Edward M. Barlow
                                        (914) 632 0222

Strong application developer and database admini...
MASTER OF ENGINEERING,                          CORNELL UNIVERSITY,                              August

J. P. Morgan Guaranty Trust Company                                       Sep. 1992 - Oct. 1995
Senior Database Consultant...
Cornell University                             ( September 1984 - May 1985 )

Teaching Assistant for senior level analog c...
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Central Data Warehouse Group Database Architect / consultant ...


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Central Data Warehouse Group Database Architect / consultant ...

  1. 1. Edward M. Barlow (914) 632 0222 Strong application developer and database administrator with primary skills in Sybase (all areas), web based development (Perl/CGI), and in applications development (C/C++/perl). Significant name recognition in the Sybase technical community. Excellent oral and written communication skills (teaching, planning, and consulting). Primary developer on numerous projects with significant experience in all areas of project life cycle including architecture and planning, data modeling, system development (C/C++/Perl/Powerbuilder), system roll out, system support, and user interface development. Expert level Sybase DBA and Systems Administrator. Other areas of expertise include PowerBuilder, perl, 'C', 'C++', and Shell programming. Chief production support for several production instances of Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Servers. I run the popular Sybase Shareware Web Site (www.edbarlow.com). EXPOSURE COMMENTS Sybase SQL Server 10+ Years All aspects of development and administration including Open Client, Open Server, System and Application Tuning MS SQL Server 3+ Years Oracle 2+ Years C 12+ Years C++ 3 Years 2 Years Full Time Development Perl / sybperl 4 Years Significant module development. Many applications. NT 5+ Years MS SQL Server and Sybase DBA. Significant GUI and C/C++ development under NT UNIX 15+ Years System 5, SunOS, Solaris, BSD 4.3, Ultrix, Linux (own a Sun and 2 Linux systems) Web Servers 3 Years Installed & configured 15+ web servers (Apache, IIS). CGI and PHP development. System Analysis 2 Years Built large trading model - Yourdon methodology. Database Design 4+ Years Developed 8+ mid sized (20-75 table) database models PowerBuilder 3 Years Developed 2 Applications (own a copy)
  2. 2. EDUCATION MASTER OF ENGINEERING, CORNELL UNIVERSITY, August 1985 School of Electrical Engineering. Technical concentration in "Semiconductor Technology & Transmission" and in "Lasers & Optics". Completion all first year courses for Cornell MBA program. GPA: 3.7. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE, CORNELL UNIVERSITY, May 1984 PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS Independent Consulting Nov. 1995 - Present Sybase, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Unix, C++, Shell, Powerbuilder, Perl, Perl/CGI Consulted at a variety of companies and governmental organizations. 4 long-term contracts noted below. Clients for numerous short-term consulting assignments include the US Navy, Chase Manhattan Bank, Tempest Reinsurance, Argus, Saloogee, Lehman Bros., and Turkey’s Ministry of Finance. Created Ed Barlow's Sybase Stuff, a popular non-commercial Sybase web site (http://www.edbarlow.com ). Developed an integrated Sybase systems administration toolkit that includes everything needed to easily manage a large number of servers. This toolkit includes robust operations scripts, the popular free Extended Stored Procedure library , (voted as the "best Sybase add on package" in a poll of system administrators), a morning review package, and a robust system reporting interface. Developed a perl module that simplifies web automation of operations and implemented 2 Intranet Based applications using this library. Wrote and published several articles in database journals, spoke at several user group meetings (London, Toronto, New Jersey) and at several Sybase Conferences. Developed and taught an Advanced Database Administration and Sybase Security class. ⇒ Weiss Peck and Greer Mar. 2000 - Sept. 2001 Primary Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle DBA in mid sized production environment. In addition to normal production and development duties, I was heavily involved in project planning, implementation, and software development for several small projects including the development of several core perl modules and several data feeds/loads. ⇒ Bankers Trust / IQ Financial Feb. 1998 - Feb. 2000 Chief Sybase DBA / Developer / Troubleshooter at a Bankers Trust spin off that developed Risk Management Software. Managed Production and Development on 12 Sybase/NT Servers and 3 Sybase/Unix Systems. Senior troubleshooter responsible for tracking down and solving a variety of problems. Development responsibility for a variety of small projects. Significant perl work including the design and development of a web enabled perl / cgi back end used by operators to control the system. ⇒ PAWWS Aug. 1996 - Feb. 1998 Sybase DBA for company that makes a web based trading system. Significant performance and tuning work on C++/perl application. ⇒ Time, Inc. Nov. 1995 - July 1996 Senior Database / Systems Administrator with Magazine Business Reengineering effort. Involved closely in administration (Data center setup, definition, monitoring, and management) and application performance tuning efforts (responsible for extensive stored procedure side tuning). 3 month contract extended twice.
