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Wood-RDA and-data publishing-nfdp13



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Closing address by John Wood on the role of the Research Data Alliance given at the Now and Future of Data Publishing Symposium, 22 May 2013, Oxford, UK

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Wood-RDA and-data publishing-nfdp13

  1. 1. Francine Berman Research Data Alliance Professor John Wood RDA Council co-chair Secretary-General, Association of Commonweatlh Universities Chair Research Information Network Ex-Chair European Research Area Board 1
  3. 3. Francine Berman iCORDI - The premier global forum charting, demonstrating and driving convergence between emerging global data infrastructures
  4. 4. Francine Berman RDA timeline: 2011 - 2013 RDA Steering Group established in August, 2012 (US, EU, AU representatives) Summer 2012 – Winter 2013: BRDI, EUDAT Conference, e-IRG Meeting, CNI Meeting, ESIP Meeting, CENDI, etc. all having RDA sessions 2011 - 2012 2012 - 2013 2011, 2012: informal International meetings Spring, 2012: Concept Paper – Data Web Forum (US) Pre- 2011 and 2011: Broad spectrum of national initiatives, international projects, “bottom up” community efforts world-wide October 2012: Global Data Meeting (RDA Planning Meeting) in Washington DC October, 2012: First RDA Council members announced at EUDAT: John Wood (EU), Ross Wilkinson (AU), Fran Berman (US) RDA Launch and first Plenary March 18- 20, 2013 Gothenburg, Sw eden
  5. 5. Francine Berman Initializing RDA Goal: Evolve RDA as an open community organization with a focus on real impact and inclusion RDA Guiding Principles: RDA should • Be open and transparent to the community • Be community-driven, consensus-focused, voluntary, not-for-profit • Include a balanced representation of stakeholders • Facilitate harmonization across standards, policies, technologies, tools, infrastructure
  6. 6. Francine Berman Research Data Alliance: New Organization to Accelerate Global Data Sharing and Exchange • The Research Data Alliance (RDA) is a new organization forming to facilitate specific, short-term efforts that accelerate the sharing and exchange of research data • Working groups will serve as accelerants to data sharing practice and infrastructure. Work products / deliverables to include – Adopted standards – Deployed infrastructure – Adopted policy – Implemented best practice, etc.
  7. 7. Francine Berman Initializing RDA: Organizational Framework RDA Strategy and Leadership: Council Responsible for overarching mission, vision, sustainability of RDA Technical Leadership: Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Responsible for Technical Roadmap Administrative Leadership: Secretariat Responsible for Administration and Operations Organizational Partners: Organisational Advisory Group (OAG) Responsible for Process Reference Document RDAC (public funders) Appropriate International R&D Agency Support Plenary(Membership Community Impact: Working Groups Responsible for impactful, outcome-oriented efforts
  8. 8. Francine Berman Initial Sponsors (RDAC) • US: – Research Data Alliance / U.S. – funded by NSF, in- kind support from NIST • AU: – Australian National Data Service – funded by the Australian Government • EU: – iCORDI – funded by the European Commission • Organizational Partners – Discussions in Progress – Organizational partners expected to include • Public sector R&D agencies • Private sector companies • Community organizations – Working through “win-win” partnership models focused on financial or in- kind support for RDA efforts
  9. 9. Francine Berman Initializing RDA: Dramatis Personae • Initial Council: – John Wood, EU – Ross Wilkinson, AU – Fran Berman, US • Steering Group – Fran Berman, US – Juan Bicarregui, UK – Leif Laaksonen, EU – Beth Plale, US – Andrew Treloar, AU – Ross Wilkinson, AU – Peter Wittenburg, EU – John Wood, EU • Secretariat: – Herman Stehouwers, EU – Stefanie Kethers, AU – Mark Parsons, US
  10. 10. Francine Berman icordi and RDA (Europe) High Level Strategy Group • LERU – Norbet Lossau • LIBER – Paul Ayris • Eiroforum – Jens Vigen • Knowledge Exchange – Norman Wiseman • ERF – Donatellal Castelli “” • European Internet Foundation – Peter Linton • Science Europe – Paul Boyle. • Max Plank Society – Martin Vingron • Marja Makarow –Vice president Finnish Academy of Sciences •
  11. 11. Francine Berman Creating Working Group Efforts “Bottom-up” increase of interest  development of a Interest Group Case Statement (some groups forming via Community feedback (via and continued development of Case Statement; submission to Council RDA Working Group: 12-18 month out-come oriented effort culminating in adoption and implementation of its “Action Plan” Post-completion continuation of action of Working Group members and broader community, continued promotion by RDA Case Statement Council Approval Group Culmination
  12. 12. Francine Berman Case Statements: Articulation of Proposed Effort and Community Impact 1. WG Charter: What will be done? What are the deliverables? 2. Value Proposition: Who will benefit and how, what will actually be the tangible outputs (no more reports!!)? 3. Engagement with Existing Work in the Area: What else is going on? What can we leverage? 4. Action Plan: Who will adopt / implement within the Working Group? What are the plans for adoption / implementation of the deliverables more broadly? Proof needed 4. Work Plan: How will the Working Group operate? 5. Initial Membership: Who will be involved? Who will lead?
