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Webinar | Real-time Analytics for Healthcare: How Amara Turned Big Data into Big Answers


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Increasing regulations on patient data, expanding and ever-changing data volumes and formats, and the need for real-time analytics are adding new levels of complexity to database platforms, forcing Healthcare IT management to rethink legacy database environments.

Join Christopher Rosin, Ph.D., Chief Scientist at Amara Health Analytics, as he shares his knowledge about implementing a real-time predictive analytics platform to support clinicians in the early detection of critical disease states. Based on years of research and hands-on experience, Chris provides practical steps for guiding DataStax Enterprise initiatives from evaluation to successful implementation.

Watch to learn:
- The challenges in selecting the right database technology for dynamic, real-time data without the rigidity of relational systems
- How Amara’s SaaS model delivers real-time decision support, leveraging large amounts of unstructured and structured clinical data
- How DataStax Enterprise helps meet strict requirements on patient data privacy, data integrity, and system performance

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Webinar | Real-time Analytics for Healthcare: How Amara Turned Big Data into Big Answers

  1. 1. How Amara Health Turned Big Data into Big Answers Christopher Rosin, Ph.D. and Chief Scientist, Amara Health Analytics Seema Haji, Director of Product Marketing, DataStax
  2. 2. All attendees placed on mute Input questions at any time using the online interface Webinar Housekeeping
  3. 3. Agenda 3Confidential • About Amara Health • Selecting the right database technology for real-time decisions • Evaluating NoSQL for Healthcare applications • Amara – real-time predictive analytics for patient-centric excellence • Integrated analytics with DataStax Enterprise 4.5 • Q&A
  4. 4. About Amara Health 4Confidential • Real-time predictive analytics to support clinicians in the early detection of critical disease states • Early detection enables rapid response, driving better patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs
  5. 5. 5Confidential Clinical Vigilance™ for Sepsis
  6. 6. Sepsis, and the Challenge of Early Identification 6Confidential • 800,000+/year contract sepsis in the U.S.; 250K-300K sepsis deaths/year • $20+ billion annual cost to U.S healthcare providers • Mortality rate for septic shock exceeds 50%… and, untreated, grows 7.6% per hour “Evidence unwaveringly suggests that early administration of appropriate antibiotics reduces mortality…” (Surviving Sepsis Campaign) "Lack of early recognition is a major obstacle to sepsis bundle initiation." (Surviving Sepsis Campaign, 2012 Guidelines)
  7. 7. Real-time Decision Support 7Confidential • Clinical decision support software • Primarily a SaaS solution • Connects to existing hospital information systems and analyzes all patient data 24/7 • Supports early sepsis detection/prediction • Provides clinical alerts to smartphone/tablet • Technology: • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Auto-filtering of physiological signals • Unique combination of early alerting with very low false positives
  8. 8. Antibiotic Timing and Mortality 8Confidential • Retrospective study data: 36 months from 2 hospitals • Mortality & LOS for varying delay from Clinical Vigilance™ for Sepsis alert to IV antibiotics For 2217 patients with moderate initial severity (PIRO score 5-14) 5 10 15 20 0-3 hours 3-6 hours 6-12 hours 12-24 hours 24-48 hours Mortality % 4 5 6 7 8 9 0-3 hours 3-6 hours 6-12 hours 12-24 hours 24-48 hours Median Length of Stay (days) Earlier antibiotics after Clinical Vigilance™ for Sepsis alert are associated with better outcomes. (Preliminary data from work by Dr. Ryan Arnold, Christiana Care Health System)
  9. 9. The Challenge Confidential 99Confidential • Expanding and ever-changing data volumes and formats • A complex mix of structured and unstructured real-time data • Strict requirements on: • Security and privacy (HIPAA) • Application uptime and response times • Real-time decision support • Reliability and data integrity
