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Data Driven Marketing is not innovative. Jan Kempelmann, Deloitte Digital Germany


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Data Driven Marketing. May 18th 2018. Data Driven Innovation. Engineering Department, University of Roma Tre

Published in: Marketing
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Data Driven Marketing is not innovative. Jan Kempelmann, Deloitte Digital Germany

  1. 1. “Data-driven Marketing is not innovative!”
  2. 2. What is Data-driven Marketing? Don’t just publish! Personalize! Based on data! In real-time! DATA INSIGHTS CREATIVE PERSONALIZATION AUTOMATION & INTELLIGENCE
  3. 3. Data Insights Consumer Buying Behavior Contextual Information Device Information Time / Day Information TV / Movie Interests Finance Information / Household Income GEO-Location Data
  4. 4. Automation & Intelligence A media agency cannot handle 40.000 small campaigns! How can the process be automated?
  5. 5. Creative Personalization Personalize with dynamicBut the impact … Combine with real-time trigger media buy creative 30% 70% Imagery Copy Video Color Animation Button Exit URLs Fonts
  6. 6. “Data-driven Marketing is not innovative, but necessary!”
  7. 7. The evolution of Data-driven Marketing within the Data-driven Economy CRM Automation 2002 Marketing Automation 2005 Data Management & Real-Time Advertising 2010 Creative & Data Management 2015 Information Asymmetry Machine Learning Market Concentration New way of exchange System Risk Data-driven Economy Early 21st century 2nd incremental Innovation Trend Must-Have1st incremental Innovation
  8. 8. WhysomebrandsstillthinkData-driven Marketingisinnovative? Creative Agency Brand Media Agency Marketing Technology Old Mar Tech Model New Mar Tech Model Creative Agency Brand Media Agency • Transparency • Knowledge Transfer • Data Ownership • Testing Marketing Technology
  9. 9. Why should Data-driven Marketing have long been a part of your business? Benefits SALES EFFECTIVENESS PERSONALIZATION . GENERATING INSIGHTS EFFICIENCY IN MEDIA BUYING .
  10. 10. What are the challenges in Data- driven Marketing in 2018?
  11. 11. Data-drivenMarketingchallenges Data Partnerships Blockchain for advertising Brand & Data Safety Regulation in law on data
  12. 12. Data Partnerships 1st Party Data Your Audience Data; Collected directly from your sources (CRM Data, Subscription Data, Social Data, etc.) 2nd Party Data Someone else’s 1st Party Data 3rd Party Data Aggregated Data from various sources (The large volume and broad scope are some of the primary benefits of third party data. The downside is that you don’t know the original source of the data.) Single Sign-On Data Security Verimi: European Data & Identity Platform Marketing Data Alliance Single Sign-On / Marketing Permission Audience Sharing
  13. 13. Blockchain for advertising User / Potential Customers Publisher Advertiser Crypto Platform Brands buy ad inventory from a Crypto Platform using Crypto tokens Crypto Platform pushes advertisements to publishers Advertisements serving transactions are recorded in blockchain for transparency and audit At the end of the campaign, Crypto Platforms rewards token to publishers Blockchain is an ledger or record of transactions between a network of participants.
  14. 14. Brand & Data Safety December 2017 January 2018 September 2017 May 2018
  15. 15. Regulation in law on data Are there any new regulations? Should I take the new regulations seriously? What are the renewals? How does it impact advertising? Automated Data Management Tracking Record Disposal Consent of the consumer Right to be forgotten Record- keeping requirements Penalties: 4% of annual global revenue or 20 Mio. € (whichever is greater) GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): 25. May 2018
  16. 16. “Data-driven Marketing is not innovative, but necessary! Furthermore new challenges have to be mastered!”
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