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Benefits of relying upon b2 b data appending services


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Data is what constitutes to the core of day-to-day operations for practically every business today. So it is necessary to keep your data safe from attrition. With Data Appending services of DataCaptive you can add depth of information to your customer list and open up new lines of communications. Read on & know more on Benefits of relying upon B2B data appending services for the smooth functioning of your processes.

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Benefits of relying upon b2 b data appending services

  1. 1. Benefits Of Relying Upon B2B Data Appending Services
  2. 2. Marketing has always been about customers. Having the accurate customer data that’s relevant to your business is the linchpin that can aid your business in carrying out prospecting, sales and marketing. But being one step ahead of the competitors with updated information is not possible with the existing database, this is where data appending comes up, as the company needs a suitable data appending service provider who appends their contacts with updated information on time.
  3. 3. The meaning of append is to add something to the end of an already written document. Data appending simply means the same process in a much more broader sense. Data appending can ensure that the data you have are up to date with the latest information. Data appending can aid you identify missing or obsolete data with the most relevant information to gain edge over competitors. “Data after appending can give 72% increase in quality business leads”
  4. 4. Types of Appending services in corporate data management Address Append Phone Append Email Append Fax Append Demographic Appending Company Info Appending
  5. 5. Advantages of attaining Data Appending services ◍ Enhances your data by appending false data ◍ Updated databases that can meet your campaign goals ◍ Cleansing of data for more efficient business potentials ◍ Analysis for better understanding of present data ◍ Increased channels of communication ◍ Cost effective way to reactivate inactive customers ◍ Improved accuracy of the database ◍ Richer prospect information ◍ Added advantage over your competition
  6. 6. How Data Appending works with us? ◍ Upload your data or send it securely to our experienced team ◍ Our analysts will examine the content and fill your data file to establish a match rate ◍ We, then complete the match against our global pool of data ◍ Successful matches are verified by our in-house verification software before returning the file
  7. 7. Data decaying is a problem that all corporates will have to face currently. But it doesn’t mean that you should let dirty data dampen the power of your database. Keep it fresh, relevant & ethical with Data appending.
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