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  1. 1. 1125 US Highway Route 22 West, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Phone (908) 429-8008 Ext. 315, Fax (908) 429-8005 Email: nikhil@cyberthink.com Contact: Nikhil Upreti www.cyberThink.com Resume SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: • Over SEVEN years solid experience working as a Systems Administrator, Database Administrator and Network Support Specialist. • Proficient in the administration and network support of most Operating Systems (UNIX: Solaris, HP UX, AIX, LINUX and Windows: NT, 2000 Server) and RDBMS (Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase). • Oracle Certified Database Administrator (OCP DBA) in Oracle 9i, MCDBA, MCSA, and MCSE (Microsoft Certified: Database Administrator, System Administrator, and Systems Engineer. • MCP ID: 2863094), MCP in Exchange Server 2000 Administration, HP UNIX 11i Certified Systems Administrator as well as Sun Certified Solaris 8 System Administrator. • Oracle Certified Database Administrator for Oracle 9i Database (OCP DBA 9i): May 2003 (Prometric Id for OCP Exams is 414870283). • Sun Certified Solaris 8 System Administrator (SCSA): Sept 2001. • HP UNIX 11i Certified Systems Administrator (HP UX Certified). • MCDBA, MCSA, MCSE (Microsoft Certified: Database Administrator, System Administrator, and Systems Engineer), and MCP in Exchange Server 2000 Administration. • MCP ID for all Microsoft certifications 2863094. • BrainBench Certified Internet Professional In Web Administration (UNIX as well as Linux) • BrainBench Certified Master in System Analysis and Design • Topped the BrainBench Charts in this test by being the second highest scorer all over the world. Brain Bench Certifications listed Category wise: • Related Web Administration and Technologies: • BrainBench Certified in: Apache 1.3 administration, CGI Scripting, JavaScript, Perl, PHP4, and UML (Unified Modeling Language) Related to System Analysis, Design, Administration and Project Management: • BrainBench Certified in: Change Management, Customer Requirements Analysis, Linux Administration, Networking Concepts, Software Business Analysis, UNIX Administration (AIX, HP, and UNIX General), and UNIX Programming (General) • Related to RDBMS • BrainBench Certified in: Database Marketing, Data Modeling Concepts, Oracle 8i Administration, Sybase 11.x Administration and RDBMS Concepts. TECHNICAL SKILLS: Operating Systems: Windows – NT 4.x, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Millennium, Windows XP, UNIX: SOLARIS 8/7/2.6, HP – UNIX, AIX UNIX, LINUX: Redhat, Caldera, SuSE, MS Exchange Server 2000/5.5 Administration, Fair experience: AS/400. Database: Oracle 8i/9i, MS-Access, MySQL, Sybase, SQL Server 7, SQL Server 2000, Fair Knowledge: Informix, DB2 RDBMS. Languages: C/C++, C#, JAVA (Including JDBC, and JSP), Visual Basic 6, Visual C++, HTML, JavaScript, UNIX Shell scripting (ksh, BASH, csh, tcsh), VB Scripting, PERL Scripting, XML, ASP, COM+, ADO, ActiveX, PL/SQL, T-SQL, iSQL and PHP 4 Other Software Packages: Photoshop, Corel Draw, 3-D Studio Max, SPSS and SAS, Word Processing: MS Office Suite (MS: Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, Excel, Access, FrontPage), Star Office, and Open Office Suite. Webservers: Apache 2.0, Bea Weblogic Application Server Platform 7.0, iPlanet and MS IIS Administration Pages 1 of 6
  2. 2. Related To System Design Project Development: UML using Rational Rose, MS Visio, and MS Project. Data Modeling Tools: Erwin and ERStudio. Network Services (& related): DNS, DHCP, LDAP (OID), IMAP & SMTP, SNMP, NIS, and NIS+. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Dec ‘02 - Present United States Census Bureau Sr Oracle DBA/Unix Admin MD Responsibilities: • Primary role of Database/System Administrator. • Supported 24x7 Environment utilizing iPlanet and Oracle in a Solaris enterprise class environment interacting with NT application components. • Installed and configured Veritas Netbackup solution and designed reporting package. • PERL scripting for various projects including archiving security photos, remote command execution on multiple routers, monitoring scripts for the SNMP stacks on printers, and CGI scripting for custom applications. • Installed, configured and maintained Apache (SSL/mod_perl/PHP), Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i, Sendmail, Qmail, RAV mail server antivirus software, Veritas Netbackup 3.4, Solaris 8 (IP Filter, tcp wrappers), and loghost services. • Developed UNIX (ksh) Shell Scripts to enable Oracle Backup and recovery implemented through RMAN. • Regular System Administration Activities Included: assigning users, memory quotas & home directories, perform scheduled maintenance and backup (used ufsdump and tar utilities), as well other regular tasks such as - using format utility, software package administration and maintaining patches, using Process control functions and daemons (e.g. cron daemon) and other functions that help tune the operating system for optimal performance. • TCP/IP Administration on Solaris 8 including NFS, NIS, NIS+, and DNS. • Successfully migrated a test Solaris server from NIS to LDAP database, for naming services and configured clients to lookup LDAP database. • Other regular activities on HP UX (10.x) included: • Administering the system with SAM and managing users in groups, peripherals and device files. • Create, modify, remove, and manage LVM volume groups and logical volumes. • Create, modify, and manage the special structures needed for bootable disks. • Set