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Overview of DataStax OpsCenter


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This very brief presentation gives a basic overview of DataStax OpsCenter, which is a visual management tool for Apache Cassandra.

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Overview of DataStax OpsCenter

  1. 1. Cassandra Essentials Tutorial SeriesOverview of DataStaxOpsCenter
  2. 2. Agenda›  What is DataStax OpsCenter?›  OpsCenter Architecture›  Brief Demo of OpsCenter›  Where to get OpsCenter and Cassandra
  3. 3. What is DataStax OpsCenter?DataStax OpsCenter is a visual management andmonitoring solution for Apache Cassandra and DataStaxEnterprise.
  4. 4. What is DataStax OpsCenter?DataStax OpsCenter gives you the ability to carry outmany different tasks with Cassandra in point-and-clickfashion:›  Manage core Cassandra operations such as repairing a node, decommissioning a node, and much more, even across multiple data centers›  Monitor key Cassandra, operating system, and JVM performance metrics›  View system notifications›  Create Cassandra objects (e.g. keyspaces, column families)›  View column family data
  5. 5. OpsCenter Architecture›  Consists of the OpsCenter Server, Client, and Agents›  The Server is written in Twisted Python›  Client/GUI is written in JavaScript using the Dojo framework›  Agent is written in Closure›  Uses keyspace in monitored Cassandra cluster for storing historical information›  Client runs in standard Web Browser 1 6 2 5 3 4
  6. 6. Two Editions of OpsCenter›  OpsCenter Community Edition – a free version of DataStax OpsCenter that lets you perform basic administration functions and monitor a single Cassandra cluster›  OpsCenter Enterprise Edition – a version of DataStax OpsCenter that is bundled with DataStax Enterprise. Contains advanced management and monitoring functionality
  7. 7. Where to get OpsCenter and Cassandra›  Go to›  DataStax makes free smart start installers available for Cassandra that include: ›  The most up-to-date Cassandra version that is production quality ›  The free community edition of DataStax OpsCenter, which is a visual, browser-based management tool for managing and monitoring Cassandra ›  Drivers and connectors for popular development languages ›  Same database and application ›  Automatic configuration assistance for ensuring optimal performance and setup for either stand-alone or cluster implementations ›  Getting Started Guide
  8. 8. For More Information ›  Free Online Documentation ›  Technical White Papers ›  Technical Articles ›  Tutorials ›  User Forums ›  User/Customer Case Studies ›  FAQ’s ›  Videos ›  Blogs ›  Software downloads
  9. 9. Cassandra Essentials Tutorial SeriesOverview of DataStaxOpsCenter