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Chiropractor Email And Mailing List


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The world is changing fast which has resulted in more & more people turning towards alternative medicines where Chiropractic Medicine is a major player. This makes them hugely important for Medical Marketers. DataCaptive’s Chiropractors Email & Mailing List is crafted by keeping in mind of the importance of Chiropractors in the medical world

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Chiropractor Email And Mailing List

  1. 1. Chiropractors Email & Mailing List
  2. 2. People who are seeking relief for body related pain are moving more into alternative forms of medicine, where chiropractic treatment is a major player. It is said that more than 22 million Americans alone visit chiropractors on an annual basis. A regulated primary healthcare profession, Chiropractic was founded by D. D . Palmer in the 1890s & his son B. J. Palmer expanded it in the early 20th century.
  3. 3. This particular field of medicine mainly focuses on the manipulation of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine. The practioners focus mainly on the intimate relationship between the nervous system & spine while holding true to the beliefs that: * Biomechanical and structural instability of the spine can affect the nervous system
  4. 4. * For many physical conditions, chiropractic treatment can repair the structural integrity of the spine, take the edge off the pressure on the sensitive neurological tissue, and revamp the health of the individual. It takes lot of time & effort to become a fully qualified Chiropractor as they are trained to diagnose, treat, manage & prevent the effects of the musculoskeletal disorders on nervous system & general system. Even though the main focus of Chiropractic is in neck & back pain but they also take their entire physical, emotional & social well-being in account when they assess the patients.
  5. 5. A range of techniques are applied to reduce pain, improve function & increase mobility, including hands on manipulation of the spine, ice, heat, ultrasound, exercise & acupuncture. This is what makes them important for medical marketers but the doubt that can arise is how marketers can directly contact these Chiropractors? This is where the importance of Chiropractors Email & Mailing List comes in.
  6. 6. So why you should choose DataCaptive’s Chiropractors Email & Mailing List? Our data specialists ensure that the accuracy & deliverability of the marketing data which we provide to our clients is of scalable marketing quality. Medical marketers should attain our Chiropractors Email & Mailing List to: • Plan effective email marketing campaigns. • Reduce the expenses in marketing & sales. • Generate ROI like never before.
  7. 7. Advantages of attaining DataCaptive’s Chiropractor Email Database. • Being able to gain Chiropractor email addresses which are mined by well trained corporate solution providers whose skill set range from design, research, marketing, data management & m more. • Flawless Opt-in contact information. • Promised email deliverability & Minimal to zero bounce rate.
  8. 8. Benefits of attaining our Chiropractor Email Database from DataCaptive.  Chiropractor Email addresses that we provide contains crucial marketing information such as: • First name, last name • Business name • Specialty code & the practice specialty • SIC/NAICS code & NPI numbers • Web Address
  9. 9. Wait…are you still in doubt whether to buy from us? At DataCaptive, we follow an ancient business code of honor that aims at the wellbeing of our clients. For all our clients, our data investigators do in depth analysis & gather as much data as possible from authentic & reliable sources such as healthcare directories, surveys, feedback forms, business directories etc. before crafting the Chiropractor mailing list.
  10. 10. We guarantee that the data we deliver will be perfect for your marketing campaigns as it’s permission based to reach the right inboxes. With this technique the messages do not suffer hard bounces, get rejected or spammed. Our Chiropractor mailing address database enable medical marketers to reach a range of Chiropractors across the globe to make more profit.
  11. 11. Save your time & effort in marketing to Chiropractors by leaving the task of attaining market data to us. Stay ahead of your competition with DataCaptive. DataCaptive for Data that sells.
  12. 12. Give your Campaigns a boost with the Chiropractors Database & generate revenue like never before. Call us for a quote at 1-800-523-1387 Or contact us at