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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE as of 1st Oct 04 NAME: NEIL DAVIES ADDRESS: TELEPHONE: Work: Mobile: EMAIL neil_no_spam@neildavies.com: MARITAL STATUS: Married DATE OF BIRTH: 22nd July 1968 EDUCATION & QUALIFICATIONS 1979 - 1986 DAYNCOURT SCHOOL, Nottingham Achieved 9 'O' Levels and 4 'A' Levels 1986 - 1990 BRIGHTON POLYTECHNIC, Brighton, E. Sussex Achieved BSc (Hons) in Microelectronics and Information Processing OVERVIEW An experienced relational database practitioner specialising in Sybase SQL Server and related products. Over eleven years experience in design, support and performance tuning of Sybase systems . All previous assignments have involved major blue chip companies in the financial services industry. HARDWARE / SOFTWARE SunOS 4.1.x , Solaris 2.x on SUN Ultra‘s and SUN Enterprise 4000 - 10000 RS6000/AIX HPUX 10/11 REDHAT Linux Sybase SQL Server 4.9.x - 12.5.x SQL Monitor Sybase Replication Server 10 /11/12.1 Microsoft SQL server 6.5/7/2000 SQL/Stored Procedures/DB-lib / CT-lib /ODBC/Perl KEY SKILLS Sybase Database and Application Design Sybase Performance Monitoring and Tuning Sybase Database Administration Sybase Replication Server Solaris / SunOS System Administration Microsoft SQL server Curriculum Vitae: Neil Davies
  2. 2. EXPERIENCE March 03 - GOLDMAN SACHS, Fleet Street, London September 04 SYBASE DBA Member of the Sybase administration team responsible for all Sybase products within GS. Daily duties were production and development support of Sybase servers running releases 4.9.x through to 12.5 on Solaris/Linux with Replication Server 11/12.1. I supported all servers on a production support basis, but providing indepth advice on hardware and system specifications to my business area (Equities). This included performance tuning on an adhoc emergency basis when there was production problems and part of acceptance testing where I was active in mentoring developers on how to write good code. I did the database designs for small projects and reviews of data models/database designs on the larger ones. Ran several workshops for developers ranging from tuning sql queries to logical data modelling. Spent a significant amount of time improving the infrastructure for monitoring both Sybase and MS sqlservers. Most scripts where written in a mixture of Perl (ctlib) and stored procedures. Installed and tested first Linux Sybase servers in London and made the necessary changes to infrastructure scripts to port from Solaris. Environment had around 350 Sybase servers, 90 Microsoft SQL servers, 20 repservers and 5 UDB servers running batchs via Autosys. As part of the on call rota I provided out of hours support overnight and at weekends. 1 January 03 - Rabobank International Limited, Upper Thames Str, London Febuary 03 SYBASE DBA Hired for a short contract to upgrade a Sybase 11.0.3 server running on NT4 to Sybase 12 running on WIN2K. This involved building the test and production to be environments, advising on hardware performance and issues relating to SRDF usage. Debugging and recoding various stored procedures to cater for changes in some of the system functions between releases and opitimising sql with the additions of indexes and various the new configuration parameters available in 12.0 May 01 - Citigroup N.A. Tooley Str, London December 02 SYBASE and SQLserver DBA Member of the Database administration team responsible for all Sybase and Microsoft SQLservers with Citibank. Responsibilites included fault resolution and general maintainance (upgrades, releases, repserver trouble shooting etc). Sybase versions 11.x – 12.5 running on HPUX,Solaris and NT4. Microsoft servers 6.5 and 7 including replication. Projects Included: • Migration of 12 ASE 11.5.1 servers running on 6 HP unix machines onto two RP8400 and upgrading them to ASE. • Plan, test and implement a phased upgrade of an 8 way peer to peer replication system to repserver 12. • Upgrade and relocation of several MSSQL 7 servers to SQL 2000 running Windows 2000. Included ehancements and implementation of revised auditing on these servers as well as minor changes to application related procs. Curriculum Vitae: Neil Davies
