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Do More In Less Time Part 7


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“Do More In Less Time Part 7” Summarize the different types of technology that can help boost productivity and highlights how Office 2010 can help customers do more in less time.

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Do More In Less Time Part 7

  1. 1. Do More in Less TimeBoosting Everyday Productivity Part 7
  2. 2. Summary: Technology to Help YouDo More in Less Time Addressing lost productivity by helping you and your team: Services and Server Software Simplify everyday tasks Work together more effectively Work outside the office more easily Desktop and Personal Software Make smarter decisions
  3. 3. Microsoft Office 2010Helps You Do More in Less Time Simplify everyday tasks Work together more effectively Intuitive, consistent experience across programs Slideshow broadcast through a browser Quick, easy shortcuts to visual effects Co-authoring—same file, same time—for documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and digital Email management: condense, categorize, notebooks even “ignore” Quick search by keywords, dates, and more in email, calendar, contacts, and tasks Work from outside the office more easily Get key insights into your business Basic browser-based online editing of Visual data effects to highlight trends documents, presentations, and spreadsheets Automatic data updates in spreadsheetsSmartphone tools: meeting recordings, basic editing of documents, presentations, and spreadsheets