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  1. 1. 1125 US Highway 22, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Phone (908) 429-8008 Ext.315, Fax (908) 429-8005 Email: colin@cyberthinkinc.com Contact: Colin Anderson www.cyberthinkinc.com Resume of NARAYANAN RAVI (Ref # 5151) SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: ∗ Eight years of experience in IT as ORACLE DBA (8i, 8.04,7.x, 6.x) (Production and Development) with three years of experience in Unix Administration (Solaris/SCO). ∗ Oracle certified DBA with an overall score of 88.56%. ∗ Expertise in Database Administration of live production Systems, Database planning for Software projects and products, DBA support to developers, Implementation and Maintenance of Oracle based Software and Design and Data Modeling (ER Methodology and Function Modeling). ∗ Installation of Oracle 7.x/8.x/8i (8.1.5/8.1.6) on Sun Solaris, SCO UNIX and Windows NT. ∗ Maintenance of a live production databases on Oracle 8.1.6 on Windows NT Oracle 8.04 on Solaris2.6,Oracle 7.1.6 on Solaris 2.4, Oracle 6.X on HP-UX, Oracle 7.3. On SCO UNIX. ∗ Maintenance jobs done are backup and recovery, space management, SQL*NET configuration, user maintenance, security through roles and privileges, the databases were OLTP Applications and batch processing. They were in a space-constrained environment; hence there were regular jobs of swapping data for different Applications while batch processing. ∗ Tuning Oracle Applications through Oracle server configuration (init.parameters, file location/relocation, redo log file placements, Rollback segment Management,), ∗ Managing objects (setting storage and extent parameters, pinning objects, rebuilding index) and running trace files (using Tkprof and Explain plan utility) and optimization of SQL queries. ∗ Used Oracle Enterprise Manager and packages, Oracle Expert, Tuning Pack and all OEM Packages. Configured Management Server and Intelligent Agents. ∗ Migration of databases from Oracle 7.1 to 7.3 on SCO UNIX, from Oracle 7.3.2 to Oracle 8.04 on Windows NT. ∗ Configuring Oracle Names Server. ∗ Standby Database Implementation. ∗ RMAN setup and usage. ∗ System sizing for projects, Database planning for Software product/projects. ∗ Experience in monitoring and tuning databases using Oracle Enterprise Manager. ∗ Documenting Databases and preparing activity report. ∗ Expertise in Unix System Administration (Solaris 2.4/7.0 and SCO Open Server 5.0), including Managing users, System resources and Backup. ∗ Experience in Shell programming. ∗ Knowledge of C and Java. ∗ Served as faculty in teaching Oracle SQL and DBA for new recruits. TECHNICAL SKILLS: RDBMS :Oracle 8i,Oracle 8.05,Oracle 7.3, Oracle 7.1 and Oracle 6.0. Operating System: Solaris 2.4/2.6,Solaris7, HP-UX 8.0, SCO Open server 5.0, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95. Applications on Oracle: People Soft 7.x and Oracle Financials 10.7 Tools: SQL, PL/SQL2.3,PL/SQL 8, PRO*C, Forms 3.0, report writer 1.1, CASE 5.0, Developer 2000,Designer 2000, Oracle Jdeveloper, Server Manager, Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL*Loader and Oracle Export-Import utilities. Languages: C and Java. Hardware: Sun Sparc SS20, Sun Ultra, HP 9000, Wipro Acer 7000 and IBM PC Compatibles. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: July 2000 till present Voci Corporation, Campbell, CA Consultant DBA Project details:
  2. 2. Oracle DBA for development database and production implementation and Data modeling of the Application with ERWin. Hardware: DELL 6500 servers. Software: Windows NT 4.0, Oracle 8I (8.1.6) * 5 instances, Production, Test, Development, ERWin modeling tool, OEM. Activities. 1. Planning for the database 2. Logical and physical modelling and implementation. 3. Set up of development, test and production environment. 4. Preparing Database monitoring scripts. 5. OEM Management Server, configuration and monitoring. 6. Hot standby set up and implementation. 7. RMAN usage for backups. 8. Perl scripts for email reports. May 2000 to July 2000 Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, Boston Consultant DBA Project details: Oracle DBA for People Soft and Oracle Financials application on Sun Solaris. Hardware: Sun Ultra E3000 x 2 Servers. Software: Solaris 2.6, Oracle 8.0.5, Oracle 7.3.4, Oracle Applications 10.7 and People Soft 7.0, Discoverer 3.1. DBA Activities. 1. Monitoring and Performance tuning of People Soft and Oracle Applications on Oracle 7.3.4/8.0.5 2. Preparing and implementing Backup strategy. 3. Documentation of the Database. 