the TERM, PATH, PS1, and other POSIX shell environment variables. • Troubleshoot problems encountered during system startup and user login. • Planning back up and recovery using SAM as well as command line (fbackup and frecover). • Implemented HP OmniBack backup and recovery solution for critical systems including HP UX mail server, Windows NT DNS/DHCP Server, and Oracle on Solaris for point-in-time recovery. • Regular RDBMS Administration activities were: • Migration of Oracle 8i to 9i across platforms (from Windows NT to Solaris 8) • Created Names Directory and Email Directory using Oracle’s implementation of LDAP (OID) – Oracle Internet Directory. • Troubleshooting: Responsible for solving common problems like database down, out of tablespace, database performance issues, and application migration. • Provided database administration functions, including user account creations, User account deletions, control access and resources, data management and restoration, Backups, connectivity to the databases. • Logical Schema and physical design of two additional smaller demographic databases with special regard to query sensitive environment in concert with developers. • Application Development activities: • Assisted in design, implementation and tuning of demographic data application programmed in Visual Basic / ASP • Modified VB code appropriately to use higher granularity locks and thus increased availability of production database. Page 2 of 5
  3. 3. Environment: Solaris 8, Windows NT, Oracle 8i/9i, HP UX 11.x Jun ’99 to Oct ‘02 Hinduja Group of Hospitals Mumbai, India Responsibilities: • Assumed a multifaceted role of Systems Developer/Engineer in concert with SQL Server 2000 DBA. Was part of the core project team overseeing migration of Windows NT to Active Directory. Salient Duties Included: • Performed Migrations from NT 4.0 to Windows 2000 Active Directory. • Analyze business requirements and Design Active Directory service architecture. • Designed Organizational Unit Structure (OU’s) in Active Directory. • Configure and Implement Group Policy Objects in Active Directory. • Configured DNS for use with Active Directory. • Backup and test restore of Active Directory for disaster recovery. • Design the placement of operations masters, domain controllers, DNS and DHCP as part of DNS, DHCP and WINS implementation. • IIS 5 – Internet Information Services Configuration and Administration. • Administration of Exchange 5.5. • Server 2000 DBA at peripheral hospital site: • Development responsibilities for a 20 gigabytes - Billing application and a 1 terabyte medical records application on a Clustered Windows NT 4.0/2000 server environment and SQL Server 2000 installation • Used Erwin and ERStudio extensively for data modelling. • Responsibilities included creation of new tables, views and stored procedures to meet client requirements on an ongoing basis. • Responsible for tuning of existing stored procedures and making recommendations to both VB/ASP developers and production DBAs on optimizing current and future code. • Responsible for creation of any import and extract processes using BCP (Bulk Copy Program), or DTS (Data Transformation Services). • Was part of the development team for a Clinical Data Analysis data warehouse/Datamart to allow multidimensional analysis of disease data. • The data warehouse was developed on SQL Server and OLAP Server. • Designed and implemented both the star schema and cube implementations and the DTS package to process the incoming data, and rebuild the dimensions and cube. • Optimized the data warehouse for fast load performance and optimized the OLAP database for fast load and retrieval. • Designed other ETL (Extract Transform and Load) programs to reflect business logic. Environment: SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 7, Windows NT, Windows 2000 Server, Exchange Server 2000/5.5, MS IIS Jan ‘98 - May ‘99 Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals Mumbai, India Principal data architect and administrator as well as part of the core team responsible for system design against a very constrained IT budget. Responsibilities: • RDBMS design and administration activities included: • Data architecture and modeling Complete Logical Schema and physical design of Sales Production and Inventory databases. • RDBMS was of Oracle 7.3 initially against a UNIX (Solaris 7 environment). • Performed database upgrades, patches, and migrations among 3 boxes, 5 instances, and 9 schemas using 7.3.4, 8.1.7 32Bit and 8.1.7 64Bit. Page 3 of 5
  4. 4. • Maintenance, support, and training for Junior DBAs within a 3-person DBA team using Oracle 7.3.4, 8.1.5 and 8.1.6. Worked with the developers to optimize poor performing SQL. • Batch processing speeds gained from this optimization eliminated the need for planed replicated database to support reporting and thereby saved over Rs 100,000 in hardware, software and disk resources. • Identified solutions for the application’s SQL/Loader scripts, which eliminated the need for additional external processes used to clean the data prior to loading. • Identified and eliminated a batch processing bottle neck due to archive log processes. Responsible for training the Junior DBA in supporting this database after the upgrade. • Wrote UNIX shell (korn) scripts to support backup and recovery using RMAN sometimes without OEM support and several other korn shell scripts, SQL scripts, and PL/SQL procedures to enhance reporting, monitoring, and diagnostic capability for the DBA team. • Performed database reviews to evaluate