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A Case Study on FCI Depot online System


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A Case Study on FCI Depot online System presentation made by Mr Abhishek Singh, Executive Director, Food Corporation of India at Workshop on Data Driven Decision Making
for Chief Data Officers.

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A Case Study on FCI Depot online System

  1. 1. Abhishek Singh Executive Director, FCI 07th January 2016 Workshop on Data Based Decision Making FCI Depot Online SystemA Case Study
  2. 2. 28.02Million MT of Wheat procured 31.37Million MT of Rice procured 69.9 Million MT of Peak Stocks 71.1Million MT of Storage Capacity 61.42 Million MT of grains is NFSA requirement 44.8Million MT of Grains moved FCI Operations
  3. 3. Slide 3 • Government of India has taken an important initiative to implement Depot Online System across all the FCI depots in the country. • This project is a part of the overall vision of Government of India to transform the food distribution supply chain in the country and one of the key initiatives taken up by the PMO • The key objective of this project is to bring IT enabled transformation in the FCI operation • Depot Online System would facilitate process automation, standardization and efficiency of management of food grains distribution and would enable real time monitoring of operations and timely data reporting About the Project Vision Statement “Transform the food supply chain management through innovative use of Technology for ensuring transparency, reliability and efficiency of procurement, storage and distribution operations”
  4. 4. Slide 4 Dynamic & complex operations of procurement, storage & movement Magnitude of operations during peak procurement season Optimizing movement across rail and road networks Off take dependent on States Difficult Labour operations – Deptt– DPS – NWNP - Contract Quality Control operations, gunny inventory, chemicals Authenticity of data and flow of data from depot upwards Current Operational Challenges
  5. 5. Slide 5 Need for Integrated IT System Expected benefits from Integrated System 1. End to end visibility of food distribution supply chain operation 2. Seamless connection between depots and district/regional offices of FCI 3. Capture data at source and in real time through Handheld, reduce redundancy 4. Integrate with weigh bridge to read data automatically 5. Standardize and improve current processes to increase efficiency 6. Free up manpower from laborious data collation and report preparation 7. Leverage IT as decision support systems to handle dynamic nature of business 8. KPI driven dashboard for the top management 9. Proactive alerts and notification 10. Integrate and share data with upstream and downstream stakeholders 11. Align with ‘Digital India’ vision
  6. 6. Slide 6 Key Components of the Implementation • Study and standardization of existing process and Process Gap analysis and to-be change recommendation • Derive application functionality from to-be process Process • Works on desktop and mobile handheld devices • Online & Offline access mode in handheld application • Application hosted in NIC Cloud Infrastructure Application • Initial piloting in 25 depots, followed by roll out in 553 depots • Adequate handholding support at the depot level for rolling out the system at each depot Rollout • Training at all levels including HO, ZO, RO and districts • Application usage, Change Management, Basic Computer Training and awareness workshop Trainings • 4 Year application warranty • 1 years Onsite Support at each level upto district level • 4 years Application helpdeskSupport • Client hardware at depot -Desktops, Tablets, Printers, UPS • Use existing Connectivity through Broadband/2G/3G • VSAT connectivity where no availability of internet/broadband Hardware & Networking
  7. 7. Slide 7 Depot operation process to be automated Procurement of Wheat/Paddy/Coarse Grain Procurement of CMR and Levy Storage operation – Shed and Silo Movement via Rail/Road/Riverine/Ship Movement cost optimization Import and Export of food grain Quality Control and Preservation Management of Workers/Labour Sale to PDS and other schemes Depot Infrastructure Maintenance Engg works and maintenance Physical Verification Key processes in the Depot Online System
