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[Cryptica 22] Codos - a purpose driven token for a sustainable future - Luka Djurovic & Luca Kern

  1. #EveryCommuteCounts Rewarding every sustainable commute with a new purpose driven token
  2. Prof. Dr. Shermin Voshmgir author of Token Economy “Purpose-driven tokens incentivize individual behavior to contribute to a collective goal.”
  3. Economic Incentive 90% of cans recycled to become new cans 70 – 90% return rate Accessible and encouraging for everybody
  4. Bottle Drives Bottle deposits become a method to fundraise for other purposes
  5. Activity Measurement Economic Incentive Community Effect Accessible and Encouraging for Everybody
  6. Nudging Technique A nudge gently encourages people to make the desirable choice without forbidding any options
  7. Purpose Driven Token Nudging Technique Introducing codos’ new use case
  8. Daily Car Commuting is 5% of Global CO2 Emissions Between 70%-80% of People Commute by Car
  9. Encrypts Commuting Route Measures CO2 Reduction Detects Transportation Type Automatically Rewards Every Sustainable Commute
  10. Payment Token Tokens that act as a medium of exchange Utility Token Tokens that serve a use case within a specific ecosystem
  11. Released on Apple iOS first, followed by Android soon after Potential User Overview (EU27 + UK + USA combined) Employed Individuals Total Addressable Market (TAM) Workers and students with modern smartphones Employed Commuters Serviceable Available Market (SAM) Workers and students with modern smartphones and the necessity to commute regularly Potential Active Codos Users* Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) Workers and students with modern smartphones that commute, and further groups represented by environmentalists, crypto enthusiasts, and casual gamers * Considering a rate of 1% of active users. Note: The chart assumes an average market share of 56.54% Android and 42.84% iOS-operated smartphones in the combined EU, UK, and US markets. Alternative operating systems are considered to have a combined market share of approx. 0.6 %. 217,679,000 android iOS 1,156,680 1,526,580 115,668,000 152,658,000 164,934,000
  12. #CodosFoundation Founded in Zug, Switzerland December 2021 codos FOUND ATI ON
  13. A Team with the Passion to Battle Climate Change and the Vision to Use the Power of Blockchain Technology Luka Djurović CEO & Co-Founder • Experienced as a CTO • Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Belgrade • Passion for sustainability and innovation Dr. Igor Malinović Chief Technology Officer Marina Miletić Lead Researcher Michael Sabelli Head of Marketing Alessia Passoni Animator • Experienced Computer Scientist • Ph.D. in Math at EPFL in Lausanne • Believes in a sustainable future for everyone • Experienced in marketing and communications • Master’s Degree in Identity and Integration from the University of Amsterdam •Published writer curious about people and their environment • Experienced lead researcher and data analyst • Master’s Degree in Sociology specializing in Management and Public Policies from the Catholic University of Croatia • Passionate about linking data to user experience • Experienced multimedia designer • Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication from SUPSI in Ticino • Inspired to tell visual stories that impact people’s choices Luca Kern Chairman & Co-Founder • Experienced in Product Development • Business Management at Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich • Driven to link sustainable mobility with blockchain technology
  14. Marko Mikulic Token Economy Advisor Stephan Rossbach Technology Advisor Tim Seroneit Marketing Advisor Prof. Dr. Philipp Zahn Token Economy Lead Prof. Branko Urosevic Token Economy Advisor Dr. Nicolas Eschenbaum Token Economy Lead Dr. Andreas Thürauf Legal Advisor Igor Pesic Technology Advisor Gathering Experts for a Noble Cause Strategic Advisors & Consultants
  15. Gathering Experts for a Noble Cause Strategic Partners Software Universities Legal Auditing Support Agile Ants Essen | Germany Software Mill Warsaw | Poland ReasonField Lab Warsaw | Poland Qodeca Warsaw | Poland Crypto Society St. Gallen | Switzerland HDBW Munich | Germany LMU Munich | Germany MCF Program Belgrade | Serbia TUM Munich | Germany University of St. Gallen | Switzerland Norton Rose Fulbright London | UK SKUSA Partners Munich | Germany Vossius & Partner Munich | Germany Wenger Vieli Zurich | Switzerland Copartner Basel | Switzerland Mazars Genève | Switzerland VQF Zug | Switzerland K-PRO GmbH Pullach | Germany Skopos Hürth | Germany StiftungsZentrum Bern | Switzerland
  16. Codos for our Planet – Planned with Purpose and for Sustainable Success Investment & Market Entry Roadmap Completion of Codos PoC Testing & Field Research Q3/22 Start of Codos MVP Development Private CodosToken Sale Q4/22 Q2/23 Launch of Codos Marketing Campaign CERN Village Testing Q3/23 Initial Listing on major DEX/CEX Completion of Codos MVP Q4/23 Codos Launch in the DACH Region Further Listing on DEX / CEX Q1/23 University & Company Trial Run Codos Seed Round
  17. #EveryCommuteCounts @codosfoundation Rewarding every sustainable commute with a new purpose driven token Luka Djurović | CEO & Co-Founder Luca Kern | Chairman & Co-Founder