4. Shell scripts for automating the hot backups, cold backups, cleanups, archiving using cron job. 5. Implemented Discoverer 3.1 for flexible reporting needs for the Fixed Assets module of Financials. May 1999 to May 2000 Goldstone Softech Limited. Oracle DBA and Project Manager. System Administration of Solaris 7 and Windows NT. Project details: ESWAP Trading Management System This is a Software Product catering to the needs of Medium Scale Trading Companies. Software: Oracle 8i, Oracle Jdeveloper 3.0 Hardware: Acer Intel Server, Sun Ultra ESWAP offers an integrated enterprise solution for the trading organisations. This product caters to the needs of all General Trading companies of any scale like Sales, Warehousing, Accounting and Purchasing. Activities done as DBA. 1. Installed Oracle 8.1.5 on Solaris 7.0 and Windows NT. 2. Installed Oracle Repository in the Server for Designer 2000 3. Installed Oracle Jdeveloper 2.0/3.0 on the client machines (15 Intel PCs) 4. Established Connectivity to the Servers. 5. Configured the database, created users, space allocation, and security management of the users. 6. Space allocation specific to Designer 2000 repository. 2
  3. 3. 7. Created Applications in the Repository. 8. Privileges to users in the case Repository. 9. Checking the storage parameters and transaction parameters, Estimation of size requirements of data with respect to number of users and data volume growth rate. All these with the perspective of the package as a Product. 10. DDL script (for the Application) preparation and creation. 11. Database creation script to accompany the product. 12. Assistance in tuning the SQL scripts for the developers. As System Administrator installed Solaris 7.0 on Sun Ultra system. Installation of Solaris 7.0 on Ultra Sparc system. Created file systems and users. Configured the System parameters to set up shared memory to run Oracle. Installed Windows NT and Service packs. Installed CVS version control software on windows clients. Created users and CVS configuration on Linux server for having the configuration items. Data modeling, Function modeling of the Application, Project Management of the Development. Project planning, Activities break down, Design, Coordinating Development. Version control, Testing. Installer design with Install Shield 5.0. Product CD cutting and completion. January 1996 to May 1999 HMT Limited, Computer Systems Division Oracle DBA of development and production database, Data modeling,Design & Development. System Administration of Solaris 2.4, SCO UNIX and Windows NT Administered Multiple Databases HMT Limited Computer Systems division hosted the Central computer, database for its seven manufacturing units at Bangalore. The manufacturing units are, HMT Watch Factory I & II, HMT Machine Tool unit, HMT Die casting and Plastic machinery unit, HMT Precision Machinery unit, HMT Specialized watch case division, HMT CNC Systems Division and HMT Central Reconditioning Cell. All these units are situated in a radius of 4 Kilometers and net worked through dedicated leased lines. All the IT Applications were hosted in the central Server at HMT Computer Systems Division. HMT Computer Systems Division also hosted the Payroll data for these manufacturing Units and other Sales and support divisions of the Enterprise. HMT Computer Systems Division was also developing an ERP Application named VIKAS consisting of 14 different modules. HMT Computer Systems Division also undertakes various software projects from clients, develop, Implement and maintain them. Hardware: Sunsparc SS20, Wipro Acer 7000 V, Digital 1200, Philips X.25 Switch, Georim Ethernet switch, Hubs, Lan Terminal Servers. Software: Solaris 2.4, SCO Open Server 5.0, Windows NT, Windows 95, Sunlink 8.0, Sparc C, Oracle 7.16 on Solaris 2.4, Oracle 7.3.3 on SCO Open Server and Oracle 8.04 on Windows NT, Designer 2000 on Windows NT, Forms 3.0, PRO*C, Developer 2000, Oracle Enterprise Manager. Project details: As a DBA carried out the following activities. 1. Installation and configuration of Oracle 7.1.6 on Solaris 2.4, Oracle 7.3.2 on SCO Open Server 5.0, Oracle 7.3.4 on Windows NT. 2. Migration of Oracle 7.3.2 to 7.3.3 on SCO Open Server 5.0. 3. Migration of Oracle 7.3.4 to 8.04 on Windows NT. 4. Installation and configuration of Oracle Designer 2000 on Windows NT. 5. Creation and Maintenance of databases on all the above three Servers. 6. Backup Planning and maintenance. Both logical Backups using export/ import and physical backups using OS utilities. 7. Familiar with the shell scripts for backup and changing them as and when needed. 3
