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  1. 1. 465 Union Avenue, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Phone (908) 429-8008 Ext. 13, Fax (908) 429-8005 Email: nilesh@cyberthinkinc.com Contact: Nilesh Adani www.cyberthinkinc.com Resume of VISHWAJEET KOTAH (Ref # 2483) SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: • Over 8 years of experience in system analysis, application/database design and administration of which 5 years has been primarily in Oracle database administration of various Production Systems and UNIX system administration. • Oracle 8i DBA Certified Professional. • 2.5 years of extensive exposure in Crash/Disaster Recovery with Quick turn-around times using the corporate DR standards using highly sophisticated EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility integrated with third party software Omniback II 3.5. • Proficient in Database Management Procedures (Logical and Physical Design of databases), Performance Tuning of Oracle Servers and unparalleled exposure towards backup/recovery strategies. • Extensive knowledge in physical distribution of Oracle Database files at OS level for maximum throughput and optimum performance of the Servers. • Configured SAP R3 based Oracle instances in HP Openview (Omniback II 3.5) with media pool design, tape library management and ensuring of timely restorable and recoverable instances using my knowledge about Oracle Database administration and SAPDBA. • Knowledge of Multimaster Replication.. • Extensive knowledge in the usage of SAP DBA, brtools 4.6, brbackup, brrestore and brarchive. • Configured and Implemented Split-mirror backup/restore/recovery technology using Omniback/ SAP/EMC integration with backint and RMAN integration with Omniback. • Unix System administration skills include working in a High availability environment across fail- over servers, usage of logical volume manager, activation/de-activation of volume groups, usage of shell scripts in database administration related automation procedures. • Installed, configured, tuned and administered databases for mission critical highly secure Banking applications with high availability in a sophisticated technology related environment. • Monitored system usage/CPU related statistics at UNIX level for resource allocation and proper management of system resources. • Experienced in planning RAID levels 1 to 5. • At Unix level monitored file systems thresholds, usage of vmstat, iostat, installation and set up of Solaris 2.6 Servers, with user account management, configuration of print services, Oracle installation and system set-up activities. • Responsible for the installation and up gradation of Omniback II, SAP R3 integration with EMC SymmConsole 4.x software. • Administered databases of various sizes 40 GB to 1. 3 Terabytes. • Usage of SQL in Database design and development apart from Database Tuning. • Involved in planning RAID levels and allocation of files among different disks. • Capable to work independently or as a part of a Team, for timely project execution and hand-offs. • Project Leader for interconnecting of ABM’s all throughout India through an intermediary Tandem Base 24 machine using VSAT links. • Well-developed System management skills with flair towards completing projects within time and a liking for problem identification, tracking and resolution. • Worked at the Analysis/Design level of SDLC and was an active member in the process of automation of various Financial reporting tasks. • 24 x 7 support for any critical Production Database issues. TECHNICAL SKILLS: Operating Systems : HP-UNIX 11.0, Sun Solaris, WINDOWS NT/2000, Novell NetWare 4.1. Third Generation Languages : Lotus Notes Domino 4.5, COBOL & C Database Management Systems : FoxPro 2.6 & FOCUS Page 1 of 5
  2. 2. Resume of VISHWAJEET KOTAH Relational Database Management Systems : ORACLE 7.x,, 8i (OEM), SYBASE Word Processors : WordPerfect 6.0, OFFICE 2000 Suite Banking Application Software : Micro Banker rel.7.0, ISBS Backup Software : Omniback II 2.55/3.0/3.1/3.5 (SAP/EMC-SRDF & Oracle Integration) Hardware Platforms worked on : HP V/N/L/K -Class Systems, Sun Ultra Sparc Systems HP LH 5/100 Servers, HP 9000, Pentium PC’s/Servers PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Nov ‘98 to Present Lucent Technologies Inc. Warren, NJ Oracle DBA Four DBA team managing Backup and Disaster Recovery aspects of eighty-seven Oracle based SAP R3 Instances. Responsible for designing and implementing new Backup strategies and successful integration with HP Omniback II 3.5 of all SAP R/3 based production instances apart from other database administration activities. Also performed recovery of Oracle instances. Successfully conducted disaster recovery exercises using the corporate DR standards using highly sophisticated EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility integrated with third party software Omniback II 3.5. Co-ordinate tape management, library management and drive and media pool allocation. Achievements include Designing and Testing of all fail proof backup strategies that were implemented