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ChAMP Leader Guide

  1. 1. Chapter Administration and Membership Program (ChAMP) Leader Guide A guide to the features, benefits, and use of ChAMP June 11, 2008
  2. 2. Table of Contents Introduction 3 What is ChAMP? 4 Benefits 4 Features 5 Reports 7 Chapter responsibilities 10 Resolving problems 13 2
  3. 3. Introduction Welcome to the ASTD Chapter Administration and Membership Program (ChAMP)! This service is designed to greatly reduce the labor-intensive administration of your chapter’s membership data and allows your volunteers to focus on the more important tasks of providing professional development services to your chapter members. ChAMP is an optional service used by approximately 50 percent of ASTD chapters. ChAMP provides tools for recruiting and retaining members, communicating with your members, and other chapter administration tasks. ChAMP is free through 2009. The National Advisors for Chapters (NAC) will be making a recommendation on a reasonable cost for future years. The purpose of this Leader Guide is to help you fully understand ChAMP and how it works. You need to know what you can expect from ASTD in terms of service and deliverables, and what ASTD expects from you. ChAMP is a partnership: It requires two-way communication between the chapter and ASTD on a monthly basis. This guide will help your chapter get the full value from ChAMP. ASTD is committed to delivering quality service to every chapter participating in ChAMP. To do that, we have a Chapter Administration and Membership Program (ChAMP) coordinator who can be contacted as follows: 1• ChAMP coordinator: chapter services project coordinator 2• Telephone: 1.800.628.2783 ext. 176 3• Fax: 703.683.8184 4• E-mail: • Mail: Chapter Administration and Membership Program (ChAMP) coordinator, ASTD, 1640 King Street, Box 1443, Alexandria, VA 22313-2043 3
  4. 4. What Is the Chapter Administration and Membership Program (ChAMP)? ChAMP is designed to reduce the administrative work of managing your chapter’s membership information. It is primarily a membership maintenance and renewal invoicing service. Our goal is to give you, the chapter leader, more time, energy, and money to focus on meeting the professional development needs of your members. This guide will describe the various aspects of the service in detail. In short, ChAMP: 1• maintains your membership database 2• sends renewal notices on a regular schedule and processes the 3 resulting renewal payments 4• enables your members to access customer service reps toll-free, 8 a.m 5 to 6 p.m. ET, where they can update their records, check their payment, 6 pay with credit cards or check, etc. 7• provides your chapter monthly reports, labels, and money from dues 8• provides qualified membership prospects from ASTD’s national 9 database Benefits Save volunteer time We understand that the job of managing chapter membership falls to busy people—either a volunteer or an administrator with many other chapter duties. ChAMP helps these busy people by handling many of the more detail-oriented membership tasks, including: 1• collection and processing of chapter dues 2• renewal invoicing 3• membership data entry 4• handling questions about payments, address changes, renewal dates, etc. Improve member service ChAMP also helps you improve member service, which in turn aids retention: 1• The ability to join your chapter via the online ASTD Store. The member gets an immediate email confirmation. 2• You can offer chapter members the convenience of paying their dues 3 with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover). 4• Your members can get instant, toll-free service by calling ASTD 5 Customer Care at 1.800.628.2783. ASTD representatives can update 6 records and check dues payment status while the member is on the 4
  5. 5. 7 phone or members can update their own records online via our ASTD 8 website ( These changes are instantly entered into the 9 database and appear in your monthly report. Increase chapter membership ChAMP also provides your chapter with services that help you recruit new members and promote chapter programs. 1• Upon request, you can receive a list of national members in your are 2 who are not members of your chapter. These are highly qualified 3 membership prospects whom you can invite to join and attend 4 chapter events. 5• People can join ChAMP chapters directly from the ASTD online store. This 6 site receives an average of 5.5 million visits each month, dramatically 7 increasing your chapter’s visibility and accessibility. It is important to note that there are three kinds of membership within ASTD, all of which can be handled through ChAMP: 11. Chapter members – local practitioners who belong to the chapter only 22. National members – members of the national organization only 33. Joint members – those who belong at both levels Reduce administrative costs ChAMP is FREE through 2009. Many chapters use an administrative firm or a part-time paid assistant. These people can work effectively with ChAMP if they understand how it works. Chapter leaders should share this guide with their administrative staff. Features of ChAMP ChAMP performs two vital management functions for your chapter: membership database maintenance and renewal invoicing. Additional features of ChAMP support your chapter’s recruitment and marketing effort; these are described in the “Reports” section of this guide. Membership database maintenance An accurate membership database is a vital tool for every ASTD chapter. Maintaining such a database is primarily a matter of inputting or updating member data and collecting and processing dues payments. The Chapter Administration and Membership Program does both for you and provides monthly reports of all activities. In addition, the database is monitored and backed-up daily at national ASTD, eliminating the possible disaster of losing the database at the local level. 5
