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Do More In Less Time Part 2


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“Do More In Less Time Part 2” presentation explores technological ways to combat the four common issues discussed in “Do More In Less Time Part 1” by recommending ways to simplify repetitive tasks, work with colleges more efficiently and more.
This presentation also offers an example situation of a business loosing productivity and the ways they solved their issues using the suggested information discussed in this presentation.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Do More In Less Time Part 2

  1. 1. Do More in Less TimeBoosting Everyday Productivity Part 2
  2. 2. Helping You Do More in Less Time Need to get through repetitive tasks Get more done by simplifying more quickly? everyday tasks Work together more effectively with Need to make teamwork more anyone using collaborative efficient? technology Need to stay productive no matter Work outside the office more easily where you’re working from? with modern, mobile technology Make smarter decisions by quickly Need to stop scrambling for data to getting key insights into your help with decision making? business
  3. 3. Get More Done by SimplifyingEveryday Tasks “… like having a virtual customer service rep dedicated to each client.” Time wasted … Their answer “… it doesnt much matter where the Searching for information asset is; we can usually find it.” files from Federated “We could have cut that search to minutes among 50,000 Search instead of hours with Federated Search.” file assets – Frank Cerullo, CEO, GameWear, Inc. 24 employees Sports-team-branded product manufacturer