  8. 8. Slide 8 MovementQuality Related 1. Daily Operations Report 2. Daily Statement of Receipts 3. Daily Statement of Issue 4. Evening Stock Position 5. Stg. Loss Statement 6. Monthly stock account statement 7. Gunny Statement 1. Log Book 2. Rough Register 3. Stack wise Register 4. Shed wise Register 5. Work done register 6. Unloading Register 7. Stg. Loss Register 8. Gunny Register 9. Stack Card 1. Inspection Register 2. Receipt Register 3. Propylene treatment Register 4. Curative treatment register 5. Priority Register 6. Quality Complaint 7. Disinfectant Records 1. Fortnightly State of Food grains crop wise/age wise / category wise 2. Prophylactic statement 3. Monthly Inspection Report 4. Assessment Report 1. Weekly Movement report 2. Monthly movement report 3. Day end Weightment report 1. Siding / Shunting Register 2. Demurrage Register 3. Unit wise Register 4. Inward and Outward Register 5. Receipt Register 6. Unit Movement Register Unit Records & Reports Report Record Report Record Report Record List of Key registers/reports maintained currently
  9. 9. Slide 9 Depot Online System for Food Corporation of India • Implementation Strategy Overview of Depot Online System Depot Online System/Po rtal Receipt of Procured Food grains Sale to PDS /Schemes Storage Managem ent Quality Control Managem ent Moveme nt Worker Managem ent Report and Dashboar d Physical Verificatio n Engineeri ng Depot Managem ent Procurement Distribution • SGA/Farmers / Adhatias / Societies • Millers • Railways • Sub-Contractors (Handling / Transit / Transport / Private Sector) External Stakeholders • Release Order (RO) • FOIS • IISFM • PMS • FAP Integration Requirements • Web Based • Mobile • Offline • SMS/Email Accessibility • GPRS • Desktop/Handheld • POS device • M2M Integration • E Payments IT Infrastructure Depot Online System for Food Corporation of India • Implementation Strategy Finance Personnel Vigilence. Int. Audit Complianc e Integrated/Other Modules
  10. 10. Slide 10 Data Driven Approach  Depot Online System provides various types of data visualization techniques to see key real time information  It builds a decision support system to enable better and efficient operational decisions based on data and prevent leakages  Allows top management to see key operational aspects centrally and helps in better utilization of resources  It enables the end to end visibility of supply chain operation up to the last mile of the operation i.e. stack level in a depot
  11. 11. Slide 11 System Dashboards Current Stock of Commodities in the depot • Depot Online System provides real time dashboards for Depot Utilization levels and current stock position • Dashboards are aggregated at various levels to provide current utilization at a particular operating level e.g, Depot wise, District wise, Region wise, zone wise, HQ level • Online Generation of Evening Stock Register and circulation to the relevant stakeholders • Better decision making based on the real time stock information, utilization and availability levels • Better planning of depot operations (storage/labor) based on the alerts/notification from mandi/millers Depot Space Utilization
  12. 12. Slide 12 Sample Visualization of Depot statistics • Real time availability of Shed Utilization an Stack positions for better storage and issue planning. • System driven allocation of sheds/stacks during inward receipts based on stack position • System based labour gang allocation • Storage losses computation as soon as the stack is killed
  13. 13. Slide 13 Sample Graphical Reports • Real time graph depicting Storage and Transit Loss Trends at various levels • Real time graph depicting Daily Offtake Vs Procurement at various levels
  14. 14. Slide 14 Sample Online Report
  15. 15. Slide 15 Alert based planning for PV PV Plan creation in the System SMS Alerts to the depots for upcoming Routine PV Escalation mechanism with auto alerts with levels of escalation if routine PV is not completed as per schedule Capture the Routine PV results online Compare PV results with Past PV and existing records online  Quarterly/Half Yearly/Annual PV Plan creation in the System  SMS Alerts at all levels for upcoming PV/Delays  Inbuilt Escalation mechanism  Online Report Generation
