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The Digital Nuclear Workforce


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The Digital Nuclear Workforce of tomorrow will be smaller and accomplish more while driving plants to be increasingly safe, highly reliable, and more cost effective. This presentation addressed:

- What will the Digital Nuclear Workforce achieve?
- What does the Digital Nuclear Workforce look like?
- Who are Digital Nuclear Workers?
- Sourcing the Digital Nuclear Workforce
- Adopting the Digital Nuclear Workforce

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The Digital Nuclear Workforce

  1. 1. 2018 International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants The Digital Nuclear Workforce Nathan Ives Vice President, DataGlance
  2. 2. Nathan Ives, Vice President, DataGlance NATHAN IVES MBA, PMP, IAM, SRO Vice President DataGlance p: +1 (678) 313-0150 e: Nathan Ives serves as Vice President of Business Development for DataGlance. With over 27 years of Power, Oil & Gas, Water, and Mining Industry operational and consulting experience, he serves as a trusted advisor to executives and senior managers; helping them define strategies for solving immediate and future business needs through implementation of transformative technology solutions.
  3. 3. What Will the Digital Nuclear Workforce Achieve? Smaller workforces will accomplish more and perform more meaningful work by: • Automating and eliminating administrative and low value-adding work • More efficiently and accurately performing activities aided by the use of advanced technologies • Increasingly performing predictive, condition-based maintenance • Applying generationally acquired knowledge to their everyday tasks • Acting on real-time jobsite hazards information • Remotely performing or using advanced technologies to perform hazardous activities Developing a Digital Nuclear Workforce will drive plants to be increasingly safe, highly reliable, and more cost effective. Value assessments of DataGlance’s eWork Solution conducted with over one-third of the U.S. Nuclear Fleet revealed an almost $2 million annual O&M cost savings potential. Delivering on the Nuclear Promise
  4. 4. What Does the Digital Nuclear Workforce Look Like? Possessing knowledge and skills in: • Retrieving and interpreting data and media • Using mobile platforms and applications • Using virtual and augmented reality technologies • Working with others remotely and virtually • Using drone platforms / machines • Analyzing and interpreting asset and process data • Application programming and using programming tools The Digital Nuclear Workforce will be comprised of: • Connected onsite workers • Remote and virtual workers • Data scientists and analysts • Task automating applications • Advanced sensory devices • Air, ground, and underwater drone workers • Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions Introduction of a truly Digital Nuclear Workforce challenges conventional perceptions of how and by whom nuclear work is performed; representing a major shift in management and leadership approaches.
  5. 5. Who are Digital Nuclear Workers? Today’s Digital Nuclear Workforce is comprised of: • Decision-makers: Baby Boomers • Knowledge Contributors: Baby Boomers and Gen Xers • Leaders and Reinforcers: Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials • Workers: Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials Tomorrow’s Digital Nuclear Workforce adds: • Alpha Generation • Task automating applications • Advanced sensory devices • Air, ground, and underwater drones • Providers of machine learning and AI technologies: IBM, Google, Amazon, Intel, GE Today’s Digital Nuclear Workforce is a generational mix of contributors. Much of tomorrow’s Digital Nuclear Workforce will not even be human. Introduction of technologies to automate tasks and perform analyses necessitates a change in management and leadership approaches to protect the nuclear safety culture from unintended responsibility abdication and intellectual complacency. Delivering on the Nuclear Promise
  6. 6. Sourcing the Digital Nuclear Workforce Actions to prevent asset loss and prepare for tomorrow’s Digital Nuclear Workforce: • Develop a Digital Nuclear Workforce strategy • Complete the standardization and digitalization of asset data • Expand plant-wide connectivity (Wi-Fi) and sensory data capture capabilities • Capture and retain Inherent knowledge particularly from those at risk of departure • Acquire tomorrow’s Digital Nuclear Workforce personnel by identifying needed knowledge and skills and attracting, orienting, and integrating digital workers • Develop alliances with leading technology providers possessing strong nuclear competencies and acquire tomorrow’s Digital Nuclear Workforce mobile/mobility solutions and machine learning and AI capabilities Sourcing tomorrow’s Digital Nuclear Workforce requires a commitment and investment that is exceedingly difficult in today’s tight economic market focused on short-term gains and losses.
  7. 7. Adopting the Digital Nuclear Workforce The Nuclear Industry culture thrives on camaraderie-based competition based on quantitative performance measurement. When leveraged, this cultural attribute serves as an incredibly positive change agent. • Define a value proposition for implementing the Digital Nuclear Workforce on a component-by-component basis before making the investment. Measure, monitor, and communicate these parameters post implementation to determine if and drive achievement of the desired results. • Embed desired behavior reinforcers within the implemented technologies in addition to error prevention tools. • Align rewards and recognition programs to the unique contributions and cultural/personal desires of the several generational Digital Nuclear Workforce members. We are first and foremost an industry of safety. We are also an industry of numbers and metrics. Measure, monitor, and publish adoption and use rates… doing so has shown to raise initial adoption of less than 20 percent to greater than 80 percent within several months. Delivering on the Nuclear Promise
  8. 8. About DataGlance Serving Exelon, NextEra, Duke, OPG, ENW, EPRI & others Industry recognized eWP platform Used by 3,000+ users to perform 500,000+ eWPs per year Founded in 2001 2001 – 2013: DataGlance founded to support utility data management needs: ▪ ArcPlus ▪ MapPlus ▪ MobilePlus 2014 – 2018: DataGlance introduced a collection of eWork Solutions including: ▪ eMaintain ▪ eRoutine 2019: DataGlance is scheduled to launch eKnowledge Solutions ▪ eMedia ▪ eCollaborate ▪ ServicePlus ▪ DocPlus ▪ ePerform ▪ eReview
  9. 9. THANK YOU DataGlance Confidential