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  1. 1. 1125 US Highway Route 22 West, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Phone (908) 429-8008 Ext. 313, Fax (908) 429-8005 Email: Nilesh@cyberthinkinc.com Contact: Nilesh Adani www.cyberthinkinc.com Resume of DHARMENDRA (Ref # 5307) SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS • Over Four years of IT experience in Software Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Implementation of Software using ORACLE 8i, 8.x & 7.x as database for two and three tier Client/Server applications running in HP-UNIX & Windows Environment out of which more than three years as Oracle DBA having Very Large Database of 350 G.B. working concurrently in an OLTP environments. • Technical lead for last 1 year for a team of 4. • Experience in Oracle Database Administration including design, planning/implementing backup/recovery strategies • Proficient in Database Administration activities such as:  Creating and Maintaining of the Oracle database.  Creating Tablespaces and Rollback segments.  Creation of users, profiles and roles.  Managing Database Structure, Storage Allocation, Table/Index segments, Rollback segments, Constraints, Database Access, Roles and Privileges.  Management of Space and Rollback Segments.  Writing scripts for automated backup, planning and monitoring regular Backups.  Tuning database, Tuning Applications, Tuning Memory, Tuning Disk Usage.  Database migration.  Monitoring user access to the database.  Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the Database.  Planning and scheduling backups.  Maintaining a test database for testing and research.  Sizing the database for future growth.  Experience in maintaining databases operated by 100 to 150 users.  Experience in Migrating Databases from Access, Dbase, Cobol to Oracle. • Written more than 300,000 lines of code in PL/SQL. • Experience in Oracle Forms 5.0/4.5/3.0 and Reports 2.5. • Expert in Export, Import and SQL*Loader Utilities • Experience in Oracle Enterprise Manager. • Proficient in Data Modeling (Logical and Physical Design of Databases) using Erwin 2.1 • Experience in Migration of Oracle 7.x to Oracle 8.x and Oracle 8i • Experience in SQL Tuning using Explain Plan • Experience in Performance Tuning • Strong trouble shooting, problem solving analytical and design skills • Experience in Disaster recovery • Expertise in writing Server side programming (Stored Procedures, Stored Functions, Database • Triggers and Packages). • Experience in PL/SQL. • Experience in maintaining multiple databases. • Experience in enabling TCP/IP network and managing SQL*NET connectivity. • Experience in Work Flow installing and configuring with clients using TCP/IP. • Experience in installation and configuration of Oracle and large database on Windows NT/95/98.
  2. 2. • Experience in Source Maintenance • Experience in Data warehousing for DSS • Familiar with Data Mining • Experience in Data Conversion from on Database to Oracle and Oracle to Other • Experience in Data Transfer from multi location • Experience in Design, Development, Quality Assurance, Implementation and Training phase of Software Development Life Cycle • Experience in Back ends such as Oracle, SQL Server, Ms Access • Experience in Operating system such as HP Unix, Solaris, Windows NT • Familiar with Web Server such as Microsoft I.I.S. Server, Oracle Web DB • BRAINBENCH Certified DBA for Oracle 8.0 • BRAINBENCH Certified DBA for Oracle 7.0 • BRAINBENCH Certified RDMS Concept for Oracle • Microsoft Certified Professional Exams Passed: ORACLE CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL: •Introduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL TECHNICAL SKILLS Database : ORACLE (8i, 8.x/7.x), SQL Server, MS Access Database Tools : Oracle 8i/8.x. /7.x with its tools such as Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL*Plus PL/SQL, Report Writer 3.0/2.5/1.1,Export/Import, SQL * Net, SQL*Loader & SQL*Menu, Forms 5.0/4.5, Reports 3.0/2.5 (Developer 2000) Case Tools : Erwin 2.1 Hardware : HP 9000 Server G40 and E45, IBM Netfinity 5000, IRIS Server, PCs (HP, IBM, WIPRO) Operating System : Unix HP, Win-NT/2000/98/95, MS-DOS Networking Protocol : TCP/IP, Serial Communication, Named Pipes, IPX/SPX Other Skills : MS Project, Office 2000, MS Front Page 2000, MS Image Composer GIF Animator. Data Conversion From one Database to Oracle, Data