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Webinar: ‘Secret Sauce’ How Allied Payment Innovates with DataStax Enterprise


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Allied Payment Network is a visionary and innovative company that applies emerging bill pay technologies for the financial industry and its customers. The company makes the bill paying process easier and more convenient for the consumer, and more efficient and cost effective for financial institutions.

Faced with “ridiculous scale” a year and a half ago, the IT team at Allied Payment Network knew they needed an alternative to the legacy database system that was locking up much too frequently. They also needed a better way to increase application response times, manage multiple availability zones, and take advantage of the fact that “space is cheap.” Innovators of PicturePay and other cutting edge solutions, Allied Payment turned to DataStax Enterprise, powered by Apache Cassandra™.

Join us for this webinar, where you will learn about Allied Payment’s

1. “Painless migration” from Microsoft SQL Server, accomplished after they were in production
2. Discovery of the “paradigm-shifting” query-first data model
3. Use of DataStax’s OpsCenter to easily manage the database layer of their application
4. Experience of 100x faster response times since deploying on DataStax Enterprise

You need to find the best database for today’s online applications, and you need to know which one to consider first so you don’t waste valuable time. Allied Payment is a great example of how to get it right: proactively grow your business using the right technology.

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Webinar: ‘Secret Sauce’ How Allied Payment Innovates with DataStax Enterprise

