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Multi Discipline Intelligence Production Teams 1


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Multi Discipline Intelligence Production Teams 1

  1. 1. Future Concepts in Intelligence: Multi-Discipline Intelligence Production Teams Bruce Goldfeder, CSSLP September 26, 2012 Data Tactics Corporation Proprietary Material
  2. 2. Paradigm Shift in the Intel Ecosystem• Data Deluge – Sensors and Sensor Data are increasing at exponential rates – Move beyond traditional sources of data – “The storm of data is 1500% heavier than it was just five years ago while our ability to process, exploit and disseminate has increased about 30%” Gen Robert Kehler, USSTRATCOM, 2011 Data Tactics Corporation Proprietary Material
  3. 3. Big Data Opportunities Bruce Weed, IBM CorporationData Tactics Corporation Proprietary Material
  4. 4. Big data—a growing torrent• $600 to buy a disk drive that can store all of the world’s music• 5 billion mobile phones in use in 2010• 30 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook every month• 40% projected growth in global data generated per year vs. 5% growth in global IT spending• 235 terabytes data collected by the US Library of Congress by April 2011• 15 out of 17 sectors in the United States have more data stored per company than the US Library of Congress McKinsey, Big Data Report, 2011 Data Tactics Corporation Proprietary Material
  5. 5. Work Smartly with Data“There’s a method to solving data problems that avoids the big, heavyweight solution, and instead, concentrates building something quickly and iterating. Smart data scientists don’t just solve big, hard problems; they also have an instinct for making big problems small.We call this Data Jujitsu: the art of using multiple data elements in clever ways to solve iterative problems that, when combined, solve a data problem that might otherwise be intractable.”DJ Patil, Data Jujitsu: The Art of Turning Data into Product, 2012 Data Tactics Corporation Proprietary Material
  6. 6. Knowledge PyramidTraditional Knowledge Pyramid Path to Actionable Insights Dr. Caron Kogan Data Tactics Corporation Proprietary Material
  7. 7. Technical Team Members Data Tactics Corporation Proprietary Material
  8. 8. Integrated Data Team• Intelligence teams tackling the hard problems – Senior members – Mixture of IT, Software, Statistics, and Intelligence SMEs – Serve as the Vanguard for creating new • Processes • Actionable Data Products • IT Tools • Visualizations Data Tactics Corporation Proprietary Material
  9. 9. Left and Right Brain• Disciplined methods of traditional data mining accelerated with iterative and rapid “what ifs”• Requirement for unreasonable input – challenge existing truths to find new patterns• Intimate knowledge of the mission problems that analytics or predictive analysis are addressing• Ability to communicate findings using the customers language• Original visualizations required to convey abstract and complicated results Data Tactics Corporation Proprietary Material
  10. 10. New VisualizationsData Tactics Corporation Proprietary Material
  11. 11. DARPA Example• Integrated Team Supporting Theater Commander – Retired Special Operator – Social Scientist – Quantitative Mathematicians – Software Developer – Data Scientist – IT, Database, and UI personnel Data Tactics Corporation Proprietary Material
  12. 12. Threat Finance Analytics Who Is Interested?State Sponsorship Drug Economy • CJ-2/CJIOC-A – Direction from BG Fogarty to support ATFC Foreign Aid Corruption and Shafafiyat (Jan 2011) • Afghan Threat Finance Cell – DEA-led fusion center, Treasury and DoD are deputy leads – Active feedback loop with DEA Office of Financial Operations • CJIATF-SHAFAFIYAT (BG McMaster) • NSA FTM Analysts Threat Finance State of the Art • Highly manual analysis • No single agency has full picture • Technologies are limited Violence Capital Flight Automated tools for rapid analysis with massive multi-int data 2/12/2013 12 Data Tactics Corporation Proprietary Material
  13. 13. ATFC Data 80,000+ spreadsheets Millions of records with variable structureConduit Description Accts Interval Records Refine Stage Two stages of dataShaheen Exchange (aka Physical storefronts of the ~1.2 million cleaning complete; thirdCentral Accounts) exchange. Branches in and out of 95 2001-2010 stage necessaryShaheenExchage Daily Afghanistan. First stage of data clean in ~1.8 millionBalances progressHawala Accounts (aka Dubai-based hawala accounts, Two stages of data 390 1998-2010 434, 401“B” Computer) centrally maintained. cleaning complete Shaheen Exchange is a Western Two stages of dataWestern Union UNK 2001-2010 106, 176 Union sub-agent. cleaning complete T accounts are debits, loans and Initial specs and setup –“T” Accounts payables to the Shaheen Exchange 555 2000-2010 ~421,575 highpriority in Dubai L accounts are bank accounts Initial specs and setup –“L” Accounts associated with the Sherkhan group 86 2000-2010 ~337,260 highpriority of companies Records and stores transactions ofAFRAT international exchange branch UNK 2004-2010 Unknown Not started locations 2/12/2013 13 Data Tactics Corporation Proprietary Material
  14. 14. Accomplishments• Toolset for faster DEA Shaheen Exchange data analysis• Geolocated 9 additional branches in AfPak region that DEA did not know existed; and 45 overall worldwide• DEA work results from using our data – Identified transactions with several banks in violation of OFAC sanction designation – Known cash courier Mr. X (name classified) under investigation as a result2/12/2013 14 Data Tactics Corporation Proprietary Material
  15. 15. Accomplishments (cont.)• Fast query of stacked large data sets with a Data Resolution user-friendly search and visualization tool • Cleaned 14,538 spreadsheetsCountry: 947 -> 490 – 20% of the dataTechnique Rows Modified Western Union: Original – Sheets prioritizedNeighbor 55K – 52% number of unique entries in by user interest the “country” field was 4.5Ngram 10K – 9% times the actual number of – Orders ofMetaphone 97K – 92% countries in the world! magnitude faster processing for threat finance analysis • Resolved ~88k• Tools immediately put to use by DEA/ATFC in entities support of active and historical criminal – 12% improvement cases• Saved one 24/7 man-year of work that Provingcapabilities to would have been spent simply scanning partners in theater and in records CONUS has enabled trust and data acquisition 2/12/2013 15 Data Tactics Corporation Proprietary Material