  13. 13. Francine Berman PID Information Types Tobias Weigel,Tim DiLauro rda-cwg- pidinfotypes PID Information Types Recognized as a Working Group, March 2013 UPC Code for Data Jim Myers, Margret Hedstrom, Chris Paolini rda-cwg-upc UPC for Data Final case statement not yet submitted Data Type Registries Larry Lannom, Daan Broeder rda-cwg- typeregistries Type Registries Recognized as a Working Group, March 2013 Metadata Standards Directory Jane Greenberg, Rebecca Koskela, Keith Jeffery rda-cwg-metadata Metadata WG Recognized as an Interest Group, 23 April 2013 Publishing Data Yannis Ioannidis, Jonathan Tedds rda-cwg-linking no forum Final case statement not yet submitted Data Foundation and Terminology Gerhard Budin, Peter Wittenburg, Gary Berg-Cross rda-cwg- terminology Data Foundation and Terminology Pending independent technical review Practical Policy Reagan Moore, Rainer Stotzka rda-cwg-policy Practical Policy Pending independent technical review Legal Interoperability Paul F. Uhlir, Enrique Alonso Garcia rda-cwg- legalinterop no forum established yet Recognized as a joint CODATA/RDA Interest Group, March 2013, leading to future Working Group(s)
  14. 14. Francine Berman Defining Urban Data Exchange for Science Charlie Catlett,Walter Stewart, Theresa Pardo rda-cwg-urban no forum established yet Final case statement not yet submitted The Engagement Group Inna Kouper, Andrew Maffei , Marcio Faerman rda-cwg-engage Communities and Engagement Recognized as an Interest Group, March 2013 Marine Data Harmonization Helen Glaves no mail list Marine Data Management Final case statement not yet submitted Repository Audit and Certification Ingrid Dillo rda-cwg-certrepos Case Statement: Certification of Digital Repositories Final case statement not yet submitted Preservation e- Infrastructure David Giaretta No mail list Case Statement: Preservation e- Infrastructure Working Group Final case statement not yet submitted Data in Context Brigitte Jörg No mail list Case Statement: Contextual Metadata Final case statement not yet submitted Community Capability Model Liz Lyon No mail list Discussing Community Capability Model Final case statement submitted, 30 April 2013 Big Data Analytics Morris Riedel, Rahul Ramachandran rda-cwg-bda No forum established yet Final case statement not yet submitted Agricultural Data Interoperability Devika Madalli, Johannes Keizer No mail list CASE Statement Agricultural Data Interoperability Final case statement not yet submitted
  15. 15. Francine Berman
  16. 16. Francine Berman Initial Agriculture Data Interest Group • The Agricultural Data Interest Group is a domain oriented interest group to work on all issues related to data important for the development of global agriculture. The interest group aims to represent all stakeholders producing, managing, aggregating, sharing and consuming data for agricultural research and innovation. Efforts will be made to get an active representation of the major international institutions, which work on agricultural research and innovation. It will take stock of existing problems and experiences and will pave the way for a number of domain specific working groups to make precise proposals for solution in specific area. This interest group will help to promote good practices in our research domain : data sharing policies, data management plan, data interoperability. • The Agricultural Data Interest Group has a specific interest in data interoperability. This refers not only to exchange of data of the same type, but also to data of a different types, which refers to the same object. In this context the interest group is planning a first working group on "wheat data interoperability" in close collaboration with the "Global Wheat Initiative".
  17. 17. Francine Berman Initializing RDA: Web and Communications • Second iteration of rd- website – Continuing to evolve / develop community portal that includes information, support for forums and feedback, impacts and news, etc. • Increasing need for professional-level communications and outreach – Within RDA community – To larger stakeholder community
  18. 18. Francine Berman Accelerating RDA Momentum • Growing the RDA Community – Increase membership through the rd- website and forums – Create a pipeline of impact-oriented deliverables through the development and cultivation of RDA Working Groups • Growing the RDA Organization – Develop a functional and effective organizational structure – potential CLG model with charitable status – Reach out to founding Organizational Partners for funding – expect continuing public funding – Engaging policy makers • Growing RDA Leadership – Populate the initial Council, Secretariat, Technical Advisory Group – Work with initial active community members to take on greater roles and responsibilities
  19. 19. Francine Berman Current status Next Council Meeting June 11-13th • 2-4 New Council members nominated by funders (nominations being assessed for balance but need self funding) – to approve new WGs, legal and funding models Workshop for policy makers – July 16th US Congress as part of Transatlantic Partnership Network European Users’ pre plenary meeting 10th September RZG Munich 2nd Plenary – 16-18th September 2013 Washington USAA TAB, OAB membership elections before 2nd plenary G8 + 5 report on RDA adopted at next Carnegie meeting
  20. 20. Francine Berman European Commissioner Nellie Kroes tomorrow Smarter Data for Europe How ‘Big Data’ can increase opportunities for the economy, society and science May 23 2013 Venue: British Residence, Brussels The development of ‘Big Data’ applications and e- infrastructure can stimulate a new wave of economic and social progress – but it needs leadership from both public and private sector. What are the opportunities, obstacles and solutions to making public and private data work harder for us all, in healthcare, energy and other domains?
  21. 21. Francine Berman • Information: • Questions, comments: • Registration and Forum: Thank You