Transfer (From one Destination to Other Via Media or Modem through' Data Transfer utility). Source Maintenance PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE From Jul ‘00 to Present Administration of Children’s Services Oracle DBA New York Project: Administration of Children Services is a government organization of United States. Five production databases and equal number of test databases. Production databases are in remote site. They are of varying size from 25 GB to 100GB. Achievements: • Maintaining of the Oracle 8i, 8.x, 7.x databases. • Handled very large database of size more than 100GB. • 24x7 Production support: Support to the production machine and troubleshooting. • Monitoring daily archiving report done in cron for errors and rectification of errors. • Purging of database monthly. • Performance monitoring of database and tuning. •Identifying of Bottleneck Areas. Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. •Minimizing fragmentation •Resizing of data files, Allocating/Deallocating extents to tables, indexes. • Creation and administration of users and roles. • Security administration of Users and Roles. • Experience in planning and implementing backup through cron and recovery strategy. Jan ‘00 to Jun ‘00 Chase Infotech Limited Oracle DBA Project: Server Setup Environment: Oracle (8i, 8.x, 7.3), Windows NT, Lotus Domino (Release 4.0) Project Description: Server Setup, which includes NT Installation Oracle Installation Database Creation Data Transfer From Remote Server Clients Connectivity Developer 2000 Installation on Clients Lotus Domino Server Installation and administration Clients for Lotus installation and configuration Backup of Database and Source maintenance Migrating Databases from Dbase to Oracle Documentation Team size 2 Responsibilities: • Creation of database on the basis of Analysis of application, no of users, type of transactions (daily, weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly) as well as processing to be carried out. • Defined Backup Strategy • Connectivity with remote server with the help of database links • Transfer of data from remote host to new database • Tools / Techniques Used • For Oracle memory, CPU, I/O tuning and optimization • Tuning SGA by setting init.ora parameters • Tuning various buffers by examining SQL-DBA monitors • Rollback segment sizing for data loads and OLTP • Table and Index striping to balance I/O • Monitoring redo logs through trace and alert files • Restricting CPU and resource usage with Profiles • Overall monitoring through UTLBSTAT/UTLESTAT utility • Row chaining. • Space and storage monitoring using ANALYZE command • SQL optimization using EXPLAIN PLAN • Examining index usage and creating indexes for faster access • For Oracle /System backups • Cold backups of datafiles, logical backups using export Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. • Database Creation using Enterprise manager • Data Import using Oracles Data import export utility • Data Management, Creating Users. • Writing Stored Procedures, Triggers and Function • SQL Tuning, O/s User Management, Client Installation, Client Server Connectivity & Documentation. JUL ‘99 to DEC ‘99 Core Health Care Oracle DBA Project: Implementation Of Branch Software All over India Environment: Oracle (7.3), D2K (Forms 5.0, Reports 2.5), SQL Plus, Win-NT, HP-Unix Project Description: Installation of Financial Accounting Module, Sales Marketing Module to Branches of Span at different locations in India, Development of Budget Module and Loan Module Oracle installation Database creation Data Export, Import D2K installation Customize the module Merging of data centrally at H.O. Daily through Modem Generation of reports like daily stock position, payments, dispatches etc Team size 6 Responsibilities: • Loading of Personal Oracle. • Creation of Database, Tablespaces, Users, Rollback Segments, Tables, Views, Synonyms, Indexes, Grants, Integrity Constraints. • Data Transfers from one location to other. • Performance tuning of application and SQL statements at clients place and work place • Tuning of Oracle memory, CPU, I/O tuning and optimization • Tuning SGA by setting init.ora parameters • Tuning various buffers & User training. • Developments of Data Entry programs and reports as and when required. • Defining data collection process for daily or for a specific period and then transferring it from all location