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As new types of data sources emerge from cloud, mobile devices, social media and machine sensor devices, traditional databases hit the ceiling due to today’s dynamic, data-volume driven business culture.

Join us in this online webinar and learn how you can incorporate a modern, NoSQL platform into daily operations to optimize and simplify data performance. DataStax recently announced DataStax Enterprise 4.0, a production-certified version of Apache Cassandra with an in-memory option, enterprise search, advanced security features and visual management tools. Give your developers a simple and powerful way to deliver the information your customers care about most—unconstrained by the complexities and high costs of traditional database systems.

Learn how to:
- Easily assign data based on its performance needs on traditional spinning disk, SSD or in-memory. All in the same database instance
- Leverage DataStax’s built-in enhancements for broader information search and analysis even with many thousands of concurrent requests
- Visually monitor, manage, and fine-tune your environment to get the most of your online data

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  • “I cannot develop modern applications with my existing IT infrastructure, without throwing more people, more hardware and more money at it. And even with that, I cannot guarantee success.”
  • Cassandra is an always-on, fully distributed database, that is built specifically for the world of online, dynamic applications where data is absolutely king.  At DataStax, we deliver Cassandra to the enterprise, helping our customers overcome serious obstacles to innovation that they need to revolutionize the way they do business, and that they can't get done with old, relational technology.
  • The fact is that many of our customers tried other technology like Oracle and failed and they are not alone…75% of executives surveyed reported an increase in failure rates 11-24 days MTTR  (Mean Time To Recovery)45% report significant damage to brand or customer loyalty 
  • Data is the new currency. Delivering a personalized online experience while keeping customer data secure builds customer confidence and fosters innovation.It's everything! It's the new currency.  It needs to be fully distributed It has to be captured at remarkable speeds It's different from traditional data (e.g. "time series") 
  • Your interactions with users must be personal and dynamic Businesses themselves must be dynamic The speed at which you can adapt will determine your success or failure as a company
  • Do we have a screenshot of eBay’s recommendation engine?By understanding each person's unique tastes, ebay can help people find what they're looking for or even help them discover things they'll love and didn't even know about. eBay is storing user activity data in Cassandra, representing it as a graph that is made up of edges between users and items that the user has indicated an interest or disinterest towards. Cassandra is critical for being able to look up historical behavior data quickly, so that ebay can do model updates with low latency.
  • So, What DataStax is doing is trying to straightened that bend in the road. We are providing things like CQL, and management tools called DevCenter and OpsCenter. DataStax Enterprise provides integration into analytics and search capabilities and we do it all within a secure environment. We also provide consultants and training courses, including free virtual training to help get you up to speed.
  • In-Memory OptionCertified Cassandra 2.0.Enterprise Search Enhancements. OpsCenter 4.1.
  • In-Memory OptionCertified Cassandra 2.0.Enterprise Search Enhancements. OpsCenter 4.1.
  • Internal testing shows 10-100x improvements with memory-pressured systems.Brings all the goodness of Cassandra to an in-memory database. Simple to use. Transparent to developers. Great for use cases requiring fast writes and low latency reads. Allows for dial-the-performance flexibility based on need for data speeds.
  • Many developer-enabling features.Lightweight transactions, CQL improvements, various performance improvements, triggers. Shortens application development time.Certified Solr 4.6 – includes numerous feature additions, performance optimizations, etc.Faster internode communication delivers lower latency, and higher throughput, even with thousands of concurrent connections.
  • .. Custom historical monitoring timeframes.
  •  ”We had a scale problem and MySQL could not handle it, whereas Cassandra is designed to scale and be highly available.”