nation-wide. Automation of archive logs backups to Stk.’s thereby maintaining the file system threshold for absolutely no database downtime apart from keeping in mind the DR perspective Extensively used Omniback that was integrated with EMC’s Symmetric Remote Data Facility and Time Finder in our large Oracle based SAP R3 environment for the most ultimate sophisticated high-end backup solution. Also responsible for the installation and up gradation of Omniback II, SAP R3/RMAN integration with EMC SymmConsole 4.x software. Installed, configured, tuned and administered databases for mission critical applications with high availability and minimum downtime. Involved in physical distribution of Oracle Database files at the OS level for maximum throughput, minimum I/O overhead and optimum performance of the Servers. Proficient in Database related maintenance activities including usage of SQL in Database design and tuning of System Global Areas. An active member in the process of automation of various processes. Extensive knowledge in the usage of SAPDBA, brtools 4.6, brbackup, brrestore and brarchive. Well versed in the movement of hardware, setting up of the SAP/Oracle environment and data extraction through HP Omniback, with respect to moving of Data Centers, implementation of Standby databases and System refreshes. A major key player in the execution of projects related to the following: • Splitting of SAP instances of Avaya Communications from Lucent Technologies Inc. • Micro-electronics division of Lucent (now with Tyco Electronics) • A multi million dollar cost cutting initiative for moving all the eighty-seven Oracle based SAP R3 Instances (including Production) to various locations across the continental US. (Data-center moves) • Euro conversion activities (on-going presently) Sep ‘98 to Oct ‘98 Mustang Survival Inc., Vancouver, Canada Oracle Applications/Database Administrator Short term temporary position to maintain, administer and support all aspects of database and major application systems. Main responsibility was to configure and set-up Oracle Replication Server across the border and ensure database stability and efficiency by maintaining and supporting database systems through performing database structure and normalization, optimization of the database to the system and Page 2 of 5
  3. 3. Resume of VISHWAJEET KOTAH development of a disaster recovery plan. Assisting in Unix and NT operation systems support. Ensuring system stability and efficiency by performing proper installation configuration and timely upgrades. Achievements: • Sized and created databases, planned the physical and logical layout for space management. • Physical layout and design at Unix Level. • Installed and configured multimaster replication across the border. • Tuned SGA, especially memory and disk usage and optimized for overall query performance. • Involved in planning RAID levels, file striping and segment striping. • Automated various administration tasks by using cron jobs. Feb ‘97 to Jul ‘98 UTI BANK LIMITED, India Lead Oracle DBA/Unix Administrator UNIX administration on Sun Ultra sparc with Sun OS 2.5/2.6 as the operating System on Oracle 7.3 database. Forecasting Branch’s IT requirements/solutions and ensuring smooth operation of the VSAT network, maintenance as required at the Branch Level, user assistance, providing support to queries related to software usage and its implications on the database, day to day maintenance of Banking application software (ISBS) and End user support. Database Administration responsibilities included Oracle instance Startup and Shutdown, constant monitoring/creation/alteration of tablespaces, database security, authentication & creation of users, Day to day database backups using Export/Import/tar utilities. Back dated/future dated processing, Database recovery from failures. Initialization of Development Database in order to perform back-dated/future-dated processing for ascertain profits, business expansion plans, budgeting, forecasting unexpected errors which are likely to be encountered/previously encountered during processing. At the operating system level, constantly monitor the disk space usage statistics, login creation Administration/monitoring of print services. Setting of file permissions, remotely logging into other servers over the country to dump/retrieve files through VSAT network. Technical support to other branches over Mumbai and assisting users in effective usage of Information Systems/Banking Application software/Lotus Notes Domino 4.5. Scripts for generation of MIS information such as status of deposits/advances, daily business turnover, ABM card request status reporting, dormant accounts reporting, currency wise foreign exchange reserves/statistics, maturity wise deposit analysis, bill discounting/maturing analysis. The job involved administering two instances of Oracle, one of which was for Development purposes and the other was the Banking Instance. The Banking instance is on Sun Ultra Sparc Servers that are fault tolerant systems with fail-over capability and Raid 5 architecture. The databases