  3. 3. J. P. Morgan Guaranty Trust Company Sep. 1992 - Oct. 1995 Senior Database Consultant , Sybase, Unix, C, Shell Central Architecture Group, STIS Business Unit. Set up brand new UNIX / Sybase data center (1xSparc 2000, 1xSparc 1000, 7xSparc 10) in Delaware. Work involved training new administrators, installing & configuring servers, developing policies & procedures. As System Architect, mapped application and data replication requirements to Servers. Developed utilities to migrate data from mainframe to Sybase and to move real time data between SQL Servers. Lead Database Administrator for instrument data cluster. Central Data Warehouse Group Database Architect / consultant for project to merge various data sources into single data warehouse. Involved extensively in design and setup of this warehouse. Central Sybase Operations Group Senior internal consultant for business units moving applications to UNIX / Sybase . Role involved server cost analysis, server setup, support definition, and extensive work assisting application roll out. Defined and published key architecture documents defining Morgan Sybase Servers (UNIX setup, Sybase Setup, Security, Backup Strategy...). UNIX & Sybase Systems Administrator for 12 Sybase Systems in 8 business groups (both development & production). Managed several consultants performing product evaluations (Sybase 4.9.2, Sparc 10's, and several outside vendor packages). Evaluated Sybase Audit Server. Oversaw and assisted development and roll out of shell based systems management package that performs backup, fail over, and system auditing. Conducted over 60 technical interviews. Edtech Developer ( February 1992 - September 1992 ) C, C++, PC Graphics Developed a C++ PC based graphics adventure game called "Templar". Templar was a follow-on to a large multi user freeware game named "Conquer" which I wrote between 1984 and 1992 (28000 lines of 'C' ). "Conquer" had 5 successful releases as freeware. Both games support basic rules based Artificial Intelligence. Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Senior Programmer Analyst ( July 1989 - February 1992 ) Sybase, C, Apt, UNIX, VMS Primary developer and systems analyst for large Sybase database system, which manages the day-to-day trading, and back end operations for a large New York money manager. Responsible for all aspects of the project, including analysis, coding, maintenance, and end user support. Project includes 9000 lines of 'C' Code, 30000 lines of Sybase SQL , 35000 lines of APT 4GL user interface code, and over 90 Database reports. Additionally, I developed & maintained software to control nightly data transfers, taught internal classes, and wrote toolbox of developer scripts. Created battery of reports to manage workloads and productivity of portfolio managers. AT&T Bell Laboratories Member of Technical Staff ( September 1985 - August 1989 ) UNIX, C Network Optimization Department. Designed, developed, and tested a 10000 line 'C' optimization module that engineers private 800 service networks for large AT&T clients. Developed pricing library for Interstate, Intrastate, and IntraLATA WATS services. Developed 'C' library of advanced math functions. Rotational assignment to AT&T Bell Labs Marketing organization. Responsible for technical content of visits to Bell Labs by high level operating company executives. Significant exposure to R&D efforts within Bell Labs. UNIX Workstation Development Department. Systems Engineer on technical team investigating potential for AT&T to enter the high performance graphics workstation market in partnership with Silicon Graphics. Participated in all aspects of implementation plan. Responsible for development of technical analyses of competing vendors (Sun, Dec, Apollo) and for identifying software requirements. Acted as primary interface to product management and marketing groups.
  4. 4. Cornell University ( September 1984 - May 1985 ) Teaching Assistant for senior level analog circuit design class and for graduate level lasers and optics class. Bell Communications Research ( June 84 - September 84 ) Developed FORTRAN System to monitor traffic on "Party Lines" for market research purposes. OTHER Home equipment includes 10 Base T Ethernet LAN connecting Sun Sparc Server running Sybase and 3 high end PC’s (2 NT Servers, 1 98/Linux) running Oracle, Sybase, and MS SQL Server. Own licensed copies of Powerbuilder Enterprise, Cast Workbench, and SQL Programmer. Apache web server & perl (both on NT & UNIX) used for current development. 800 Sat Math.