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The game of data verification


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Approach of marketing in the B2B world has changed a lot from how it was earlier. It’s important for marketers to know the ways of Data Verification which is the process in which various types of data are checked for accuracy & inconsistencies once the process of data migration is done

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The game of data verification

  1. 1. The Game of Data Verification
  2. 2. No doubt that those who have donned the cape of marketing have faced several challenges in ensuring the accuracy & integrity of customer database..
  3. 3. To not lose customers due to these problems marketers must be proficient in the game of Data Verification.
  4. 4. It is common knowledge that data decays constantly at a rate of 22.5 percent annually. This happens because people change email providers & unsubscribe from emails they don’t like. Data verification is the answer to it as they allow marketers to remove duplicates, identify information that’s inaccurate & pinpoint emails that are likely to trigger spam filters.
  5. 5. It’s not like Data Verification is a new idea. Everybody wants their data to be driven. The most simple answer to this, which is data must have been thought by some strategist who understood that utilizing data to test hypothesis & inform decisions is a much better idea than pure intuitions. This also portrayed marketing more as a science than art which made more sense to engineers.
  6. 6. High quality data with help of Data Verification services can benefit businesses in the forms of:
  7. 7. Professionals who are trained in this can ensure the revenue of an organization increases consistently. They are efficient in their job & this is a great way to increase monetary profit. Increased profit
  8. 8. Less TCO Hiring professionals can ensure huge cost reduction for organizations. It is not just about that the saved money can be used in production or for the betterment of the organization. As business health can be improved the total cost of ownership can also be reduced.
  9. 9. Better customer experience It’s not easy to satisfy customers. So, its better to avail the best services. Professionals who are generally trained can handle tasks with utmost care & conviction. If your customers are satisfied you can easily expect organizational growth.
  10. 10. Superb operation efficiency Contacting the best service providers will turn out to be most fruitful as they are knowledgeable & trained in the art. Companies can expect best operations for their products & services & can take the back seat and relax.
  11. 11. Superior tracking of confidential data At times in-house employees can tend to be negligent which will lead to data loss & data theft. Professionals never take chance as they always keep proper track of data & complete backup to use it in future.
  12. 12. Data Verification can be classified to:
  13. 13. Our process of Data Verification
  14. 14. Manually verifying the data can be time consuming as well as expensive. Our facility of data verification can ensure smooth flow of business operation which in turn can enhance work productivity.
  15. 15. Give your Campaigns a boost with marketing automation & generate revenue like never before. Call us for a quote at 1-800-523-1387 Or contact us at Any Query?
  16. 16. Thank You