  4. 4. 8. All the instances in Unix systems were running with Archive log mode. Done the backups and planning for recovery needs. 9. All instances in Unix system run in mts mode. Familiar with configuration of mts. 10. Maintenance of Production Database of 10 GB on Solaris 2.4. 3 GB on SCO Open Server 5.0 and 2 GB on Windows NT. 11. Tuning of the Database. 12. SQL Query tuning help to developers. Used Explain Plan and tkprof utilities. 13. Creation and maintenance of Users and Security planning. Total of about 100 users connected to various units of the Organization. 14. Creating roles and controlling user privileges. 15. SQL*Net configuration for connecting all the 3 servers and to the clients. 16. Creation and maintenance of Repository for Designer 2000. Creation of Application and controlling access privileges for Applications and Users. 17. Payroll being a large Applications run twice in a month, done a lot of space management, Rollback segment management. 18. Extents checking of the Transaction tables and managing space for them. 19. Usage of Server manger and SQL*DBA tool and OEM for analyzing usage and lock contention of the Database. 20. Monitoring and optimizing the performance of these multiple databases. 21. Analysis and solving Oracle errors. 22. Installing Developer 2000 and Designer 2000 on client machines and configuring SQL*Net both manually and using SQL*Net Easy configuration tool. 23. Database sizing for new projects based on the Data volume, Tables, growth rate and number of users. 24. DBA guidance to new projects while development and implementation at customer sites. 25. Used SQL*Loader to port data from other user systems to Oracle. 26. Installed Oracle Enterprise Manager on a NT Server and used the tools for monitoring the databases at HMT. The tools used were 1. Oracle Instance Manage. 2. Oracle Security Manager. 3. Oracle Data Manager. 4. Oracle schema Manager. 5. Oracle Performance Monitor. As a System Administrator carried out the following activities. 1. Solaris, SCO UNIX user, group creation, managing users, space and security. 2. Creation of profiles for Oracle Usage and other environmental variables. 3. File systems creation and maintenance. 4. Backup of user files and root configuration files. 5. Printer Administration using lpadmin utility. 6. Connectivity of clients and dumb terminals through LAN terminal Servers, X.25 switch, X.25 PADS, Georim Ethernet switch and hubs. 7. Coordinating for Patch installation on Solaris. 8. Local Area Network TCP/IP network first line maintenance. 9. Installation of Windows NT, Windows 95 on clients and establishing connectivity by configuring network drivers. 10. Monitoring performance by sar utility, iostat utility and checking swap space. 11. System configuration of Unix systems for shared memory segments in Solaris and SCO UNIX. 12. Used SCO Admin utility and Task monitor in Windows NT to monitor OS respectively. Projects worked as Designer and Developer. Purchase Order System of the VIKAS ERP developed at HMT. This module consisted of functions starting from Material Purchase Request, Tendering, Quotation Entry, Comparative statements, Supplier selection and Purchase Order Release. This was integrated to MRP, Inventory and Quality modules. This was done with Forms 3.0 as the Front end and PRO*C as the reporting tool. As a part of this Exercise written Triggers and PL/SQL procedures. Carried out data migration from an MRPII system to this new system. The total migration script was written, checked and migration done by me. This module was completed and implemented at HMT Die casting and Plastic Machinery Division. Data Modeling done by Entity Relation ship and Function Modeling. CASE 5.0 was used to create DDL and 4
  5. 5. SQL*Reports. For better user interface the front end Forms were done manually. Project: Trading Management System. This project was done with a minimal SRS document from the user Alpha Data System, Abu Dhabi, UAE. It consisted of Sales, Service, Stores, Reservation and Purchasing system for a Trading Company, which trades Electronic and Computer goods. This project was done in a record time of 3 months using Developer 2000 (Forms4.5 and Reports 2.5). Data modeling done using Entity Relation ship method. Screens, Reports done through Function Modeling. I was the DBA associate for this development project and the project leader. It consisted of 90 Tables and a lot of Procedures and Triggers. The success of this model lead to the bagging of the Order for a full fledged System with a thorough System Analysis at the User end. This project acted as a proto type for the actual System. Project: System Analysis at Mangalore Petrochemicals Limited (MRPL). I was a Team member of a group of 5. Visited MRPL and held discussions with the various