  • Webinar: Don't Leave Your Data in the Dark

    1. 1. Don‘t Leave Your Data in the Dark – Optimize and Simplify Database Performance with DataStax
    2. 2. Today‘s Speaker – Robin Schumacher • VP Products • Database geek/DBA for longer than will admit • Author of many database articles and 3 database books • Has Ph.D., but only makes wife call him ―Dr.‖ • Prior stints directing product lines for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and DB tools for Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, and DB2 • Husband of one, father of two, forced- against-his-will owner of one horse
    3. 3. Agenda 1. Today‘s Online World 2. How Relational Databases Fail 3. Why Cassandra for Online Applications? 4. Why DataStax Enterprise? 5. Increasing Performance with DataStax Enterprise 4.0 6. Key Takeaways 7. Questions
    4. 4. Always On Data is the new currency Dynamic experience1 2 3 Today‘s Online World
    5. 5. 100% Uptime Slow is down Disaster avoidance 1. Always On
    6. 6. 75% of executives say that technology failures are rising 11-24 days average time to recover from failure 45% of executives say failures are causing damage to brand or share Application Outages Hurt Business
    7. 7. 2. Data is Your Most Valuable Asset
    8. 8. Customer-driven innovation Real-time personalization Agility 3. Dynamic Experience
    9. 9. Always on? Data Scale/Performance? Dynamic Experience? Slower time to market Lack of personalization Modern Architecture? Multi-DC/geo/cloud? No single point failure? High costs Success outgrows database How Relational Databases Fail Loss of revenue Loss of customers Linear performance? Elastically scalable? Simple to manage? Flexible schema? Easy to change online? Support all data types?
    10. 10. What is Apache Cassandra? Cassandra is an open source, NoSQL, distributed database built for modern, mission-critical online applications C A S S A N D R A
    11. 11. Cassandra – Unmatched Uptime, Performance, Flexibility One Application. More than a trillion transactions per day. No problem. (That‘s 10 million transactions every second!) C A S S A N D R A C A S S A N D R A C A S S A N D R A
    12. 12. Messaging Collections/ Product Catalogs Fraud detection Recommendation/ Personalization Internet of things/ Sensor data Common Cassandra Use Cases
    13. 13. Always on Data Scale/Performance Dynamic Experience Fast time to market Easy personalization Modern Architecture? Multi-DC/geo/cloud? No single point failure? Low costs Database > Success Why Cassandra for Online Apps Increase revenue Gain customers Linear performance? Elastically scalable? Simple to manage? Flexible schema? Easy to change online? Support all data types? DataStax Enables Organizations to Build Powerful Online Applications 100% Uptime Faster Time To Market Turn Data into $$
    14. 14. Outbrain Helps People Discover the Most Interesting, Relevant Content Out There • Outbrain delivers 90 billion recommendations on over 10 billion page views per month • Reach of 86% of the online U.S. population • Cassandra is Outbrain‘s primary data store • Cassandra chosen over HBase due to ease in spanning multiple data centers During Hurricane Sandy, we lost an entire data center. Completely. Lost it. Our application fail-over resulted in us losing just a few moments of serving requests for a particular region of the country, but our data in Cassandra never went offline. Always On?
    15. 15. World’s largest online marketplace, eBay uses DSE for fraud detection, messaging, and displaying social data on product pages • DataStax‘s scale out architecture enables eBay to deploy multiple DSE clusters across several different data centers using commodity hardware. 250TBs+ of storage—in DataStax Enterprise clusters; 1 40TB table. • Using DataStax, eBay cost-effectively processes massive amounts of data at very high velocities – 9 billion writes/5 billion reads per day “We have to be ready for disaster recovery all the time. It’s really great that Cassandra allows for active-active multiple data centers where we can read and write data anywhere.” -Jay Patel, Technical Architect at eBay Data Scale/ Performance
    16. 16. Cassandra Delivers Superior Scalability to the Largest Cloud Platform in the World - Netflix • Migrated from Oracle to Cassandra • 95% of data stored on Cassandra including viewing history of its 36 million customers • Super scalability, no single point of failure, 100% uptime Dynamic Experience
    17. 17. DataStax Delivers Cassandra to the Enterprise Expert Support, Consulting, Software Updates, Health Checks Developer IDE and Drivers In Memory Analytics Search Security Management Services Visual Management and Monitoring Tools Certified, Enterprise-Ready Cassandra