  6. 6. As a chapter participating in ChAMP, most of your members will send their applications or renewals and dues directly to ASTD. When this happens, ASTD will add the member to your chapter membership database (or update the record if it’s a renewal) and record and deposit the dues. After the end of each month, we will prepare two items to update you on this membership activity: 1• a transmittal report listing new and renewing members and the amount of money collected 2• direct deposit to the chapter’s bank account for the total dues collected The transmittal report and check for the preceding month’s membership activity will be sent to your chapter around the last two weeks of the following month. The report will be emailed to two or three chapter leaders of your choosing. The check will be direct deposited into the chapter’s account based on the information you provided on the “Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit (ACH Credits)” form. If your chapter has not already submitted this form, please click here to access the form and send it to your chapter coach. ASTD requires chapters on ChAMP to use direct deposit to ensure that chapters receive their funds as quickly as possible and as part of ASTD’s green initiative to reduce the organizations carbon footprint. Detailed information on transmittal reports is provided in the “Reports” section of this Leader Guide. Procedural exception • Members sometimes submit their application or renewal and dues directly to your chapter. When this happens, you must notify ASTD as soon as possible so that we can update your chapter’s membership database. See the section, “Chapter Responsibilities” for instructions. Membership renewal invoicing Another key component to a healthy, growing chapter membership is an ongoing membership renewal process. Renewal notices should be sent to members well in advance of their membership expiration date. ChAMP ensures that your chapter benefits from a well-executed membership renewal process. As a ChAMP participant you do not need to produce and mail membership renewal notices or invoices. ASTD does this for you. Chapter members receive their first mailed renewal notice 90 days prior to their membership expiration date. If no response is received to the first notice, ASTD will mail a second notice 60 days prior to expiration. One final email reminder is sent 30 days prior to expiration. Joint members whose memberships share the same expiration date will receive one renewal notice for both dues amounts to simplify payment for the member. Joint members may align their national and 6
  7. 7. chapter membership expiration dates by calling ASTD Customer Care at 1.800.628.2783. In addition, your chapter will receive a listing of members due to expire during the current month, offering an opportunity to personally contact the member with a renewal appeal. The member will be dropped from your chapter’s roster on their expiration date. After that date, any payment received will be processed as a new membership. The chapter may review the report “Expired Members Year to Date” to see previous members whose memberships have lapsed. Remember that renewal invoicing is just one component of an overall retention process. While ASTD sends out your chapter’s renewal notices, it is the chapter leadership through ongoing service delivery that has a far greater impact on whether the member will actually renew. Reports ChAMP provides several reports to keep you informed about changes to your chapter’s membership database and gives you timely marketing information. Each report is described in the chart below. Report Description Delivery Use Membership The roster is a list of all The roster is When you receive Roster current chapter members. updated every your roster, The following data is Friday. Your compare it included for each chapter’s against any member: member ChAMP updates (new identification number; contacts will members, chapter membership be notified by address changes, expiration date; national email when etc.) you’ve sent membership expiration this report has ASTD in the past date; and member name, been updated. month. If the organization, address, You will then member phone number, and email be able to log contacted national address. in to the ASTD with an Chapter address change, The roster is available in Administration it will be noted on different file formats: a Portal to view the roster. Please text version that can be the updated notify the ChAMP opened in a word reports. coordinator of any processing program and discrepancies. printed, shared, or edited, or a pipe-delimited Keep your latest version, which you can membership 7
  8. 8. import into Excel. roster on hand as a quick reference. You’ll need it any time you want to check who is and who isn’t a member of your chapter. Retention Retention Reports include The reports These reports can reports the following: are updated be used for every Sunday welcoming new 1. Expires next month– on the members, this report lists all Chapter membership members in your chapter Administration retention, or who Portal. overall reporting expire next month. to other leaders. 2. Expires this month–this report lists all members who expire this month. 3. New members this month–this report shows all new members who joined the chapter this month through mail, phone, or the website. 4. New members year to date–this report lists all new members who joined the chapter from January 1st to the current month. This may have been through mail, phone, the website, or through the local chapter. 5. Renewed members this month–this report lists all members who renewed this month through mail, phone, the website, or through the local chapter. 8
  9. 9. 6. Renewed members year to date–this report lists all members who renewed from January 1st to the current month. This may have been through mail, phone, the website, or through the local chapter. 7. Non renewals previous month–this report lists members who didn’t renew last month. 8. Non renewals year to date–this report lists members who expired and didn’t renew since January 1st to the current month. Chapter The Chapter Activity Every Friday When you receive Activity Report is the list of new your chapter’s the weekly report, Report and renewed members ChAMP compare it from the previous week. contacts will against any receive an updates (new and email with an renewed attachment of members, etc.) the new and you’ve sent ASTD renewed in the previous members. week. Please notify the ChAMP coordinator of any discrepancies. Transmittal The Transmittal Report is Both items are Use the Report and a list of chapter members delivered transmittal report dues check who joined or renewed around the to update your their memberships during last two weeks chapter’s the previous month. The of each month membership report lists each —the records and to member’s name, title, transmittal send a welcome company, address, report emailed to new members. 9
