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Do More In Less Time Part 1


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“Do More In Less Time” is a 10 part slideshow series which explains different ways companies can effectively boost productivity through various technical options by maximizing functionalities on Microsoft software.
“Do More In Less Time Part 1” presentation includes an introduction to Microsoft Partners and its vender relationship benefits. Also, we discuss four common issues small businesses have a tendency to experience which hinder productivity.

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Do More In Less Time Part 1

  1. 1. Do More in Less TimeBoosting Everyday Productivity Part 1
  2. 2. Why Work with a Microsoft Partner? EXPERTISE EXPERIENCE Demonstrated technical expertise through Real-world experience solving specific competencies and certification business issues Partners have access to:  Support from Microsoft  A community of other specialist partners  Partner-only resources
  3. 3. How Much Is Your Business Affected byLost Productivity? Re-creating Repetitive documents Different Inefficient tasks schedules collaboration Moving among programs Version control Searching File for files Email overload Separate offices sharing Remote office Sick child or staff or road closures Gut instinct and Scattered hunches Home office information Traveling Disconnected for meetings Scrambling from the office Lost in the numbers for data