    18. 18. RELATIONAL DATABASES CQL SQL Visual management and development tools Various management tools DSE for search and analytics Analytic functions and full-text search Security Security Support, consulting & training 30-year-old ecosystem Legacy RDBMS to Modern NoSQL is Easy Automatic management services Built-in task management DATASTAX
    19. 19. Simplified Management A new, 10-node Cassandra (or Hadoop) cluster with OpsCenter running in 3 minutes…A new, 10-node DSE cluster with OpsCenter running on AWS in 3 minutes… Done1 2 3
    20. 20. New in-memory option built on a production-certified version of Apache Cassandra (2.0) • Enhanced enterprise search • Improved visual management and monitoring What‘s New in DataStax Enterprise 4.0
    21. 21. • Dial-the-performance flexibility based on data • Simple to use; transparent to developers • Ideal for use cases requiring fast writes and low latency (Web, financial, telecom) • Internal testing shows 10-100x improvements Same database cluster In-memory SSD‘s Spinning Disk Fastest response time for low- latency requests Very fast response times for ‗hot‘ data Good performance for large data volumes Increasing Performance with In-Memory
    22. 22. In-Memory for Increased Database Performance
    23. 23. • Certified Cassandra shortens development time • New developer-enabling features • Lightweight transactions • CQL improvements • Enhanced enterprise search delivers high throughput • Certified Solr 4.6 with more developer features • Faster internode communication has low latency even with thousands of concurrent requests Certified Cassandra 2.0 and Enterprise Search
    24. 24. • Improved visual interface to manage and control production workloads • Capacity planning analysis, with enhanced trend analysis and forecasting • Supports multiple data centers • Monitoring of in-memory tables • Enhanced drill-downs for faster troubleshooting on individual nodes Simplified Management with OpsCenter 4.1
    25. 25. “DSE has made the transition to an AWS-based infrastructure much easier than a traditional RDBMS would have.” ―DataStax Enterprise has become one of our highest available systems with the lowest cost of ownership.‖ Build Powerful Online Applications ―We have to be ready for disaster recovery all the time. It‘s really great that Cassandra allows for active-active multiple data centers where we can read and write data anywhere.‖ ―With Cassandra, we get better business agility, and we don‘t have to plan capacity in advance, we don‘t need to ask permission of other people to build things for us, and we don‘t worry about running out of space or power.‖
    26. 26. Founded in April 2010 OUR INVESTORS 400+ customers 25% of the Fortune 100 200+ employees 38 countries worldwide Powering more than 1 trillion transactions a day DATASTAX BY THE NUMBERS About DataStax
    27. 27. The Fastest Way from Data to Online Business Collect, store and manage data on premise or in the Cloud Increase developer productivity with Developer IDE, drivers and tools Visually monitor and automatically manage your environment Search and analyze data to optimize customer experience 100% data availability in a secure environment DataStax scales as your business grows
    28. 28. OS Cassandra DSE Standard DSE Pro DSE Max DATABASE MANAGEMENT / SERVICES Advanced Security Option ✔ ✔ ✔ In-Memory Option ✔ ✔ ✔ Automatic Management Services ✔ ✔ ✔ Enterprise Search ✔ ✔ Batch Analytics ✔ MANAGEMENT OpsCenter Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced SUPPORT AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Expert 24x7x365 Support ✔ ✔ ✔ Platform certification ✔ ✔ ✔ Certified service packs ✔ ✔ ✔ Hot fixes ✔ ✔ ✔ Bug escalation ✔ ✔ ✔ Health checks/Performance reviews ✔ ✔ ✔ Custom builds Option DataStax Subscriptions
    29. 29. Key Takeaways 1. New rules for a new online world • Today‘s online applications must be always available, data-driven and dynamic enough to adapt to changing user requirements 2. Relational databases are not built for today’s online applications • Outdated architecture, high costs and lack of agility drive online application failure and negative customer experiences 3. DataStax is the best database choice for today’s online world • Modern architecture for modern applications • Always on, maximum scale/performance, and able to serve dynamic apps • New in-memory speed, easier development, faster search, and simplified visual management
    30. 30. Next Steps 1. Try DataStax Enterprise/OpsCenter/DevCenter for free 2. Visit our knowledge base on Datastax.com for online documentation, tutorials, free online training, tech papers, and more 3. Join our community at PlanetCassandra.org
    31. 31. Questions? Thank You for Attending!