  3. 3. EXPERIENCE, continued Feb 99 - GOLDMAN SACHS, Fleet Street, London January 01 SYBASE DBA Member of the Sybase administration team responsible for all Sybase products within Goldman Sachs. Job role and description the same as position date Mar 03 – Sep 04 March96 - ING BARINGS SECURITIES, London Wall, London January 99 SYBASE DBA Member of the Sybase administration team responsible for all Sybase products within Barings Securities. Daily duties were production and development support of Sybase servers running releases 4.9.x through to 11.9.2 on Solaris and SunOS with Replication Server 10/11. For 12 months I was team leader responsible for co- ordinating the work of the dba team and for setting the strategic direction of database products at the bank. Responsibilities /Projects included - • Installation/Design of Repserver System 11 configured in ‘warm standby’ mode to have local standby and then replicating via subscriptions to other remote sites • Upgrading SQL servers from 4.9.x and System10 to System11 • Evaluating and Implementing performance tuning improvements available in System 11 • Writing administration tools in Perl, Visual Basic and PowerBuilder • Installation and support of the GLOSS, SUMMIT (including SAL) and Peoplesoft packages • Sybase Server consolidation onto SUN Enterprise 10000, which including designing disk and domain layouts and planning migration of the application servers. Attended SUN E1000 System Administration and Veritas Volume Manager courses. • Responsible for the design, implementation and running of a test environment for development teams to test applications for Y2K compliance. • Support and maintainance for Microsoft SQL Servers installed • Installation/Design of 4 site replication systems using Repserver 11 and replicated stored procedures and tables over WAN technology • Training of staff in several oversees offices which involved putting together training materials and delivering the content as well as working day to day with them in their offices as part of the skill transfer. June 95 - March 96 FIDELITY INVESTMENTS, Tonbridge Road, Tonbridge, Kent SYBASE DBA Responsible for support and administration of all Sybase SQL servers within Fidelity. Environment consisted of approx. 50 Sun boxes ranging from SPARC 2’s to SPARC 1000E’s with SPARC Storage Arrays. Sybase servers running 4.9.1, System 10 and System 11. Responsibilities / Projects included - • Support of live, test and development Sybase and Unix environments • Upgrading of servers from SunOS 4.1.3 to Solaris 2.4 • Performance tuning of existing production SQL servers • Installation of remote access to Fidelity systems, via Firewall and ISDN • Design and implementation of internal Web servers • Writing of shell scripts for various admin. tasks • Planned distributed data architecture using Sybase Omni connect and Replication Server Curriculum Vitae: Neil Davies
  4. 4. EXPERIENCE, continued November 1994 CHASE MANHATTAN BANK, Chaseside, Bournemouth, Dorset -June 95 SYBASE DBA Working in a newly formed team with the remit to support all Sybase servers within Chase Europe and Asia. The team was set-up using myself and another consultant, which provided a knowledge base to train permanent employees taken onboard. We supported Sybase servers running versions 4.9.x through to 10.0.2 on SUN’s and AT&T’s. Responsibilities included - • Production support of live dealing room and development servers • Implementing house keeping facilities for servers • Reviewing and implementing security issues in a client server environment using System 10 • Database design for several MIS type applications. • Performance monitoring and tuning using SQL monitor • Sybase and SQL support to developers • Sybase installation, upgrading and vendor liaison. • SunOS 4.1.3 installation and administration August 1992 - AMERICAN EXPRESS EUROPE LTD, Edward Street, Brighton, E. Sussex November 1994 SYBASE ADMINISTRATOR Worked as DBA for all Sybase projects within the European region. Most of the projects involved the downsizing of existing systems onto RS6000s running System 10 SQL server. Responsibilities included - • Reviewing database and application design and providing direction on appropriate strategies • Design and implementation of housekeeping schedules • Data Analysis using IEF • Sybase Technical Support for all developers DATA DICTIONARY ADMINISTRATOR Responsible for the development and support of American Express' DataManager Dictionary. This includes support of both system and users, installations, software upgrades and vendor liaison. September 1990 - NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK PLC, London August 1992 DATA DICTIONARY ADMINISTRATOR Part of a small team responsible for the development of NatWest's dictionary products (DataManager, MethodManager, IBM DB/DC). This included providing user support for the dictionaries, systems support in the event of failure and vendor liaison. June 1988 - VOSPER THORNYCROFT CONTROLS September 1989 INDUSTRIAL PLACEMENT Real time software engineer, involved in the development of engine and gearbox management systems for military contracts using YOURDON design method. Carried out extensive work in Man Machine Interfaces (MMI) techniques. Curriculum Vitae: Neil Davies