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Turn Insight into Action with IBM Cognos Insight


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Learn how IBM Cognos Insight can empower everyone in your organization to assemble and analyze information, align decision-making and drive fact-based action - without asking IT for help.

To optimize business outcomes, organizations must meet the growing demands of decision makers for more analytic freedom, while balancing the need for lower total cost of ownership, enterprise governance, and control.

You will learn that with IBM Cognos Insight you can:
•Import and merge your corporate enterprise data with personal local data, directly in your workspace.
•Slice, dice and drill down through data quickly, without scripting.
•Create compelling visualizations for a multi-dimensional view of your data.
•Easily extend to predictive analytics, managed reporting, and performance management.
•Discover trends and explore scenarios on the fly, without being connected to a server.
•Share and collaborate – publish your plans and dashboards as a shared application

Whether you're a business person seeking an alternative to spreadsheet reporting and analysis, or an IT manager looking to drive self-service analytics, this web seminar is for you. This is your chance to discover how to meet the needs of both business users and IT and gain analytic freedom without compromise.

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Turn Insight into Action with IBM Cognos Insight

  1. 1. Web Seminar:Dont Just Discover...Turn Insight into Actionwith IBM Cognos Insight François Ross Vice PresidentApril 19, 2012, 1:30 PM ET DataClarity
  2. 2. Who is DataClarity?• 12 year focus delivering performance management solutions • Financial Performance Management • Financial Consolidation and Process Management • Financial Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting, • Business Analytics • Data Integration, Management and Warehousing• Client for life philosophy -- over 275 clients and 600+ successful projects completed• Software, consulting & training services• Only senior and principal-level experts • Average experience = 12.5 years• IBM Cognos Premier Partner
  3. 3. Clients Who Trust Us
  4. 4. As Business Intelligence platforms evolve and mature,the needs of Business Users have not changed • Flexibility • Self Service • Consistency and Accuracy • Performance • Ease of Use
  5. 5. The Evolution of Analytics for Business Users Great data interactivity Complex analysis Limited visualizations
  6. 6. The Evolution of Analytics for Business Users Great data interactivity Complex analysis Limited visualizations Great visualizations Limited data interactivity Pre-defined analysis
  7. 7. The Evolution of Analytics for Business Users • Complete data interactivity • Comprehensive analysis • Great visualizations • Take action
  8. 8. The Evolution of Analytics for Business Users
  9. 9. The Evolution of Analytics for Business Users The only desktop product that empowers decision makers to independently take insight to action
  10. 10. Simple ‘drag and drop’ import,create data from scratch, andenrich without complex scripting
  11. 11. Create custom applications,dashboards and ‘what-if’ scenariomodels to optimize outcomes
  12. 12. Complete controlover look and feel
  13. 13. Easily extend within the Cognos 10family to collaborate, plan and take action
  14. 14. Simple ‘drag and drop’ import, create data from scratch, and enrich without complex scriptingImport and combine data without complex scripting - Local data – ‘drag and drop’ a spreadsheet or desktop file - Databases – unlock the value from corporate data sources - Existing BI reports – leverage existing trusted reports - Predictive data – to understand what is likely to occurCreate new data from scratch using the write-back engine - Add or change whatever you want at a granular level - User contributed data like forecasts added by co-workersEnrich data for greater understanding - Calculated data like comparisons to identify trends - Data spreading for powerful ‘what-if’ modeling - Annotations to add comments and collaborate with others
  15. 15. Create custom applications, dashboards and ‘what-if’ scenario models to optimize outcomesSlice and dice through data - Intuitive gestures to explore‘What-if’ analysis - Define scenarios, fully understand why and optimize outcomesAutomatic comparisons - Use built-in calculations and traffic lightsChange data views on the fly - Customize views like groups and hierarchiesSearch data - Just type a word to automatically filter all associated data60 second dashboards - Raw data to analysis and published dashboard in 60 seconds
  16. 16. Complete control over the look and feel for a more compelling presentationRich set of chart types - Create powerful visual representationsSmart filters - Easily navigate using associations between related dataLinked visualizations - See how a change in one item effects the big pictureComplete layout control - Apply design themes for style, add widgets including Web content and scriptable action buttons
  17. 17. Easily extend within the Cognos 10 family to collaborate, plan and take actionPublish applications – Make your application centrally available and manage deploymentCollaborate – Annotate, share, and automatically aggregate contributionsExtend to other interfaces – iPad, mobile, Web, or Excel to provide the appropriate interface to any userWired for the enterprise – Easily grow into more powerful business analytics capabilities like managed reporting, performance management, predictive analytics and more
  18. 18. Integrate with your current Cognosarchitecture Web Mobile MS Office BUSINESS ANALYTICS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT REPORTING ANALYSIS DASHBOARDS COGNOS INSIGHT Spreadsheets Local Data Sources SINGLE ENTERPRISE METADATA INFORMATION MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORKTransaction Data WarehousesSystems and OLAP Sources External Data ESSBASE, MSAS, ODBC, 3rd party data ODBO, Oracle, SQL Modern Data Server, DB2, SAP
  19. 19. Don’t just discover…Do something with it. Read and Write Change or add new data, simple import, no scripting Customize You are empowered to create, not just consume What-if Scenario Model Model new scenarios, test assumptions, optimize Plan Modify plans, budgets, forecasts accordingly Extend Predictive analytics, managed reporting, performance management
  20. 20. IBM Cognos 10 family – analytics in thehands of everyone Deploy Cognos 10 and start your journey to making better decisions
  21. 21. .com
  22. 22. IBM CognosInsight demo
  23. 23. For more information • Visit us on the web at
  24. 24. Interested in Learning More?• Request a tailored demo of IBM Cognos Insight for your organization - E-mail a request to - Submit a request at - Call or e-mail François Ross 919.256.6795• Visit
  25. 25. Q&A