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A data driven approach to urban digitalization. Giuseppe Sindoni - Comune di Milano


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Data Driven Cities. May 19th 2018. Data Driven Innovation 2018. Engineering Department, University of Roma Tre

Published in: Data & Analytics
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A data driven approach to urban digitalization. Giuseppe Sindoni - Comune di Milano

  1. 1. Giuseppe Sindoni – Chief Data Officer DIREZIONE SISTEMI INFORMATIVI E AGENDA DIGITALE 1May 2018 A data driven approach to urban digitalization
  2. 2. Agenda 1 The Vision and strategic imperatives 3 Current innovation projects, Open Data and Big data 2 Project areas supporting the Vision 2
  3. 3. ICT today: organization and competences DIRECTOR PROJECT GOVERNANCE AND PMO SECRETARIAT INFORMATION SECURITY AND TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION APPLICATION SYSTEMS AND INFRASTRUCTURE DATA MANAGEMENT AND INTEGRATION DIGITAL LEAD SPECIAL IT PROJECTS ▪ Application management and maintenance ▪ Application interoperability ▪ ICT infrastructure maintenance ▪ Telecommunication services ▪ EA1 design and control ▪ UX2 of services to the City users ▪ Data architecture ▪ Statistics and Data analytics ▪ IOT e Big Data ▪ Information security policies ▪ Authentication systems ▪ Business continuity and Disaster Recovery ▪ Contract management 6 Managers 208 Staff ORGANIZATION MAIN COMPETENCES 1. Enterprise Architecture 2. User experience ADMINISTRATION, TENDERS AND CONTRACTS 3
  4. 4. Our Digital Plan is based on a Vision inspired by the strategic goals of the City Council and AGID 4
  5. 5. Adoption of an EA model to shift from an «island-like» architecture to an integrated and interoperable one THE NEW IT SYSTEM IN THE ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE… Business Functions Applications Tecnology … THROUGH COBIT DEVELOPMENT PRACTICES High level EA ▪ Definition of an architecture development vision, identification of benefits and competences ▪ Reference architecture for each level with connections needed for data sharing and interoperabilty ▪ Opportunities and projects choose according to structural requirements ▪ Well defined development and implementation plan, according to stakeholders’ expectations ▪ Clear and efficient project governance Implementation of development practices started in 2018 COMPETENCEAREA ICTDIVISIONMUNICIPALITY 5
  6. 6. Agenda 1 The Vision and strategic imperatives 3 Current innovation projects, Open Data and Big Data 2 Project areas supporting the Vision 6
  7. 7. Main projects: ✓ SISA ✓ SUEV ✓ SIBri ✓ SUE ✓ SUAP ✓ PAGO-PA ✓ PON B-E Introduce and develop new types of service or delivery mode influencing heterogeneous population needs SERVICES TO THE CITY-USER Main projects: ✓ SIB ✓ OGW ✓ Tributi ✓ PON A Make internal processes more efficient, to simplify procedures and enforce more transparency ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSES, BUDGET AND TAXES SECURITY AND MOBILITY Improve monitoring and operational tools used by the police corps Main projects: ✓ GRI/AVL ✓ SCTT ✓ Gestione Polizia Locale Introduce and extend application and infrastructure standards, leveraging data integration and application harmonization CROSS-CATHEGORY PROJECTS Main projects: ✓ ERP ✓ Documentale ✓ Interoperabilità ✓ Cyber security ✓ Evoluzione infrastrutture Contribute to the consolidation of information in standard architectures more easily accessible by the final user and the Public Administration PORTALS AND INFORMATION Main projects: ✓ Portali ✓ Fascicolo del Cittadino ✓ Open Data ✓ SIT e Location Intelligence ✓ PON C-D The current and future projects contributing to the Vision implementation divided into macro-categories 7
  8. 8. INTEROPERABILITY LOCATION INTELLIGENCE AND GIS PORTALS BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE ▪ Business analysis and advanced reporting through interoperability and «cloud» sharing ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ▪ Improve the user Experience and the application efficiency through integration with AI and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) systems REAL TIME GEO-REFERENCING ▪ Improve the ability of GIS to manage geo-referenced data in real time: eg. on real estates and subsoil Some projects are already launching innovation, according to the strategic Vision 8
  9. 9. Agenda 1 The Vision and strategic imperatives of DSIAD 3 Current innovation projects, Open Data and Big Data 2 Project areas supporting the Vision 9
