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Magic of Lead Nurturing


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Developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel & buyer’s journey is as important as generating the lead. Lead Nurturing focuses its marketing efforts to understand the needs of prospects & provide information & answers they need. With this PowerPoint Presentation, we have given a general overview about Lead nurturing and how it can help you in succeeding in your Business

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Magic of Lead Nurturing

  1. 1. Magic of Lead Nurturing
  2. 2. Imagine you have a great business website, with detailed information regarding your products & services, right calls to action & lead forms. You have nailed it in lead generation.
  3. 3. So what’s the problem then? Why aren’t your visitors making purchases?
  4. 4. Because you are not staying on their radar. Let me tell you a secret. In today’s world the buyer is the one who is in control, with a wide variety of information available to them. So to match this marketers need to build relationships with prospects & continue the conversation consistently rather than demanding their attention.
  5. 5. Enter Lead Nurturing
  6. 6. A very few of the lot will buy the first time. The rest needs some guidance through the sales funnel before doing business. This guidance is called Lead Nurturing.
  7. 7. Benefits of Lead Nurturing • Establish contact immediately • Building leadership through trust • Maintaining constant communication • Finding the problem or interest of the prospect • Identifying segmentation opportunities • Increase engagement • Reducing the sales cycle • Finding Cross-Sell & Up-Sell Opportunities • Encouraging referrals & new lead generation
  8. 8. Lead scoring
  9. 9. Lead scoring strategy is critical for segmenting your sales pipeline & effectively engage with sales leads. It is the backbone of a strong lead nurturing system as it identifies when & how to address prospects with most timely & relevant communications.
  10. 10. 4 dimensions of Lead Scoring 1. Lead Fit 2. Lead Interest 3. Lead Behavior 4. Buying Staging & Timing
  11. 11. Lead Fit This will describe how well a particular prospect matches to your usual buyer. The introductory data includes • The prospect’s job title, company size, location, experience etc. • Company’s name, size, location, annual revenue etc. • Budget, Authority, Need & Time (BANT)
  12. 12. Lead Interest This will help you to track your prospect’s online behavior to ascertain how captivating your brand is to the prospect. The best marketers assign numerical values to the prospect’s behaviors.
  13. 13. Lead Behavior This is to identify whether the lead is serious about buying or just snatching your precious content. Here you can assign lower values introductory behaviors & higher values to proper actions.
  14. 14. Buying Staging & Timing It’s important to identify whether a prospect is within your brand’s sales model. Marketers align behaviors with top, middle or bottom of the sales funnel.
  15. 15. Other effective Lead Nurturing tactics • Using targeted content • Multi-channel lead nurturing • Using multiple marketing touches • Timely follow ups • Personalized emails • Sales & marketing alignment
  16. 16. Get started Now is the perfect moment to kick start your Lead Nurturing efforts if you haven’t done it already! No more waiting!
  17. 17. Also, don’t forget to be more human in your efforts and after a certain number of “no” move that lead out of your database. 5 is a fairly good number. Setting the bar too low might lead to miss out & setting it too high might develop a bad reputation. And if you need new leads, DataCaptive will always be there for you.
  18. 18. Thanks for tuning in! Partner with us to boost Your Brand Value DataCaptive Reach More, Sell More!