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Open Data Apps Contest


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Due to overwhelming response to the #OpenDataApps Challenge, deadline for registration, submission and demonstration of shortlisted applications has been extended.

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Open Data Apps Contest

  1. 1. Oct End •Top 6 solutions will be awarded Oct 17- 19 •App Review by the Jury and Demonstration of Shortlisted Apps Sep 30 •Final App Submission Sep 10 •Early Bird Submission Aug 31 •Closing Date for Registration & Concept Note Submission Aug 8 •Registration Opens Open Data Apps Challenge Key Timeliness
  2. 2. Concept Note / Business Idea • How the solution will improve delivery of government services, promote government transparency, accountability, and public participation and citizen engagement Usability and Creativity • Application demonstrates superior user experience and ease of use. Its uniqueness & innovative, use of Indian Language and leverages the latest advances in information technologies Technology Design and Efficiency • Conformance to open standards & interoperabilit y guidelines Quality • Application must be fully- functional and run successfully on target device(s) Sustenance • Developer must adequately demonstrate a plan for its updates, sustenance and continuing usability. Early Bird Submission • Bonus Points for early bird submission of completed apps, documentatio ns and other supporting material. Open Data Apps Challenge Evaluation Criteria
  3. 3. Primary data source must be Data Portal India Choose from one of 3 Open Source Licenses: • Creative Commons. • MIT • GPL / LGPL Original work, Correct disclosure, No malicious code Maintain the application in working order for 1 year Disqualification on violation Open Data Apps Challenge Salient Terms, Conditions and Licensing
  4. 4. Be bold, Imagine the possibilities Seek insight and usefulness Look for what is there but cannot be seen Take the customer’s view Simplify, simplify, simplify Open Data Apps Challenge Helpful Tips
  5. 5. 5 people on 12-hour standby to support your requests on data Turn around time of 24 hours for complex questions Support and clarification on all technical matters as available to team Monitoring and interaction with engineers to optimize contest goals Proactive communication and nonintrusive interaction to maintain comfort of engineers and jury Open Data Apps Challenge Support during Apps Development
  6. 6. Ask questions early Be patient, we don’t have all the answers Plan ahead Document with clarity Demonstrate with insight Open Data Apps Challenge Request from NIC & NASSCOM
  7. 7. Thank You For more details, please contact Open Data Team - NIC & NASSCOM #OpenDataApps #dataportalindia @nasscom @DataPortalIndia