  16. 16. Slide 16 Alert based monitoring of Demurrage/Leakages Demurrage  Prior intimation to the depot for upcoming rakes  Better planning (Storage /Transportation /Labour /Gang) of Depot operations based on prior intimation  SMS Alerts to various stakeholders  SMS alerts for delays  Escalation mechanism for better coordination  Real time reports at various levels Leakages  System generated loss computation, No manual intervention  Real time monitoring of Storage & Transit Losses  SMS alerts if leakages beyond threshold  Escalation mechanism based on the quantum of losses  Department initiates preventive measures to reduce leakages based on real time alerts/reports  Enhanced system transparency
  17. 17. Slide 17 ListofKPIinthesystem FCI Services Key Performance Indicators Procureme nt Number of days for stock movement from Mandi to Depot Occurrence of spot contracts with transporter Procurement vs. lifting at Mandi for each district Variation in procurement against target across regions Rejection of stocks at Mandi Payment made to agents against procurement Movement Detention period beyond free time and demurrage of rakes Percentage shortfall from movement plan district wise and region wise Rake accommodation capacity for destination depots Transit loss Month wise region wise lifting data for stocks Storage Storage loss Utilization of gangs Utilization of depot storage space Turnaround time for quality check of stock during receipt Lifting efficiency of stock Chemicals utilization for storage and preservation Daily stock accounting deviation between QC and Shed Registers Number of days for stock movement from Mandi to Depot FCI Services Key Performance Indicators Quality Control Capacity stored in ‘kachcha’ or vulnerable position for each district and region Age of the stocks Amount of stock in upgradable and non-issuable category at the district level Infestation level classification of stock (clear/few/heavy) Category of stock (A/B/C) and downgrade at depot level Pre-monsoon fumigation Stack wise priority violation Chemical stock reserve of 3 months at each depot Categorization and approval of non-issuable stock Disposal of non-issuable stock BRL quantity in a depot and its timely replacement Shortfall in mandatory inspections for the procuring regions Purchase/ Sale Validity of schemes and their extension Scheme wise monthly lifting position of each depot/district RO issued v/s executed FCI • IFS Training
  18. 18. Slide 18 List of Online Reports (1/3) Report Category List of Reports Daily Reports • Daily Statement of Receipts • Shed wise Daily Statement of Receipts • Daily Statement of Issues • Shed wise Daily Statement of Issues • Daily Dispatch Report • Shed wise Daily Dispatch Report Labour Details • Gangwise Labor List • Labor Gang Work Slip • Labor Attendance Register Storage Loss report • Commodity Storage Loss Report • Depot Storage Loss Report • Shedwise Storage Loss Report • Killed Stack History Quality report • Quality Register • Inspection Register • Fumigation Register • Spraying Register • Inventory Stock
  19. 19. Slide 19 Report Category List of Reports Procurement • CMR Procurement Report • Mandi Procurement Report • Agency wise CMR transaction • CMR Rejection • Procurement Moisture Movement • Movement By Road – Transit Loss • Movement By Road - Monthly Transit Loss • Movement By Road – MBR Transaction • Movement By Rail – Generate Convoy Note • Movement By Rail – Loading Statement • Movement By Rail – Pending Wagon • Movement By Rail – Unloading Statement • Movement By Rail – Missing & Disconnected Wagons Statement • Movement By Rail - Demurrage & Wharfage Report • Movement By Rail - Movement Transit Loss • Movement By Rail - Wagon wise Movement By Rail Transit Loss Report List of Online Reports (2/3)
  20. 20. Slide 20 Report Category List of Reports Storage • Current Asset Summary • Asset Consumption Report • Gunny Reconciliation Report • Gunny Procurement Report RO report • RO Issue Report • RO Monthwise Report Dumping Details • Procurement Dumping Report Truck Fleet • Truck Fleet Report Other Reports • Priority Override Report • Gatepass Report • Shed wise Stock Register • Depot wise Commodity Current Stock Report List of Online Reports (3/3)
  21. 21. Slide 21 Q&A