  10. 10. phone/fax/email, amount to the chapter You might also paid, and date paid. ChAMP send a special contact and thank-you and The dues check, which any other “welcome back” will be direct deposited to chapter- letter to those your chapter’s bank designated members who account, is a check leaders, and have renewed. payable to your chapter the dues Also, be sure to for the total dues check direct check the report collected on behalf of deposited to against your your chapter during the the chapter’s records of previous month. bank account. membership applications and renewals you sent to the ChAMP within the period covered by the report. Please notify us of any discrepancies. Chapter responsibilities Getting started To participate in ChAMP, chapters are required to sign a ChAMP partnership agreement outlining the responsibilities of national ASTD and the chapter. Chapters must also submit a copy of their chapter dues rates along with a current membership roster. Once these items are received, you will be notified by the ChAMP coordinator that you are set up on ChAMP. Minimum requirements In order for your chapter to use the monthly ChAMP reports, the chapter ChAMP contact, chapter administrator, or someone working closely with them must be able to import line-delimited text files into a spreadsheet program or database program. This is a simple process, but varies based on what software you have. Although ASTD provides generic instructions for doing this, the chapter must find someone who is proficient in working with spreadsheets, databases, and text files. 10
  11. 11. Updating member records ChAMP maintains your membership data. The accuracy of that data is dependent on the timely and complete communication of member changes. You have a critical role in ensuring the most accurate member data possible. Most membership applications, renewals, and other changes will come directly to the national office and ChAMP will process them for you. Sometimes, however, a member will find it more convenient to join, renew, or notify ASTD of a needed change in their record directly through your chapter—perhaps at a meeting. When this happens, please notify the ChAMP coordinator with the following information as soon as possible: 1• type of record change (i.e. cancellation, addition, change, renewal, or 2 reinstatement) 3• chapter number 4• member’s full name 5• title 6• company name 7• address 8• phone and fax numbers 9• email address 10• membership period (beginning and ending dates) 11• type of membership 12• membership ID# For your convenience, an Excel spreadsheet input template is provided here. We encourage you to have your members renew, update their email addresses, etc., by calling 1.800.628.2783, or at Those changes are entered into the database instantly, and it saves you the task of being in the middle of routine changes. Collecting dues Most members will send dues payments directly to ASTD with their membership applications or renewals. Sometimes, however, members will pay for either chapter and/or national ASTD membership directly through the chapter. In these cases, please follow the procedures outlined below to make sure the dues are correctly deposited and recorded. Chapter dues When a member joins or renews and pays dues directly to the chapter, ChAMP needs to be notified. Please send us the information in the previous section (Updating Member Records) along with the amount paid. We must receive this 11
  12. 12. information by the 25th of the month to avoid re-invoicing the member who has already paid. If you choose, you may deposit payments for chapter dues instead of sending them to the national office. However you still must send us the member information so we can update your chapter’s database. National dues When a joining or renewing member pays chapter and national dues directly to the chapter, separate the dues payments. The process for chapter dues collected locally is detailed below. National dues must be forwarded as soon as possible to avoid re-invoicing paid members or delaying the start-up of a new member. Chapters can sign up national members in these ways: • refer members to the ASTD Store • suggest that chapter members use your Chapter Incentive Program (ChIP) code when joining national ASTD. The Chapter Incentive Program (ChIP) is a revenue-sharing program that offers chapters an opportunity to earn additional revenue. Each new membership yields $20 in ChIP revenue for your chapter. Click here for more information about ChIP. Click here to access your chapter’s ChIP code. • use customizable form for ChAMP chapters and mail check from member or • deposit checks from members and write one check to national ASTD with backup forms Chapter dues rate change Please notify the ChAMP coordinator of any changes in your chapter’s dues rates at least 120 days before they take effect. This is so the new dues rates will be reflected in the renewal invoicing cycle. Changes in membership type Please notify the ChAMP coordinator of any change in member type, such as from student to regular member or from regular to senior member. We will then change the member’s record to reflect the new membership type and dues rate. Assigning contacts ASTD needs to know who in your chapter should receive the various ChAMP reports (ChAMP contact, treasurer, membership director, and any other volunteers designated by the chapter). 12
  13. 13. If you haven’t already made these assignments and informed national ASTD, please do so and send the contact names and email addresses to the ChAMP coordinator. If any of these contacts change at any time (due to officer turnover, etc.), please notify the ChAMP coordinator immediately to avoid any lapses in service or communications. Setting up direct deposit Chapters receive their money faster by participating in direct deposit. If your chapter has not already set up direct deposit, complete the Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit (ACH Credits) form and send it to your chapter coach. ASTD requires direct deposit for ChAMP checks. Resolving problems We do our best to ensure your complete satisfaction with ChAMP. If, at any time, you are dissatisfied or need help understanding and using ChAMP reports, please contact the ChAMP coordinator. • ChAMP coordinator 1• Telephone: 1.800.628.2783 ext. 176 2• Fax: 1.703.683.8184 3• E-mail: 4• Mail: ChAMP coordinator, ASTD, 1640 King Street, Box 1443, 5 Alexandria, VA 22313-2043 If you need additional assistance, contact your chapter coach. We look forward to a productive working partnership that will benefit your chapter and your members. Thank you for considering and/or participating in ChAMP! 13