  1. 1. ‘Secret Sauce’: How Allied Payment Innovates with DataStax Enterprise Brian Rumschlag, Systems Architect, Allied Payment Kami Nixon, DataStax Enterprise Product Team
  2. 2. Today’s conversation • Introductions • Today’s online environments • Uptime (continuous availability) • Success Stories • Your Questions
  3. 3. Today’s Speakers Brian Rumschlag Systems Architect Allied Payment Network Kami Nixon DataStax Enterprise product team
  4. 4. Allied Payment Network
  5. 5. DataStax • Founded in April 2010 • Drives Apache Cassandra™, the popular open-source big data database • 300+ customers ©2013 DataStax Confidential. Do not distribute without consent. 5
  6. 6. Allied Chose DataStax for Confidence DataStax Enterprise delivers confidence in using a production-ready version of Cassandra, fully supported by the world’s leading experts, 24x7 We’re there when you need us Get support while you build and during production, with hot-fix support for emergencies Consult with us while you decide what to build and what to change
  7. 7. The Data Model!
  8. 8. Is she buying clothing? vegetables? a mortgage? Your online applications must help customers with… • • • • Fast and tailored product searches Individualized recommendations Customized web pages Good information With no downtime
  9. 9. Bill pay & banking: slow online adoption?
  10. 10. Use Cases & Fraud Detection
  11. 11. Security, Compliance & Fraud Detection
  12. 12. Success Story: Thomson Reuters “Security is very important to us, so we’re naturally very pleased to see all the new security features in DataStax Enterprise 3. Its scalability and performance are enabling us to develop an exciting financial data analytics platform that will create a better experience for our audience.”
  13. 13. Using OpsCenter
  14. 14. Now Available: Fix problems before they happen • DataStax Management Services in DSE 3.2 • Repair Service • Capacity Planning Service • Improved Search & Analytics • DataStax OpsCenter 4.0 • Redesign • Bulk Management
  15. 15. DataStax Management Services • Automatic management services transparently perform key maintenance tasks and advanced operations without staff involvement. • Choose the command line or OpsCenter. • Repair service automatically keeps a cluster’s data consistent. • Capacity service provides historical trend analysis and forecasting • More services to roll out with upcoming DataStax Enterprise releases. Repair Service Capacity Planning
  16. 16. ‘3 Days Down would = death of company’ About 1/2 OF ALL SALES will be online BY THE END OF 2013 Localization deployment Global market demands Cloud Datacenter Source: ( 24/7 monitoring demands
  17. 17. Innovate with confidence Apache Cassandra™: massively scalable NoSQL database That offers uptime, all the time (continuous availability) And easy data distribution Cloud Datacenter Source: (
  18. 18. Scale to meet any demand, without surprises On Demand down 14 13 Major Retailer loses shopping cart inventory 24 Dates systems crashes Rapper joins Social Media and crashes site 5 Power grid failure 2009 Natural disaster Black Friday 24 Holiday shopping season 25 2010 2011 Fluctuating traffic demands 2012
  19. 19. Cassandra: performance and scale “In terms of scalability, there is a clear winner throughout our experiments. Cassandra achieves the highest throughput for the maximum number of nodes in all experiments with a linear increasing throughput.” Solving Big Data Challenges for Enterprise Application Performance Management, Tilman Rable, et al., August 2013, p. 10. Benchmark paper presented at the Very Large Database Conference, 2013. Netflix Cloud Benchmark… End Point Independent NoSQL Benchmark Highest in throughput… Lowest in latency…
  20. 20. Cassandra: read and write anywhere Read Write Write Cassandra Multi-Data Center Read Write
  21. 21. DataStax Enterprise – Hot Data in Context Read Analyze Write Write DataStax Enterprise Multi-Data Center Search Search Read Write
  22. 22. The Security You Need Read Analyze Write Write Search Search Read Write
  23. 23. Success Story: Datafiniti Datafiniti, which is a search engine for data, needs to consume lots of data in real time and provide fast search on top of the same data.
  24. 24. Get Strong Payback on IT Investment Constant Contact found that scaling out with NoSQL vs. IBM DB2 saved them 90% in software costs, and was implemented in 1/3 the time... • Better ROI “To do what we need to do today without Cassandra would cost a couple million dollars more and would be significantly harder to manage operationally.” • 80-90% less than a RDBMS • Simpler & faster development • Greater insight • More flexibility and functionality
  25. 25. DataStax Enterprise for uptime • Cassandra for real time ecommerce transactions. • Hadoop for ecommerce buyer analysis. • Solr for fast ecommerce product searches.
  26. 26. How can I try DataStax Enterprise? • • • • Go to Download DataStax Enterprise Installs and configures in minutes Completely free for development evaluation (no trial time bombs) • Subscription required for production deployments
  27. 27. What’s next for your business? Future-proof your modern applications. • Expand capacity when needed without business interruption. • Scale to handle new product lines, new markets, and more.
  28. 28. DataStax Enterprise – The future-proof platform • Easily increase performance and scale • Add nodes transparently/online • Across multiple data centers and cloud zones Online Search Analyze Online Analyze DataStax Enterprise The Enterprise NoSQL Platform Search DataStax Enterprise Search The Enterprise NoSQL Platform Analyze Online Online Search Analyze
  29. 29. Thank You – Questions? We power the big data applications that transform business.
  30. 30. Archive/Supporting ©2013 DataStax Confidential. Do not distribute without consent. 30
  31. 31. Yesterday’s ecommerce vs. today’s ecommerce Legacy Line-ofBusiness Apps LOB App RDBMS LOB App RDBMS Data Warehouse RDBMS Oracle Today’s Line-ofBusiness Apps LOB App RDBMS MySQL SQL Server Teradata/ Column DB’s LOB App NoSQL C * C * LOB App NoSQL C * C * C * C * C * C * C * C * C * C * C * C * LOB App NoSQL C * C * C * C * C * C * C * C * C * C * C * C * C * C * C * C * Data Warehouse Hadoop
  32. 32. Previous Generation vs. Modern Applications Legacy Applications Today’s Applications Slow/medium velocity data High velocity data Data coming in from one/few locations Data coming in from many locations Rigid, static structured data Flexible, fluid, multi-type data Low/medium data volumes; purge often High data volumes; retain forever Deploy app central location/ one server Deploy app everywhere / many servers Write data in one location Write data everywhere/anywhere Primary concern: scale reads Scale writes and reads Scale up for more users/data Scale out for more users/data Downtime tolerated Downtime not tolerated
  33. 33. Success Story: ebay
  34. 34. Success Story - Netflix Netflix systems are run in the cloud across multiple availability zones with Cassandra and sport constant uptime. Over 95% of Netflix’s data is stored in Cassandra (much of it previously on Oracle).
  35. 35. Success Story - Netflix Commenting on Amazon outage in Oct 2012: “We configure all our clusters to use a replication factor of three, with each replica located in a different Availability Zone. This allowed Cassandra to handle the outage remarkably well. When a single zone became unavailable, we didn't need to do anything. Cassandra routed requests around the unavailable zone and when it recovered, the ring was repaired.” - Netflix Tech Blog