database design and conformity to Project Scope Standards. • Used Statspack and Oracle Enterprise Manger tuning pack, extensively for native RDBMS tuning. The former specially for performing trend analysis. Environment: Oracle 7.3/8.x, Solaris 2.6/7, Windows NT, AS/400 Jun ‘97 – Jan ‘98 Tata Group of Hospitals: Tata Memorial Oncology Research Center Mumbai, India Responsibilities: • Database administrator and UNIX engineer. • As a technical specialist for Tata Memorial, I was the UNIX Engineer providing systems engineering for the enterprise UNIX group. • Provide UNIX architecture design and review for corporate business unit project requirements. • Designed and documented corporate standards and best practices for implementation and support of Sun Solaris servers. • Supported recurring operations for Solaris 2.6 servers. • Wrote shell scripts to automate operational tasks and reporting. • Implemented Web-based reporting tools, using Apache and Perl CGI scripts. • Wrote shell scripts, using awk and sed, to filter logs, support backups, and notify support staff via pager or email. • Developed documentation and training materials for most skill intensive newly purchased products. • Configured and maintained corporate network services, including DNS, NFS, SMTP, Anonymous FTP. And TCP over IP. • Designed Total Backup strategy to tape, to be implemented through shell scripts using ufsdump and tar utilities. • Formatted disk partitions with format and created file systems using newfs. • Managed disks, disk space, disk configuration, optimization, tuning, quotas, tunefs, fmthard, prtvtoc, df, du etc. • Performed network administration including configuration of TCP/IP files, net masking, assignment of IP addresses, remote connections, assignment of hostnames and shooting using ifconfig, ping, snoop, ndd, traceroute etc. • Managed users and groups using useradd, groupadd etc. Managed system and user authentication/authorization using Unix files like hosts.equiv, rhosts, netrc, /etc files, ACLs, permissions etc. • Performed remote connection using TCP/IP utilities like rlogin, telnet, ftp etc. • Database Administration included: • Database Architect and design: Perform a thorough requirements analysis. Create, design and diagram logical data models to support data applications in more than one functional area. Design and extract atomic data elements. Designed, developed and maintained, physical and logical databases. • Regular DBA work: User account / Schema /Role creation, maintenance, session monitoring, session killing, sql trace, and tkprof. Data loads using SQL*Loader, export-imports for backing certain tables. Page 4 of 5
  5. 5. • Worked with materialized views or snapshots. Developed scripts to find broken snapshots and to refresh them automatically. • Capacity planning for disk, trending the space usage of tables, table spaces etc. Design and implementation of back up strategy including carrying “hot backups”, archive log configuration etc. • Tuning and optimization: Wrote stored procedures to identify and rebuild indexes periodically. • Oracle Names Server: Monitor the UNIX process for ONS; restart automatically it if it fails. • Wrote ksh scripts for detailed and precise information about locks, SGA, cache, objects in cache, stats, events, and space in the database at the current time. • Another script for trending over a period of time. Monitored largest free chunk per tablespace as well. • Schema comparison: for differences in tables, indexes, columns, grants, triggers etc. • Invalid Objects: Find and compile all invalid objects using SQL generating scripts. Environment: Solaris 2.6, AIX, Oracle 7.3. ‘95 – ‘97 Indo German Education and Software Development Inc Mumbai, India Responsibilities: • Worked primarily as a system/network administrator and as assistant database administrator. • UNIX Shell scripting (bsh, csh, bash, tcsh) basic and advanced. UNIX networking (TCP/IP based). • Performed hardware maintenance, upgrades, and component-level troubleshooting on workstations and servers. Installed, configured, and maintained critical infrastructure services using BIND, sendmail, apache, and wu-ftpd. Configured Windows NT 3.1 server and workstation. Tested and configured new entrant Windows NT 4.0. • Designing, configuring and Tuning of Oracle 7.3. Totally Responsible for transferring database to production environment. Environment: UNIX mainly, later Linux and Windows NT 3.2/4. Web-Intelligence World Wide Limited (May ‘97 – Dec ‘97) Weekly Ezine Medcorner A biweekly on the web (actually for trial purposes) that required, subscription and un-subscription entries, recommendations scripts, auto replies, automatic banner rotation, and feedback to the readers. A perl file wherein best URL was opened in the frame so as to promote the brand image .A facility was provided where in one can ask Queries to Expert panel members and a feedback to the readers analyzing the different sections (graphically) of the Ezine. Ran on Linux OS - Apache Web server. Responsibilities: • Responsible for PERL programming, front-end designing, and server - side HTML and also some CGI in C++. Configuration of Apache Modules. • Redhat Linux Administration and Tuning. Environment: Programming: CGI-PERL, C++, JavaScript, DHTML, PHP3, MS –Access, Mysql, and Redhat Linux with Apache 1.3 web server. EDUCATION: Masters of Science, Management Information Systems (M.I.S.) Concentration, University Of Memphis Memphis, TN. GPA 3.4 BS (Medical Sciences) Avg. GPA 3.25 – SIES – Sion, Mumbai University Of Mumbai, India, ’95 Page 5 of 5