER 6.0 T-Sql Windows NT 4.0,5.0 04/1996 to 03/1997 (MANUFACTURING) Kothari Oriental Finance, Foxpro, APT Forms, Chennai, INDIA SYBASE 3.0 PowerBuilder SQL MS Windows Data Workbench, 05/1993 To 11/1995 2.0, 3.0 (FINANCE) T-Sql: SQL, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Indexes, DDL, DML, Grants, Revokes, T-Sql Functions (String, Date, Conversion, Aggregate, Text, Image & System Functions) Shan SendhilVelan’ Resume Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. WORK EXPERIENCE Supported Appointment Management system, Freight Management System, Freight Shipment and Load analysis of FedEx SmartPost Division. Designed and developed; Windows, DataWindows, Menus, UserObjects as part of enhancement to the existing applications. Extensively used PFC for development of PowerBuilder objects. Worked in transition of the application into FedEx environment from the client company that maintained these Applications prior to acquisition. Performed day to day maintenance of Accounts Maintenance System of AMEREN CORPORATION. Supported a team of 14 users. Prepared SOX Compliance Documentation. Reviewed, recommended, and implemented database changes. Developed Shipping application in PowerBuilder as client, Oracle backend Databases for RSDC of Michigan (General Motors Supplier). Involved in Full development lifecycle from requirement gathering to post -implementation maintenance. Participated in technical design and review phase, Designed and developed; Windows, DataWindows, Menus, UserObjects. Extensively used PFC for development of PowerBuilder objects. Documentation of already developed PowerBuilder Applications. Prepared Technical Documentation as well as User Manual Developed SAP Office Management Application for Access Group, Wall Street New York, to automate and co- ordinate various modules developed in PowerBuilder as front-end tool and SYBASE as back-end database. This application facilitated the administration of the day-to-day functions of the business that includes Management of Employee, Customer and Infrastructure Relationship. FacilityCenter Application is Infrastructure management software developed by Peregrine Systems. This is a PowerBuilder application that supported ORACLE, SYBASE, SQL SERVER and SQL Anywhere DATABASES. Worked on Peregrine FacilityCenter Application for release of 7.1 versions. The release to higher version of FC applications required Database Installation, Migration & Upgrades, Database Monitoring, Replication & Distributed Databases and Administering Privileges. Logical Database model was maintained using Erwin. Enforced constrains (Primary key, Foreign key). Wrote Shell scripts to build data migration for export and import of data. Additional responsibilities includes System admin role for FacilityCenter. Managed 24 databases in 8 servers. Set up and configured database replication. The Maturity Bill Application is a system that was developed for BANK OF NEW YORK to process the loan recovery data. Worked on Logical and physical data model apart from Developing and analyzing Stored procedures and triggers. Using Erwin Monitored and Maintained Structural changes in database. Reverse engineering of the database to Document changes in data structure by developers. Performed Forward engineering of the database to enforce new changes in production database. Design of triggers to implement business rules Design of integrity constraints. Developed stored procedures as sources of reports. The Market Analysis and Research System is a system developed for PIONEER FUNDS, to monitor the Performance of various funds. The data feed to this system comes in various sources and formats which are fed in a different periods. Developed several Stored Procedures and also optimized existing procedures other than administering the database. Sale Force Automation- (SFA) system is a part of an Enterprise Resource Planning- (ERP) application SmartStream 4.0 for Owens Illinois, a glass manufacturing company. The system is being developed with PowerBuilder 4.0 for front-end Graphical user interfaces application. Extensively involved in coding new stored procedures, triggers, troubleshooting, investigate the reason for slow processing and tuning the performance of those stored procedures. Extensively used BCP utility. Designed and developed reports with SQR, Was also involved in Electronic Data Interchange transferring data from SQL Server to mainframe and reverse using stored procedures. The data in SQL Server was processed created flat files by padding and reformatting the data to be sending to mainframe and did vice-versa for incoming data. The annuity administration system was developed for USAA a division of Transamerica Life Insurance to streamline the needs of insurance companies in their process of annuity administration. The project was focused on customising the system to the different requirement of different clients. Shan SendhilVelan’ Resume Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. Worked with project teams and application managers to establish and maintain the production, test, training, and enterprise database environments required for client/server applications including data warehousing. Reviewed stored procedures and triggers, review application and system configuration, logical and physical design of database. Further this project involved Performance Tuning, Creating new Stored Procedures, Migration to higher version of PowerBuilder. Extensively involved in production support. The Insurance Reporting system also supported the module of creating reports. The reports were generated using SQR The Exchange Purchase System was developed for Koch Industries Inc. to upgrade the version incorporating the changes in the Business and using features of Power Builder 5.0.This project further involved in generating reports using Data Windows & Coding Stored Procedures, Designing Windows for user entry also involved in migration of Power Builder from 4.0 to 5.0. This project was developed for Kothari Orient Finance, a complete system on share and debenture accounting including the modules like Account receivables/payables, maintenance of data of shareholders, developed reports etc. Financial Accounting system was designed to automate the normal financial operations of an organisation such as ledgers, balance sheets, etc. Bookstore Inventory System, Hospital Maintenance System, Payroll system was developed as In house Packages for software Development Company. Bookstore Inventory system was designed to automate the operations of a bookstore dealing with sales, inventory, finance and accounting. Developed Queries. Involved in the analysis, design, development and implementation of inheritances and invoicing. Also responsible for Master File Maintenance Hospital Maintenance system designed to automate the operations of a private hospital covering such aspects as patient history, doctor's schedules, registrations, billing and other related issues. Designed user-friendly navigation screen, produced graphical reports. Implemented inheritances and used of GUI features such as MDI. Payroll system was designed to automate the payroll system in order to streamline information on hours worked, leave, wages and salary and other details pertaining to the payroll. Designed, developed and implemented employee file maintenance, query system, pay slip preparation, and grade-wise analysis. Shan SendhilVelan’ Resume Page 4 of 4