Building Rich Dashboards with IBM Business Insight


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In this session, discover the new dashboard capabilities of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.1.1. Learn how IBM Cognos Business Insight revolutionizes information delivery for all business users and enables you to build rich, personalized, and interactive dashboards for sound business decisions and better bottom-line results.

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Building Rich Dashboards with IBM Business Insight

  1. 1. Web Seminar:Building Rich Dashboards with IBM BusinessInsightMay 18, 2012, 1:30 PM ET
  2. 2. Welcome and IntroductionCarol FrassoDirector Education ServicesDataClarityAlan PrzyworskiPrincipal, Education ServicesDataClarity
  3. 3. Session Objectives New dashboards tool Business Insight New interface with Business Insight using Business Insight Advanced reports Demo and dive in lab/workshop Questions and Answers
  4. 4. What is IBM Cognos Business Insight?• Web-based for interactive dashboards• Use to provide insight into your business• Facilitates collaborative decision making
  5. 5. What is IBM Cognos Business Insight? It’s an interactive, self-service workspace Use it to assemble and share dashboards  Assemble content for a personal or shared dashboard without IT intervention  Arrange elements in an intuitive, WYSIWYG interface• Share and collaborate on key information  Add comments to clarify and question  Search for existing content and begin authoring in context
  6. 6. What is IBM Cognos Business Insight? Interact with information for greater understanding  Personalize the look and feel with easy formatting options  Create calculations  Select alternate visualizations  Conduct further analysis in context  Examine data lineage
  7. 7. What is IBM Cognos Business Insight? Features from IBM Cognos Go! Dashboard and IBM Cognos Viewer are now merged into one user interface. This brings information consumption, rather than viewing and opening folders, to the forefront of the experience.
  8. 8. What is IBM Cognos Business Insight?• IBM Cognos Viewer and IBM Cognos Connection are still available and maintained in this release.• A Web-based tool to create interactive dashboards using Cognos content and external data sources for analysis of business data.
  9. 9. Drag-and-drop dashboard assemblyDrag-and-drop content ReportsReal-time andmonitoring Business Insight analysis TM1 Unified BI workspace Metrics cubes Toolbox
  10. 10. Launching Business InsightMy Actions>Create my dashboards Cognos Connection OR
  11. 11. Getting Started Page
  12. 12. Getting Started Page (cont.)• Displays when Business Insight is launched.• Use to perform the following:  View or open dashboards  Create a new dashboard  View How-to-videos• Can be disabled From Actions Menu > My Preferences
  13. 13. The User Interface
  14. 14. Application BarActions Menu used to access Return to Home pagethe applicationCreate a new dashboard Access help systemOpen an existing dashboard Add to or remove from FavoritesSave a dashboard Open panel to insert content or toolbox widgets onto dashboardEmail the dashboard as a linkRefresh all dashboard widgets Search for content Set layout and edit style
  15. 15. Dashboard Layout Area
  16. 16. Drag-and-drop dashboard Drag and drop content onto the canvas Existing BI content – Whole reports – Report parts – Folders – Prompts Metric studio content – Watch lists – Scorecards – Strategies – Metric types – Individual metrics
  17. 17. Drag-and-drop dashboard Drag and drop content onto the canvas Cognos functionality – Slider and select filters – My Inbox • Receipt of personal alerts and workflow tasks External content – Web pages – Images – RSS feeds
  18. 18. Using toolbars and menus The main toolbar. – Controls for dashboard-wide options – Access content search On demand menus control individual widget behavior and properties
  19. 19. Toolbox Widgets• Web Page: used to display HTML based content.• Image: used to display images.• My Inbox: used to show a RSS feed of secured approval requests, ad-hoc tasks and notification requests• Text: used to enter, format and display text• RSS Feed: Used to display RSS news feeds.• Select Value Filter: used to filter data in other widgets.• Slider Filter: used to filter in other widgets by using a range slider filter.
  20. 20. Widget Toolbar• Displayed when widget is selected from the dashboard layout.
  21. 21. The widget menu: Interact with information•Select alternate viewsand visualizations  Filter, sort, calculate  Drill up and down  Group data  Add commentary
  22. 22. The widget menu: Communication and manipulation•Set communication between widgets  Filters, prompts and coordinated drilling
  23. 23. Working with Widgets• Containers used to display objects on dashboard layout• The following widgets available from Content tab:  Report Widget  Cognos Navigator  PowerPlay  TM1
  24. 24. Widget Communication• When widget is broadcasting information it is a source widget• When widget is listening to one or more widgets it is a target widget
  25. 25. Source and Target Widgets• Communication occurs between the following source and target widgets:  Report broadcasts to Report  Slider filter broadcasts to Report  Select value filter broadcasts to Report  Image broadcasts to Web page  RSS feed broadcasts to Web page  My Inbox broadcasts to Web page
  26. 26. Interface with Business Insightusing Business Insight Advanced reports Seamless round-trip integration with IBM Cognos Business Insight Advanced. This allows for more advanced exploration and enhancement options for the objects included on the workspace
  27. 27. Interface with Business Insight using Business Insight Advanced reports• Dashboard author can use/modify Business Insight Advanced report in Business Insight dashboard
  28. 28. Interface with Business Insight using Business Insight Advanced reports• Author then can go back to Business Insight Advanced studio via do more option and modify report
  29. 29. Interface with Business Insight using Business Insight Advanced reports• Modified report can then be submitted back into the dashboard
  30. 30. Business Insight – 10.1.1 improvements Thumbnails (10.1.1) Swap rows and columns (10.1.1) Content pane placement (10.1.1) Resize charts (10.1.1)
  31. 31. Summary New dashboard tool Business Insight New interface with Business Insight using Business Insight Advanced reports 10.1.1 improvements
  32. 32. Demonstration and dive in lab: Business Insight Dashboards
  33. 33. For more informationVisit us on the web at
  34. 34. DataClarity Upcoming Web SeminarsRegister at:• Understanding the Tremendous Value of Mobile Analytics Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2012 Time: 1:30 PM EST Discover the true value of deploying mobile BI in your organization, including next generation mobile analytics solutions from IBM and DataClarity for the iPad, iPhone, and Android-based tablets and phones.• Deeper Insight into Performance with IBM Cognos Report Studio Date: Friday, June 1, 2012 Time: 1:30 PM EST See how improvements in Report Studio give your organization timely access and richer insight into information.• Raising the Analytics Bar with IBM Cognos Active Reports Date: Friday, June 15, 2012 Time: 1:30 PM EST Learn about the various IBM Cognos Active Reports features and how they can be used to create and distribute interactive reporting applications.
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