to centrally on place. • Merging of data from all location. • Generation of Management Information System • It was a kind of Hybrid OLTP System • Define system flow, System implementation, Data Creation. • User Training, Generation Of Reports, Development of D.E. Program & Documentation JAN ‘99 to Jun ‘99 Core Health Care Oracle Developer/DBA Project: Company Creation & Establishments Environment: Oracle (7.3), D2K (Forms 5.0,Reports 2.5), PL/SQL, SQL Plus, Win NT, HP-UNIX Project Description: To Create New Companies in database and its Divisions, Define systems of Sales & Marketing Module Materials Management Module Financial Accounting Module Export Module Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. Personal & Payroll Module Responsibilities: • Defining and creating of new trading company. • Defining functionality of the system and its operation. • Generalization of all modules for its day to day use. • Initialization of masters and all related entries. • Performance tuning of application and SQL statements. • Tuning of Oracle memory, CPU, I/O tuning and optimization. • Tuning SGA by setting init.ora parameters. • Tuning various buffers. • Defining of users grants and permission. • Training for operation of system as well as Client/Server technology. • To develop new Data Entry programs and reports for above mentioned modules. • Define system flow, Documentation & System implementation. JUL ‘98 to DEC ‘98 Core Health Care Oracle Developer/DBA Project: Pension and Provident Fund System Environment: Oracle (7.3), D2K (Forms 5.0,Reports 2.5), PL/SQL, SQL Plus, Erwin, Windows NT, and HP-UNIX Project Description: To Develop and design a system for the Government Of India to maintain records of Govt. Employees and then calculate their Provident Fund according to their service. Its kind of workflow system integrated with application. Team size 4 Responsibilities • Designed a system which automated all manual operations carried on in Govt. Offices of Pension & P.F. Branch • Design of D.F.D., E.R. Diagram, Context Analysis, Process Flow • Design of Inputs/Outputs • Branch Wise and Menu wise Security considerations • Database level Security • Creation and Maintenance of databases • Performance tuning of application and SQL statements • Monitoring user access to the database • Process Analysis Maintaining data Integrity • Granting and revoking roles • Identifying chained rows, row migration and defragmentation of database • Process Design, Documentation, Implementation & User Training • Client Server Connectivity using TCP/IP. MAR ‘98 to JUN ‘98 Core Health Care Oracle Developer /DBA Project: Opening Balance Of Ledgers, Customers, Suppliers at any point of time Environment: Oracle (7.3), D2K (Forms 5.0,Reports 2.5), PL/SQL, SQL Plus, Win NT, UNIX Project Description: To generate a process of SQL, PL/SQL with Functions to retrieve opening balances of any ledgers, customers, suppliers etc Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. Team size 1 Responsibilities • Process Analysis, Process Design • Writing Stored Function and PL/SQL • SQL Tuning, Documentation, Implementation & User Training. Jan ‘97 to Feb ‘98 Core Health Care Oracle Developer/DBA Project: Development of Budget Monitoring System, Loan Monitoring System, Administration Monitoring System, Reconciliation Of Subledgers Environment: Oracle (7.3), D2K (Forms 5.0,Reports 2.5), PL/SQL, SQL Plus, Win NT, UNIX Project Description: Development of System through SDLC Development of Forms and Reports Collection of Data from remote server Merging of data Reconciliation internally as well as externally for different type of vouchers Generating of reports Summarized or detail Team size 1 Responsibilities • Design and developed a program which reconciles data of two companies for a particular period from remote serve using database links • System Analysis and Design, Data Modeling. • Development of Forms using Developer 2000. • Development of Reports using Developer 2000 and SQL PLUS. • Monitoring and tuning of more than million of rows that has to be created and processed. • Writing PL/SQL statements, Process Analysis, Writing Stored Procedure. • Performance tuning of application and SQL statement tuning. • Process Design, Documentation, Implementation & User Training EDUCATION: Masters in Computer Application from Gujarat University. Bachelor Degree from Gujarat University. Page 6 of 6