  10. 10. Key Database Requirements 10Confidential Strong real-time search and query capability Support high reliability and security Structured & unstructured real-time data Flexible data model with affordable scalability
  11. 11. Why NoSQL, Apache Cassandra, and DataStax Enterprise 11Confidential • Schema can change at run-time in real-time; dynamic columns • Strong search & real-time query capability on unstructured data (Solr integration) • Supports 100% uptime through replication and rolling upgrades • Enterprise level security • 24x7 support • Open-source foundation • Community
  12. 12. Clinical Vigilance™ Input Data Aggregator Hospital Data Over VPN Cassandra HL7 Interface Engine ack ack HL7 Sources Non-HL7 Sources Raw & Transformed Data Clinical Vigilance™ Server VM … Hospital data is extremely diverse and changes rapidly in structure and usage. Clinical Vigilance™ dynamically adds new columns in real-time, in response to new fields observed in incoming data.
  13. 13. Data Protection and Replication HIPAA-Compliant Data Center Offsite Cassandra VM A Hospital A Hospital B VM B Cassandra 1 KSA KSB Cassandra 2 Authenticated Authenticated Hospital VPN terminates inside hospital- dedicated virtual machine Each hospital has a separately authenticated Cassandra keyspace On-site and off-site redundancy supported via Cassandra replication. 100% uptime during rolling upgrades VPNVPN KSA KSB
  14. 14. What is Apache Cassandra? San Francisco Stockholm New York C* C*C* Open Source NoSQL Database Industry Leading Performance Predictable Scalability Geographical Data Distribution Operational Simplicity Business Flexibility
  15. 15. Security Analytics Search Visual Monitoring Management Services In-Memory Dev.IDE& Drivers Professional Services Support& Training Integrated analytics, OLTP, Search In-memory analytics and OLTP Built-in data protection Production-ready Cassandra Multi-workload, use case capable Automated management services ©2014 DataStax Confidential. Do not distribute without consent. What is DataStax Enterprise?
  16. 16. DataStax Enterprise 4.5 Integrated 100x faster analytics and operational simplicity Confidential 16 1. New analytics options for any workload and size • 100x faster analytics on real-time data with Spark • Seamless integration with Hadoop analytical systems • Hive compatible SQL-like language 2. New Performance Service drives operational simplicity 3. Enhanced OpsCenter supplies greater ease of use and security
  17. 17. Modern online Web and Mobile applications have outgrown legacy RDBMS transactions Today’s OLTP is more of an “interaction” needing customization via analytics The end goal is to influence the next action a customer takes on a website or mobile app ©2014 DataStax Confidential. Do not distribute without consent. Transactional Analytics Transforms Businesses
  18. 18. OS Cassandra DSE Standard DSE Pro DSE Max DATABASE MANAGEMENT / SERVICES Advanced Security Option ✔ ✔ ✔ In-Memory Option ✔ ✔ ✔ Automatic Management Services ✔ ✔ ✔ Enterprise Search ✔ ✔ Integrated Analytics (Real-time and Batch via Hadoop) ✔ MANAGEMENT OpsCenter Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced SUPPORT AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Expert 24x7x365 Support ✔ ✔ ✔ Platform certification ✔ ✔ ✔ Certified service packs ✔ ✔ ✔ Hot fixes ✔ ✔ ✔ Bug escalation ✔ ✔ ✔ Health checks/Performance reviews ✔ ✔ ✔ Custom builds Option Easy Upgrade Path with DataStax Enterprise
  19. 19. Apache Cassandra DataStax Enterprise 1) View Use Cases: /customers 2) Attend Monthly Customer Webinars: /webinar 3) Attend an Internet Enterprise Event: /events 1) Download DataStax Enterprise: /download 2) Get Trained: 3) Attend a Tech Day: /events Management IT Technical IT 1) Download DataStax Community /cassandra 2) 10 Minute Cassandra Walk Through /trycassandra 3) Attend a Meet Up /join-your-local-meetup Community 19 C* On On On How to Get Started?
  20. 20. Thank You! 20Confidential