  10. 10. Interoperability platform DATA INTEROPERABILITY PLATFORM Implementing application cooperation across information systems through the improvement of the legacy platform and the modernization of the data management services ▪ Data Framework: ➢ Enterprise Information Management (EIM) ➢ Master Data Management model ➢ Data Analytics Framework (DAF) ▪ Data Services: ➢ Specific services to provide data through WSO2 ➢ Information asset census ➢ Adoption of a Master Data Management model ➢ Implementation of a Data Analytics Framework (DAF) ▪ Data Application: ➢ Citizen Folder and Open Data ➢ Shared Welfare system ➢ Service model for the «020202» infoline The first web sevices for for data integration are under development 10
  11. 11. Work in progress • Open Data and integrated Statistical System • GDPR • Data Lake • MDM • European projects • Geo Portal
  12. 12. Interoperability: Master Data Management • A unique and authoritative view on data, available to applications Master Data Management • Master Data can be easily updated, also at run time. • Avoids duplication of data covering the same content, preventing errors • For example, population or geographic data Work in progress
  13. 13. The new Open Data portal Version 2.6 Comune di Milano’s data portal Published on 20 December 2017 291 DATASETS National Metadata Profile 13
  14. 14. Features of CKAN 14 Automatic RDF catalog generation Integrated DCAT_AP-IT metadata compilation Managing multiple formats of the same dataset Customizable through extensions Profiled user management Connection to external resources as required Supports harvesting Publishes APIs natively
  15. 15. Data management 15 Management, maintenance and improvement of the open information asset ▪ Analysis of other PAs’ best practices (Lombardy, Palermo, Bologna) ▪ Design of a data exchange protocol ▪ Municipal regulation to lay down rules and commitments ▪ Automatization Data owner DSIAD – Open Data development Unit High level process flow Data source to be publisced Data Cleaning Standard metadata setting Shared definition of the structure and update frequency Agreement on the information flow Integration of additional sources Work in progress Data owner Data owner
  16. 16. European Interoperability projects Some European projects in which CdM is involved are based on the collection of data for monitoring purposes. Data orchestration with an interoperability platform can be important for project coordination. EUGUGLE Optimization of elements and systems influencing energy and water consumption in public offices DYNAMAP A dynamic mapping system to measure and represent in real time the acoustic impact of road infrastructures CLEVER Co-creation, implementation and manageent of NBS (Nature Based Solutions) to show environmental, social and economic improvements of urban regeneration SHARING CITIES Identification, development and dissemination of replicable, balanced and integrated solutions in the energy, transport and ICT sectors SYNCHRONICITY Large scale experimentation, in specific city areas, of IoT services to support cirizens in solve relevant problems in the metropolitan area Work in progress
  17. 17. 17 Monet EMS App App App FEDERATION E015 DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM App INTEROPERABILITY PLATFORM OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF MILAN App Interoperability and the Sharing Cities project Work in progress
  18. 18. The project is aimed at providing an «ID card» of the Milan area, taking data from and supporting the operational processes. Geographic intelligence tools are provided to both internal and external operators, policy makers and stakeholders. Geoportal: Geo- intelligence tools Data input Land and subsoil use Service plan Real estate development … Processes Regional geo-portal Ministries’ DBs Other PAs’ DBs Private DBs ExternalDBs ▪ Real time data access ▪ Administrative tasks optimization ▪ Process speeding ▪ Information sharing ▪ Data driven decisions ▪ Multi-score approach ▪ Full knowledge of the municipal areas ▪ Stakeholder satisfaction Strategic benefits Operational benefits Work in progress Data input
  19. 19. Where are the big data?
  20. 20. 20
  21. 21. Specific big data projects • Using telco data to analyse city users and their movements • Using credit card data to analyse expenditure trends in the city • Putting everything together for Added value and Benchmarking 21