departmental heads and elicited the requirements. The areas visited were Material Planning and Stores, Purchase, Maintenance, Human Resources department and Time Office. Studied various functions, processes and procedures in a Process Industry and made a System Requirements Definition Document. Hospital Management System for Military Hospital . This was a 150-bed hospital where we had implemented the Hospital Management System Software developed at HMT Computer Systems Division. The major functions included were, Patient Registration, Doctors scheduling, Ward management, Diet control, Operation scheduling, Medical stores. Hardware: Intel Pentium Server with 16 dumb terminals through Lan terminal Servers and line drivers. Software: Oracle 7.3.4, Forms 3.0 and Pro*C. All on SCO Open Server 5.0. As DBA I carried the following activities. 1. Installation and configuration of Oracle Server. 2. Creation of Data base with Table spaces and users. 3. User privilege and roles assignment. 4. Tuning the initialization parameters. 5. Backup planning and scheduling with shell scripts. 6. Handing over the System to the Hospital DBA with documentation of the activities to be carried out. Apart from this I carried out the Project Management activities of managing the developers and the development to be completed in time. July 1993 to Dec 1995 HMT Limited Watch IV, India. DBA (Oracle 6.x) Production and Development, System Administrator HP-UX 8.0 and developer. HMT Limited Watch Factory is a Watch manufacturing unit with 4 Million-production capacity. Involved in WFTCOMS (Watch Factory Tumkur Computerized Online Manufacturing System) as a System Analyst, Developer and DBA. WFTCOMS is MRPII based business Application designed and developed at HMT Watch Factory Tumkur. It consisted of modules such as Engineering Data control, Stores and Inventory, Purchase, Production Planning and control, Inspection, Maintenance Management and Ancillaries. Hardware: HP 9000 System with 128MB memory and 3 GB Disk, Terminal concentrators and dumb terminals. Software: Oracle 6.x on HP-UX 8.x/9.x, Forms 3.0, PRO*C, Reports 1.1. No of instances: 2. One development and the other Production. Database Size 2 GB. 30 Users. As a DBA carried the following activities. 1. Associated with the developers for sizing the database. 2. Created users, table spaces and space allocation for the Application. 3. Installed the Application. 5
  6. 6. 4. Security planning, testing and monitoring. 5. Planning Backups and maintenance. 6. Performance monitoring and tuning of the Database and the Application. 7. Oracle error corrections. 8. Maintaining WFTCOMS Application and Payroll processing Application. As a developer involved in System Analysis of the modules of Engineering Data control (EDC), Production planning (PPC) and Maintenance Management Systems (MM) of the WFTCOMS. Data Modeling with Entity Relation ship methodology and Function Modeling. Developed screens using Forms 3.0, PLSQL, SQL*Menu 1.0 and PRO*C. The EDC module serves the master data needs of the total Application. It had data pertaining to the Product, Unit of Measure, Stock parameters, Manufacturing process sequence and other details. The PPC module serves the release of Guide cards, tracking the movement of the components through out its process sequence and gives a total picture of the component at various stages in the manufacturing process. It also gives a count of rejected, rework and accepted components at various stages. The Maintenance module maintains the Machines master, the spares, work order maintenance, preventive maintenance checks and machine history records. The Systems were implemented and I also maintained it till user acceptance. As System Administrator of HP-UX involved in 1. User creation and maintenance. 2. Auditing user actions. 3. Backup and maintenance of file Systems. 4. Maintaining connectivity through Terminal concentrators and line drivers. 5. Coordinated in upgrading the OS from 8.0 to 9.04. 6. Maintaining System logs. November 1987 to June 1993 HMT Limited Watch IV , India. Deputy Engineer/ Deputy Manager. Worked in Maintenance and Research and Development departments. Design, Development and maintenance of PLC and CNC control Systems for machine Tools. Education: Bachelor of Engineering - Electronics and Instrumentation. First Class with distinction (Dec 1985). Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Tamil Nadu, India. Diploma in Computer Programming and Applications. First Class Annamalai University (May 1993). Diploma in Management Indira Gandhi National Open university (June 1995). Oracle8 Certified Database Administrator (April 2000). 6