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What is DataStax Enterprise?


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This presentation provides an overview of DataStax Enterprise, which is a smart data platform built on Apache Cassandra that manages both real-time and analytic data in the same database cluster.

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What is DataStax Enterprise?

  1. 1. What is DataStaxEnterprise?
  2. 2. Database Challenge #1Modern businesses need a scalable, high-performance,easy to use database that is cost effective…
  3. 3. Database Challenge #2Modern businesses need to be able to manage large volumesof real-time data AND run analytic operations on that samedata as quickly as possible to make business decisions… Real-Time Analytic Databases Databases Data Movement ETL Routines
  4. 4. What is DataStax Enterprise?DataStax Enterprise is a… ›  Distributed… ›  Fast… ›  Scalable… ›  Highly available… ›  Easy to use…smart database platform built on Apache Cassandra that deliversoptimal performance either on premise or in the cloud for modernapplications that manage both real-time and analytic dataworkloads.
  5. 5. What is DataStax Enterprise??1.  DataStax Enterprise Database Server2.  OpsCenter Enterprise Management solution3.  Expert production support & consultative services
  6. 6. DataStax Enterprise ServerDataStax Enterprise Server inherits all the enterprise-class features of Cassandra.›  Big Data scalability›  Fast /Linear scale performance›  No single point of failure›  Enterprise / multi-data center / Cloud data distribution›  Read/Write Anywhere capable›  Flexible schema›  Tunable data consistency›  Data compression›  Familiar SQL-Like language – CQL›  Easy setup›  No special hardware needed›  No special caching layer needed
  7. 7. DataStax Enterprise ServerDataStax Enterprise combines real-time and analytic datamanagement in one database.›  Fast real-time database›  Hadoop analytic database›  Fully 100% Hadoop compatible – MapReduce, Hive, and Pig›  Uses CassandraFS as Hadoop HDFS storage›  No single points of failure as in Apache Hadoop distribution›  Faster than Apache Hadoop distribution›  No complex ETL processes or tools›  Data replicated among real-time and analytic nodes
  8. 8. DataStax Enterprise ServerDataStax Enterprise provides for smart workload isolationbetween real-time/analytic activities.›  Real-time and analytic workloads do not compete for data or compute resources›  Analytic data is transparently replicated 2 3 to nodes devoted to analytic tasks›  Can read/write on any node Real-Time Replication›  The platform is smart enough to keep 1 4 real-time and analytic workloads separated Analytics 6 5
  9. 9. OpsCenter EnterpriseOpsCenter Enterprise supplies management, monitoring,and control over DataStax Enterprise servers from a single,web-based console.›  Visual, browser-based user interface›  Administration tasks carried out in point-and-click fashion›  Allows for visual rebalance of data across a cluster›  Contains proactive alerts that warn of impending issues›  Built-in external notification abilities›  Monitors all Hadoop operations
  10. 10. Expert Production SupportDataStax Enterprise includes production support andconsultative services from the Cassandra experts.›  Support service level agreements that range from business hours to 24x7x365 for applications that need around-the-clock coverage›  Consultative support for assistance on architecture, design, and tuning›  Certified quarterly service packs that keep you up to date on all your software›  Hot-fix support for emergency maintenance situations
  11. 11. Where Can I use DataStax Enterprise?DataStax Enterprise is perfect for the following use cases: ›  Real-time systems that need high availability and need to scale past one machine ›  Big Data environments ›  Time-series applications ›  Telecommunication systems needing fast performance and extreme high availability ›  Sensor driven systems ›  Click stream data management ›  Web retail and session management applications
  12. 12. DataStax EnterpriseProvides modern businesses with a scalable, high-performance, easy to use, cost-effectivedatabase that transparently manages both real-time and analytic data in the samedatabase. Scalable Operational Cost Real-Time + Performance Ease Effective AnalyticsDataStax Enterprise ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔Oracle Exadata ✔ ✔ ✖ ✔MySQL ✖ ✔ ✔ ✖MongoDB ✖ ✔ ✔ ✖Sharding (MySQL/Mongo) ✔ ✖ ✔ ✖HBase ✔ ✖ ✔ ✖Oracle NoSQL DB ✔ ✖ ? ✔
  13. 13. Next StepsDownload DataStax Enterprise and try it in your ownenvironment.›  Go to software›  Download a copy of DataStax Enterprise›  Installs and configures in minutes›  Includes a 30-day trial of all functionality and tools
  14. 14. For More Information ›  White paper: DataStax Enterprise ›  White paper: NoSQL in the Enterprise ›  White paper: Big Data – Beyond the Hype ›  Datasheets ›  User/Customer Case Studies ›  FAQ’s
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