are highly secure and easily manageable to ensure the lowest possible downtime. Achievements: • Installed and configured Oracle software on two Sun Ultra Sparc servers. The servers were provided with software driven ‘fail-over’ capability where each would act as a backup for the other in case of hardware failure. • Sizing and re-creating databases, planning for growth and space management. • Tuned databases, especially memory and disk usage and optimized for overall query performance. • Established backup and recovery procedures. Also involved in planning RAID levels and allocation of files among different disks. • Also managed to increase performance by weekly table size monitoring of extents and periodic recreation of indexes to enhance data accessibility and recording of daily peak hour hit/miss ratio in the Cache for tuning of SGA. • Purged data from large tables and shrank index sizes periodically thereby improving database performance. Page 3 of 5
  4. 4. Resume of VISHWAJEET KOTAH • Established and tested backup and recovery strategies. Customized Oracle backup scripts so that they work in tandem with fail-over procedures. • Extensively used cron jobs to automate day-to-day administration tasks. • Also involved in purchasing & implementing latest technologically advanced products/systems in order to keep the bank on the forefront with the use of cutting edge technology. Jan ‘95 to Jan ‘97 BANK OF BAHRAIN & KUWAIT BSC, India Network/Database Analyst Analyzing PC/Server related problems and ensuring smooth operation of the network, development of in- house application software, user assistance, inactive account procedures, administration of cc: Mail, providing support to queries related to software developed in-house, day to day maintenance of Banking application software (Micro Banker). Downloading information generated by Micro Banker for generation of other MIS reports as may be requested by the Management as well as for other queries/reports as may be requested by the Auditors. Ensuring smooth performance of the Database with constant check on the integrity constraints, on-line and off-line backups. Recovering of the Oracle database in case of an abnormal failure / shutdown. Granting/ Revoking of privileges/ roles to users of the database based on the access levels. Also developed automated procedures for other Banking operations that were currently manual and their phase-by-phase design, documentation and implementation. Systems Administration of Novell NetWare 4.1 and UNIX Achievements: • Development of core modules implementing business functions: application design, writing code with centralized modules to implement business functions. • Overall project management: hardware sizing and selection, users’ training, estimation and management of development time, programming, conducting structured walk-through, phase by phase design and their effective implementation. • Novell network administration: installation and configuration, performance tuning, Workstation setup and Server administration, planning and automating system backup procedures using Backup/Arcserve, writing logon scripts, user accounts maintenance and security management. • System Design and Documentation: design of MIS reports, input documents, currency wise controls and database interactions and downloads. • Database creation and Maintenance: running database population scripts for automated downloads from the Banking application software. Automatic purging into history tables based on time period. • Currency wise balancing of physical cash (denomination wise) with the cashier. • Shared file access setup for supervisor/manager level accessibility keeping the cash related security issues up to date. • Automatic purging of reconciled drafts into history tables based on time period. • Shared file access setup for supervisor/manager level accessibility keeping security issues up to date. Aug ‘93 to Dec ‘94 CAN FIN HOMES LTD. Mainframe System Analyst Responsible for smooth operation of Computer systems apart from generation of other MIS information, monitoring of Bad recoveries General accounting such as generation of vouchers. Also involved in development of software in COBOL as per the requirements of Chief Manager and automation of Loan Processing documents. UNIX System administration. Activities involve regular backups, login creation, and system security, setting file permissions, recovery from system failures. Achievements: • System requirements determination and Process Analysis & Design. • Designing of MIS reports, input documents, controls, online dialogues for easy operation at the user end. • Generalized Data file Design for future enhancements and incorporating special features for MIS and effective computation of installment’s / recoveries. EDUCATION: Page 4 of 5
  5. 5. Resume of VISHWAJEET KOTAH • Bachelor of Commerce (Computers), Osmania University, India • Oracle 8i Certified Professional. • Advanced Diploma in Systems Management, National Institute of Information Technology, India. • Oracle Database Administration, Asset International, India Page 5 of 5