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Do More In Less Time Part 5


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“Do More In Less Time Part 5” provides a real customer example of lost productivity when working remotely and how they rectified this issue with proper utilization of remote access capabilities. This presentation also explains how technology can help remote workers stay productive, whether they are working from a separate office or on the go.

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Do More In Less Time Part 5

  1. 1. Do More in Less TimeBoosting Everyday Productivity Part 5
  2. 2. Work Outside the Office More Easilywith Modern, Mobile Technology “With SharePoint, we have access to Time wasted … documents anytime, anywhere.” Their answer “Our customers see us working on our Trying to get Central server laptops in the most remote places, the latest synchronizing changes to documents in with remote information real-time, and they’re amazed.” access when off-site – Jerry Thompson, President and Owner, Promoter Line Seven employees Event management
  3. 3. Work Outside the Office More Easilywith Modern, Mobile Technology Can your remote workers work as How effectively can you work on the productively as those in the office? go with your smartphone? Online access to programs and files Mobile access to communications tools Basic browser-based file editing Meeting recordings on your phone Longer battery life Basic phone-based file editing Offline and online synchronization Mobile IM Location-based printing