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Open Corporates: company data for journalism


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Presentation by Chris Taggart and Mollie Hanley of OpenCorporates at the Data Journalism UK conference in Birmingham, December 2017

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Open Corporates: company data for journalism

  1. 1. OpenCorporates the largest open database of companies in the world
  2. 2. Notable Investigations
  3. 3. Core Mission Opening up data for public benefit Entry and URI for every company in the world Reflection of official records 2010 - 3m companies from registries in the UK, Jersey and Bermuda 2017 - 137m companies in 125 jurisdictions
  4. 4. Open company data index
  5. 5. Viewing jurisdictions
  6. 6. Data quality Browse all jurisdictions to view data quality issues... Quality alerts
  7. 7. Data quality … and click on the name of the company register to view details
  8. 8. Searching for companies OpenCorporates has taken a pragmatic and (we think) sensible approach to defining companies, as it changes from country to country and culture to culture: a company is a something registered by a company registry.
  9. 9. Searching for companies Search Preview: Jurisdiction Date incorporated Registered address Previous names Alternative names Trademarks held
  10. 10. Filtering company searches
  11. 11. Viewing a company page
  12. 12. Viewing a company page Crucially, all company pages show when and where we sourced the data
  13. 13. Viewing a company page
  14. 14. Viewing a company page Provenance is key!
  15. 15. Viewing a company page
  16. 16. Advanced Search - companies Allows searching by: Other company numbers Registered address Trademarks Branches Non-profits Better sorting options
  17. 17. Searching for officers OpenCorporates defines an officer as a person that has official standing within a company, inclusive of registered agents but excluding shareholders. In the United Kingdom this would include roles such as "Secretary" and "Director".
  18. 18. Searching for officers by name
  19. 19. Filtering officers
  20. 20. Searching for officers by company Companies can hold positions as officers - not just individuals!
  21. 21. Advanced search - officer address ...but watch out for false positives! Searching officers by address can be helpful..
  22. 22. API use cases Free API key to public benefit users OpenRefine end point
  23. 23. Questions journalist only mailing list